iPad Cases0
Universal Case0
Apple iPhone Case6
Digital Series0
Car Chargers0
iPhone Accessories0
iPhone Power0
iPhone Chargers20
iPhone 2G/3G/3Gs/4/4s Chargers30
iPhone 5/5s/5c Chargers38
iPhone External Batteries0
iPhone 3G External Batteries3
iPhone 3Gs External Batteries5
iPhone 4/4S External Batteries3
iPhone 5/5s External Batteries3
iPhone 5c External Batteries0
iPhone Docking Stations2
iPhone 3G Docking Stations2
iPhone 3Gs Docks Stations0
iPhone 4/4s Docking Stations11
iPhone 5/5s/c Docking Stations8
iPhone USB Cables0
iPhone 2G/3G/3Gs/4/4s USB Cables24
iPhone 5/5S/5C USB Cables25
iPhone AV Cables0
iPhone Cases9
iPhone Hard Cases0
iPhone 3G/3GS Hard Cases2
iPhone 4/4S Hard Cases93
iPhonse 5 Hard Case113
iPhone TPU Cases0
iPhone 4/4S TPU Cases29
iPhone 5/5s/5c TPU Cases23
iPhone Leather Cases0
iPhone 4/4S Leather Cases128
iPhone 5/5s/5c Leather Case35
iPhone Silicone Case0
iPhone 3G Silicone Cases16
iPhone 3Gs Silicone Case16
iPhone 4/4S Silicone Case23
iPhone 5/5s/5c Silicone Cases26
iPhone Rhinestone Cases0
iPhone 5/5s/5c Rhinestone Cases34
iPhone Bumper Cases0
iPhone 4/4S Bumper Cases3
iPhone 5/5s/5c Bumper Cases8
iPhone Pouches2
iPhone 3G/3Gs Pouches0
iPhone 4/4S Pouches8
iPhone 5/5s/5c Pouches4
iPhone Waterproof Cases0
iPhone 5/5s/5c Waterproof Cases2
iPhone 4/4s Waterproof Cases0
iPhone Replacement Parts1
iPhone 2G Replacement Parts20
iPhone 3G Replacement Parts31
iPhone 3Gs Replacement Parts17
iPhone 4/4S Replacement Parts65
iPhone 5 Replacement Parts69
iPhone 5s Replacement Parts1
iPhone 5c Replacement Parts1
iPhone 6 Replacement Parts0
iPhone Screen Protectors0
4/4S Screen Protectors3
5/5s/5c Screen Protectors8
iPhone Car Kits0
iPhone Car Mounts0
iPhone 2G Car Mounts0
iPhone 3G/3Gs Car Mounts0
iPhone 4/4S Car Mounts15
iPhone 5 Car Mounts0
iPhone FM Transmitters3
iPhone Car Chargers34
Housings / Faceplates0
iPhone 3G Back Cover0
iPhone 3Gs Back Cover0
iPhone 4 Back Cover15
iPhone 4/4S Back Cover31
iPhone 3G Conversion kit0
iPhone 3Gs Conversion kit0
iPhone 4 Conversion kit0
iPhone 4S Conversion kit1
iPhone Miscellaneous0
iPhone Stands Kit6
iPhone Earphones5
iPhone Stylus22
iPhone Sim Kits16
iPhone Armbands16
Repair Tools9
iPhone Decal Stickers8
Game Accessories0
iPhone Keyboards1
iPhone Headphone Accessories9
Camera, Photo & Accessories9
Touch Gloves2
iPad Accessories6
iPad 2/3/4 Cases31
iPad 2/3/4 Leather Cases27
iPad 2/3/4 Hard Cases1
iPad 2/3/4 TPU Cases9
iPad 2/3/4 Silicone Cases0
iPad 2/3/4 Rhinestone Cases0
iPad 2/3/4 Pouches9
iPad 2/3/4 Sticker0
iPad Mini Cases25
iPad Mini Hard Cases1
iPad Mini TPU Cases27
iPad Mini Leather Cases34
iPad Mini Silicone Cases7
iPad Mini Rhinestone Cases0
iPad Mini Bags0
iPad Air Cases3
iPad Air Leather Cases7
iPad Replacement Parts0
iPad 2 Replacement Parts34
iPad 4 Replacement Parts0
New iPad Replacement Parts4
iPad Mini Replacement Parts0
iPad Power0
iPad Chargers0
iPad Dock Stations8
iPad External Batteries0
iPad Earphones11
iPad Keyboards4
iPad Car Kits1
iPad Car Mount0
iPad Car Chargers0
iPad Screen Protectors4
iPad Miscellaneous6
iPad Waterproof Cases0
iPad Holders3
iPad Cables5
iPad Stylus17
iPad Charge2
iPod Accessories3
