How to order


 Step 1: Sign In / Register a New Account
  • You may access the login and registration pages from any page on the site via the "Log in" link on the top of each page. You can also access it via links on the right hand side of the Homepage. BTW, you still can buy anything from here without register .


 Step 2: Update Your Shopping Cart
  • When you want to buy an item of your choice, simply just click or Press buy. Whenever you click those buttons, it won't automatically bring you to shopping cart, you can follow the message to do what you want.
  • If you wish to keep shopping for more products or need more QTY, you can direct update in shipping cart ,if we already give the item discount , you will see the item depends the QTY have differ price too at here.


 Step 3: Fill in Billing and Shipping Information
  • Once you have proceeded to checkout, you will then be asked to Register as a New User or just Sign In or skip this step just press Directly purchase button (if you have already created an account inside our site). If you are not a registered user, you will need to fill out all the personal details, shipping and billing details. if you are a registered user, you may wish to change any shipping or billing details if they are different.


 Step 4: Calculate Shipping and Select Courier / Select Payment Method
  • View the shipping information and weight of the products that you've offered.


 Step 5: Confirm Your Order Details and Other Information
  • Confirm the order in which you have choosen and also the billing and shipping address of your order.If you are satisfied with everything then click on Submit button in order to proceed to the last step. If you are not satisfied with some of the details, and you wish to change them. BTW Some of other information you can follow the list to do it.


 Step 6: Saving Your Order Details
  • Check the Order info , Here it shows you the order number which you have been assigned, for your order. And also the information of where, you will need to make payment to. (the information is different, depending on which type of payment method you chosen).