( ITEM ID: EO-009871 )ASB Box - AsanSam Box Packaged with 2 pcs cables

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ASB Box - AsanSam Box Packaged with 2 pcs cables

The professional tools to repair Samsung Galaxy Note.


Asansam ver 1.7.4 Released

Add Unbrick

  • Samsung i905 Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Samsung i5503 Galaxy 5
  • Samsung i5503T Galaxy 5
  • Samsung i5800 Galaxy Apollo
  • Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
  • Samsung I9000T Galaxy S
  • Samsung I9000M Galaxy S
  • Samsung I9000B Galaxy S
  • Samsung I9000 Galaxy S PLUS
  • Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL
  • Samsung I9023 Google Nexus S
  • Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II
  • Samsung I9100G Galaxy S II
  • Samsung N7000 Galaxy Note
  • Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1v
  • Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G
  • Samsung P7510 Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Samsung S5570VGalaxy Mini
  • Samsung T869 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Asansam ver 1.7.3 Released
Add Flash

  • Samsung SGH-i957 Galaxy Tab 8.9 PIT
  • Samsung Omnia II i8000
  • Samsung Omnia Pro B7610
  • samsung omnia pro b7350
  • Samsung Omnia seven I8700
  • Samsung Omnia LITE B7300
  • Samsung Omnia W I8350
  • Samsung Focus i917
  • Samsung GT-E1050
  • Samsung GT-E1070M
  • Samsung GT-E1070T
  • Samsung GT-E1080W
  • Samsung GT-E1081T
  • Samsung GT-E1105
  • Samsung GT-E1105F
  • Samsung GT-E1105T
  • Samsung GT-E1107T
  • Samsung GT-E1150
  • Samsung GT-E1150i
  • Samsung GT-E1170
  • Samsung GT-E1170i
  • Samsung GT-E1172
  • Samsung GT-E1180
  • Samsung GT-E1182
  • Samsung GT-E1190
  • Samsung GT-E1190-CHN
  • Samsung GT-E1195
  • Samsung GTE1195-CHN
  • Samsung GT-E1210B
  • Samsung GT-E1210M
  • Samsung GT-E1225T
  • Samsung GT-E1230
  • Samsung GT-E1252
  • Samsung GT-E1310B
  • Samsung GT-E1310M
  • Samsung GT-E1310S
  • Samsung GT-E1360B
  • Samsung GT-E1360M
  • Samsung GT-E1360S
  • Samsung GT-E2370



  • fix read & write NVM

Add Samsung SGH-i957 Galaxy Tab 8.9 (first in world)

  • Root
  • Read & write efs
  • Repair Unknown baseband (UBTOOL)

Asansam ver 1.7.2 and UBTool rev1.0.0 Released

  • Add MEP-11534-009

You Can Use ASANSAM in every Language You Want There is No Need to
Change Language or Remove Language Anymore

UBTool(the first tools for repair unknown baseband in world)
in Order To How Important is Unknown baseband Error we decide to Develop Seperate Application For that
so We release First Version of This Application and
This Soft is No Need Any Extra Activation its Worked on All
ASANSAM Dongle(UniKey,Smart Card)

Asansam ver 1.7.1 released
Fix Minor bug

Add Unlock

  • GT-I5510M
  • GT-I5500(Euro)
  • GT-I5500L
  • GT-I5500M
  • GT-I5503
  • GT-I5508
  • GT-I5510L
  • GT-I5700L
  • GT-I5503T
  • GT-I5800L
  • GT-I5800D
  • GT-I5801
  • GT-I8500
  • GT-S5838
  • GT-S5360
  • GT-S5360L
  • GT-S5360B
  • GT-S5363
  • GT-S5570i
  • GT-S5660V
  • GT-S5670L
  • GT-S5570B
  • GT-S5570L
  • GT-S5578
  • GT-S5830D
  • GT-S5830T
  • GT-S5830L
  • GT-S5830B
  • GT-S5830L
  • Asansam ver 1.6.9 released
  • Add unlock & read code
  • Samsung GT-B7510
  • Samsung GT-S5570
  • Samsung GT-S5570i
  • Samsung GT-S5660
  • Samsung GT-S5660M
  • Samsung GT-S5660L
  • Samsung GT-S5670
  • Sams ung GT-S5830
  • Samsung GT-I5500
  • Samsung GT-I5510
  • Samsung GT-I5700
  • Samsung GT-I5800
  • Samsung GT-I6500
  • Samsung GT-I7500
  • Samsung GT-I8520
  • Samsung SCH-I559
  • Samsung SGH-T499