iPod Nano Replacement Parts4
iPod Touch Replacement Parts18
iPod Classic Replacement Parts5
iPod Video Replacement Parts0
iPod Parts (Others)1
iPod Touch 5 Cases0
iPod Touch 5 Hard Cases0
iPod Touch 5 TPU Cases0
iPod Touch 5 Leather Cases0
iPod Touch 5 Silicone Cases0
iPod Touch 5 Rhinestone Cases0
iPod Touch 4 Cases0
iPod Touch 4 Hard Cases0
iPod Touch 4 TPU Cases0
iPod Touch 4 Silicone Cases0
iPod Touch 4 Leather Cases0
iPod Touch 4 Rhinestone Cases0
iPod Touch 4 Armbands0
iPod Touch 2 / 3 Cases1
iPod Nano 7 Cases0
iPod Nano 6 Cases0
iPod Cases (others)0
iPod Armbands0
iPod Power0
iPod Charger0
iPod Dock Stations0
iPod External Batteries0
iPod Cables0
iPod Car Kits0
iPod Car Chargers7
iPod FM Transmitters0
iPod Headphones10
iPod Screen Protectors1
iPod Miscellaneous0
iPod Stylus0
iPod Holders0
iPod Stickers0
iPod Speakers0
BlackBerry 71xx Series1
BlackBerry 7100g2
BlackBerry 7100t4
BlackBerry 7100v2
BlackBerry 7130c5
BlackBerry 7130e6
BlackBerry 7130g3
BlackBerry 7280/72906
BlackBerry 81xx Series0
BlackBerry 810069
BlackBerry 8110/812077
BlackBerry 813051
BlackBerry 822061
BlackBerry 823016
BlackBerry 83xx Series11
BlackBerry 830061
BlackBerry 831061
BlackBerry 832071
BlackBerry 833047
BlackBerry 8350i17
BlackBerry 85xx Series0
Blackberry 852064
Blackberry 85300
BlackBerry 87xx Series0
BlackBerry 8700c26
BlackBerry 8700g6
BlackBerry 8700r5
BlackBerry 8700v6
BlackBerry 8703e5
BlackBerry 8705g7
BlackBerry 8707v4
BlackBerry 88xx Series0
BlackBerry 8800/882063
BlackBerry 883059
BlackBerry 890076
BlackBerry 9xxx Series5
BlackBerry 9000136
BlackBerry 9100/910531
BlackBerry 9300/933029
BlackBerry 9350/9360/93708
BlackBerry 93801
BlackBerry 9500/953050
BlackBerry 9520/955014
BlackBerry 9630/965063
BlackBerry 96709
BlackBerry 9700235
BlackBerry 978027
BlackBerry 97880
BlackBerry 97907
BlackBerry 980056
BlackBerry 981020
BlackBerry 9850/986014
BlackBerry 9900/993067
Blackberry PlayBook31
Blackberry Z1047
Blackberry Q1013
AT&T xxxx Series0
AT&T 8525 "Hermes"13
AT&T 8925 Tilt15
AT&T Pure "Topaz 210"0
Axxxx Series1
A3232 Tattoo3
A3333 Wildfire "Buzz"1
A6363 Legend0
A6380 Aria "Liberty"4
A7272 Desire Z6
A8181 Desire "Bravo"0
A9191 Desire HD "Ace"4
A9292 Evo 4G9
ADR xxxx Series0
ADR6300 Droid5
ADR6400 ThunderBolt 4G3
Amaze 4G4
Evo xx Series0
EVO Shift 4G "Knight"2
EVO View 4G2
Desire S6
G1 "Dream"22
G2 Touch "Hero"16
Google Nexus One5
Incredible S13
Inspire 4G3
Modeo DVB-H Foreseer3
ONE xxxx Series0
P3xx Series0
P3050 Touch "Vogue"9
P3300 "Artemis"6
P3400 "Gene"3
P3450 Touch "Elf"20
P3470 "Pharos"1
P3600 "Trinity"10
P3650 Cruise Polaris6
P3700 Touch Diamond6
P4xx Series0
P4000 "Titan"1
P4300 Wizard Prodigy4
P4350 "Herald"2
P4500 TyTN "Hermes"11
P4550 TyTN II Kaiser24
P5500 Dual "Nike"8
PG76110 Wildfire S10
Sxxx Series0
S310 "Oxygen"1
S522 Snap "Maple"1
S640 "Iris"4
S710 "Vox"10
S730 "Wings"0
Sensation XL6
Sensation XE6
Snap S5111
Snap S5211
SPV E6501
Txxxx Series0
T2223 Touch Viva Opal4
T3232 Touch 3G Jade4
T3333 Touch22
T4242 09 "Lolite"4
T5353 Diamond2 Topaz9
T5555 HD Mini Photon5
T6950 Touch Diamond1
T7272 Pro "Raphael"4
T7373 Pro2 "Rhodium"17
T7380 Pro2 Rhodium W5
T8282 HD Blackstone20
