Shipping cost

Automatic count the delivery cost

When ordering goods on Eoem online shop , the ordering process will be automatic count the delivery cost which you are choosed .


Delivery charge fee

The delivery charge fee direct provide from Express company , ( DHL,Fedex,EMS,UPS,TNT etc.) we are upgrade the shipping charge fee per days if get the new offer charge from Express company. 


How is the cost Charge

Shiping charges for package is calculated per 1kg. For example if your package weight 1.35 kg, the weight will be rounded-off to 2 kg. While for Fedex, DHL and TNT, the shipping charges is calculated by every 0.5 kg. But upto 31KG, will be charge by Per 1KG.

If your package weight 1.3 5kg, you may still add products that weight less than 0.7 kg for
package(there will be no additional shipping charges)or if you're going to ship it by Fedex, DHL or TNT, you may still add products that weight less than 0.2 kg

Delivery information for per item

Press the or Shipping info button at related section of the goods , follow the window information , you will be get the delivery information for per item.


Shipping Costs note

Shipping costs for orders from Eoem online shop depend upon the method and option you choose. You can choose to group items into as few shipments as possible. If you refuse a shipment for any reason, you will be responsible for the cost of shipment, and pay for it.