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EOEM CO.,LTD mission is to provide an Internet based integrated global supply chain for small and medium retailers and individuals all over the world. so far until now our busibess covered mobile & electronic related products and accessories in 12 categories, total of ten thousand kinds of products. Annual Sales of the Current Business totaly around 100 millions dollars, Every year we purchases from our domestic suppliers more than 50 millions dollars. After several years of rapid expansion, Our purchases thoughout China, Eg,like Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong and Beijing and other provinces and we have a large number of domestic suppliers, and our products are already well established in the world, Many chinese famous brand products also join into our sales platform, and become our partners or suppliers. right now our online website has registered customers from all over the world more than millions of people, and we delivery destination country also upto 103, across North America, Asia, Western Europe, Middle East, South America and Africa and so on.

This register to make EOEM get the basic information of your company about the production scale, Supplier registration information after completion of registration form will be submitted to us ,that we can understand the nature and scope of the your products and services. The information you submit will be kept strictly confidential and used only for us to assess you offer products and services can meet our requirements. To complete this supplier registration form does not guarantee that now or later to continue with EOEM into business partner credentials.

Thank you very much for your attention to the development of us!

Benefit for suppliers:
  • - Without costs, We will help you open the door of international business opportunities
  • - Get free channels of brand promotion, without cost for overseas marketing
  • - First time and only chance for you to get sales channels and sales experience
  • - Get your product to the attention of a global consumers
  • - EOEM to provide quality control and after-sales service for free

Our advantage:
  • - Online shopping platform have high-end information technology support
  • - Powerful Internet marketing ability
  • - Cross-region workplace
  • - Seamless integration for online information channel and offline delivery channel

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