T8290 MAX 4G Quartz2
T8585 HD2 "Leo"14
T8686 7 Trophy "Spark"5
T8698 7 Mozart5
T9292 HD77
T-Mobile xxxx Series0
myTouch 3G Slide8
myTouch 3G "Magic"16
myTouch 4G9
Shadow "Phoebus"11
Wing "Herald"6
Verizon xxxx0
Verizon Ozone XV61752
Verizon VX6800 Titan3
Verizon VOX2
XV6975 Imagio2
Samsung Axxx Series2
Samsung A2571
Samsung A3000
Samsung A4000
Samsung A6501
Samsung A6601
Samsung A6701
Samsung A6801
Samsung A7001
Samsung A7372
Samsung A7601
Samsung A7701
Samsung A7972
Samsung A8001
Samsung A8773
Samsung A8861
Samsung A8872
Samsung A8972
Samsung A9304
Samsung Bxxx Series5
Samsung B3004
Samsung B32101
Samsung B33102
Samsung B5104
Samsung B5204
Samsung B57122
Samsung B5720C1
Samsung B73001
Samsung B73301
Samsung B77223
Samsung Cxxx Series5
Samsung C1002
Samsung C1703
Samsung C2001
Samsung C2601
Samsung C30101
Samsung C30502
Samsung C30601
Samsung C31101
Samsung C32121
Samsung C3310C2
Samsung C35102
Samsung C3610C1
Samsung C51101
Samsung C51301
Samsung C52201
Samsung C55102
Samsung Dxxx Series2
Samsung D4100
Samsung D4156
Samsung D4501
Samsung D4882
Samsung D50016
Samsung D5080
Samsung D5102
Samsung D52010
Samsung D6005
Samsung D7201
Samsung D80014
Samsung D8073
Samsung D82011
Samsung D8401
Samsung D8481
Samsung D8804
Samsung D90011
Samsung D900i2
Samsung D9802
Samsung D9882
Samsung Exxx Series19
Samsung E2001
Samsung E21301
Samsung E2506
Samsung E250D2
Samsung E2584
Samsung E3000
Samsung E3300
Samsung E3981
Samsung E5301
Samsung E5681
Samsung E5700
Samsung E6380
Samsung E7007
Samsung E7403
Samsung E7601
Samsung E8201
Samsung E8300
Samsung E8405
Samsung E8781
Samsung E8900
Samsung E90017
Samsung E9501
Samsung Epic 4G0
Samsung Fxxx Series0
Samsung F1101
Samsung F2101
Samsung F2502
Samsung F2701
Samsung F3002
Samsung F3302
Samsung F4002
Samsung F4809
Samsung F4904
Samsung Gxxx Series1
Samsung G4002
Samsung G6005
Samsung G6101
Samsung G8004
Galaxy player/Tab0
Galaxy player 700
Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G6
Galaxy Tab 7.00
Galaxy Tab 7.70
Galaxy Tab 8.90
Galaxy Tab P100019
Galaxy Tab P71000
Samsung Ixxx Series3
Samsung i4050
Samsung i3175
Samsung i4503
Samsung i5156
Samsung i5501
Samsung i58000
Samsung i6xxx0
Samsung i6005
Samsung i6075
Samsung i6081
Samsung i63301
Samsung i6371
Samsung i7xxx0
Samsung i7173
Samsung i7185
Samsung i7200
Samsung i7274
Samsung i75001
Samsung i7770
Samsung i7800
Samsung i8xxx2
Samsung i800 Galaxy Tab 7.02
Samsung i8000 Omnia II9
Samsung i8150 Galaxy W1
Samsung i8510 INNOV82
Samsung i8700 Omnia 70
Samsung i8910n1
Samsung i897 Captivate1
Samsung i9xxx6
Samsung i900 Omnia15
Samsung i9000 Galaxy S25
Samsung i9001 Galaxy s3
Samsung i9003 Galaxy4
Samsung i9023 Nexus S6
Samsung i9091
Samsung i90704
Samsung i910 Omnia2
Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II76
Samsung i9103 Galaxy R3
Samsung i919 Galaxy S Duos1
Samsung i92002
Samsung i9250 Galaxy27
Samsung i927 Captivate0
Samsung i9300 Galaxy S III137
Samsung i997 Infuse 4G5
Samsung Galaxy S3&i95001
Samsung Galaxy S4&i9500125
Samsung J & Lxxx Series0
Samsung J6003
Samsung J7006
Samsung J800 Luxe1
Samsung L2501
Samsung L7001
Samsung L7602
Samsung L8700
Samsung Nxxx Series0
Samsung N7000/i9220 Galaxy44
Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note 277
Samsung N9005 Galaxy Note 27
Samsung M & Pxxx Series5
Samsung M23100
Samsung M3002
Samsung M3100
Samsung M3200 Beats1
Samsung M33101
Samsung M620 Upstage0
Samsung M7600 Beat DJ6
Samsung M800 Instinct3
Samsung M8800 Pixon4
Samsung M8910 Pixon121
Samsung M9000
Samsung P2071
Samsung P8500
Samsung R720 Admire0
Samsung Sxxx Series5
Samsung S3xxxx1
Samsung S30302
Samsung S31000
Samsung S31100
Samsung S33100
Samsung S33501
Samsung S35000
Samsung S35500
Samsung S36000
Samsung S3650C Corby3
Samsung S39300
Samsung S5xxxx6
Samsung S50500
Samsung S523031
Samsung S5250 Wave 21
Samsung S5500 Eco0
Samsung S55100
Samsung S5550 Shark 20
Samsung S5560 Marvel4
Samsung S5600 Preston2
Samsung S5600v Blade0
Samsung S5620 Monte5
Samsung S5660 Galaxy2
Samsung S5830 Galaxy9
Samsung S67001
Samsung S7070 Diva0
Samsung S7220 Ultra b0
Samsung S73301
Samsung S73500
Samsung S80009
Samsung S85303
Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH7
Samsung S8500 Wave5
Samsung Txxxx Series4
Samsung T6291
Samsung T679 Exhibit0
Samsung T679 Exhibit II 4G1
Samsung T759 Exhibit 40
Samsung T8090
Samsung T839 Sidekick0
Samsung T9593
Samsung T989 Galaxy1
Samsung Uxxxx Series0
Samsung U1000
Samsung U6009
Samsung U6200
Samsung U7007
Samsung U800 Soul b2
Samsung U900 Soul6
Samsung Vxxx Series1
Samsung Wxxx Series2
Samsung Xxxx Series5
Samsung X1000
Samsung X4600
Samsung X4262
Samsung X4301
Samsung X4501
Samsung X4802
Samsung X4900
Samsung X5302
Samsung X6405
Samsung X7002
Samsung X8202
Samsung X8309
Samsung Zxxx Series1
Mobile Software0
Accessories of Box0
Nspro /Ustpro Box4
Furious Box1
Cruiser and Setool3
Infinity box2
TP/JTAG adapters38
Micro Box0
Multi-Box /lite1
Z3x Box1
Other Spare Part2
Credits & Activation16
Unlock SIM1
For Alcatel9
For BenQ6
For Blackberry5
For HTC8
For Huawei0
For LG19
For Motorola9
For Panasonic5
For Philips0
For Sagem0
For Samsung20
For Sendo0
For Sharp0
For Siemens0
For SonyEricsson13
For Toshiba0
For Palm (Treo)0
For Vitel0
For VK Mobile0
For Vodafone0
For China Phone8
Uni Fbus Cable6
Complete Sets0
BGA Rework series2
Soldering Tools0
Soldering Station11
Soldering Ball4
Soldering Nozzle12
Soldering paste8
Rosin Core Solder2
Solder Part21
Standard Tools0
Cleaning Tools4
Glue / Adhesive3
Magnifying Lamp8
MCU Extractor1
Measuring Tools0
Screw driver15
PCB Holder6
Suit tools55
Power Supplies10
Others Accessories24
Cooler Fan0
PC Webcam16
Mouse Series0
Wired Mouse20
Wireless Mouse8
Digital Series1
Bluetooth Series0
Bluetooth Anti-Lost1
Bluetooth Dongle18
Bluetooth speaker44
Bluetooth Remote2
Bluetooth Mouse1
Bluetooth Keyboard16
Media Speaker1
Memory Storage1
Memory Card0
USB flash Drive22
Card Reader12
USB Hub36
FM transmitter15
SIM Card Series4
Cables Series12
Cable Adapters46
Computer Cables0
DVI Cable14
AV Cable19
Camera/Mp3 Cable18
Mouse/Kb. Cable6
USB cable17
RGB Monitor Cable17
Retractable Cable14
Firewire Cable8
Scart Cable4
Printer Cable7
Serial Cable7
Power cable19
HDD/FDD Cable12
HDMI Cable & Adapter24
Mobile Cables7
Charger Cable9
USB Data Cable86
Other Cable5
Camera Series2
USB Lighter0