Blackberry 2 MEP Added :

  • MEP-11534-009
  • MEP-12209-010

AsanSam ver 1.6.8 released by asangsm tm
add unlock & read code

  • Samusng GT-P7500
  • Samusng GT-P7500R
  • Samsung GT-P7500N
  • Samsung GT-P7300
  • Samsung GT-P7300N
  • Samsung GT-P7310
  • Samsung GT-P7310N
  • minor bug fixed
  • AddBlackBerry Engineering Menu Code Calculator
  • Standalone BlackBerry Unlock Added (No Internet Required)

Asansam ver 1.6.6 released


Add Unlock & Read Unlock code

  • Samsung GT-I9000
  • Samsung GT-I9000B 
  • Samsung GT-I9000L 
  • Samsung GT-I9000M 
  • Samsung GT-I9000T 
  • Samsung GT-I9003 
  • Samsung GT-I9003B 
  • Samsung GT-I9003L 
  • Samsung GT-P1000 
  • Samsung GT-P1000L 
  • Samsung GT-P1000M 
  • Samsung GT-P1000N 
  • Samsung GT-P1000R 
  • Samsung GT-P1000T 
  • Samsung GT-T959 
  • Samsung GT-T959D 
  • Samsung GT-T959V 
  • Samsung GT-T959P 
  • Add models for FLASH:
  • Samsung SGH-I727 Galaxy S II Skyrocket 
  • Samsung SGH-I727R Galaxy S II LTE 
  • Samsung SGH-I777 Galaxy S II 
  • Samsung SGH-i927R Galaxy S Glide 
  • Samsung SGH-i957 Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE 
  • Samsung SGH-T589R Galaxy Q 
  • Samsung SGH-T869 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 
  • Samsung SGH-T959P Galaxy S Fascinate 4G
  • Samsung SGH-T859 Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G
  • Samsung SCH-i579 Galaxy Ace Specs 
  • Samsung SCH-I500 Galaxy S Mesmerize Specs 
  • Samsung SGH-i857 DoubleTime 
  • Samsung SGH-i927 Captivate Glide 
  • Samsung SGH-I997 Infuse 4G 
  • Samsung SGH-T499 Dart 
  • Samsung SGH-T589 Gravity Smart 
  • Samsung SGH-T989 Hercules 
  • Samsung SGH-T989d Hercules 
  • Samsung SGH-T679 Exhibit II 4G 
  • Samsung SGH-T679M Galaxy W (Bell) 
  • Samsung SGH-T919 Behold 
  • Samsung SGH-T939 Behold 2 
  • Samsung SCH-i909 
  • Samsung SPH-M820 Prevail 
  • Samsung SPH-M910 Intercept 
  • Samsung SCH-R880 Acclaim 
  • Samsung SCH-R910 Indulge 
  • Samsung SCH-R915 Indulge 
  • Samsung SGH-I897 Captivate
  • Samsung SGH-I997 Infuse 
  • Samsung SGH-T589 Gravity 
  • Samsung SGH-T839 Sidekick
  • Samsung SGH-T959 Vibrant 
  • Samsung SGH-T959v Galaxy S 4G 
  • Samsung SPH-D700 Epic 4G 
  • Samsung SPH-D720 Nexus S 4G 
  • Samsung SPH-M580 Replenish 
  • Samsung SPH-M920 Transform 
  • Samsung SCH-I400 Contunuum 
  • Samsung SCH-I510 Droid Charge 
  • Samsung SGH-I917 Focus 
  • Samsung GT-I5500L 
  • Samsung GT-I5500B 
  • Samsung GT-I5503 
  • Samsung GT-I5503T 
  • Samsung GT-I5508 
  • Samsung GT-5570L
  • Samsung GT-5570b
  • Samsung GT-P6800 
  • Samsung GT-S5360L 
  • Samsung GT-S5360B 
  • Samsung GT-S5363 
  • Samsung GT-S5570L 
  • Samsung GT-S5690 
  • Samsung GT-S5830B 
  • Samsung GT-S5830D 
  • Samsung GT-S5830L 
  • Samsung GT-S5830T 
  • Samsung GT-S5830I 
  • Samsung GT-S5838 
  • Samsung GT-E2600 
  • Samsung GT-E2220 Ch@t 222 
  • Samsung GT-P6200 
  • Samsung GT-P6210 
  • Samsung GT-S5380

Fixed BUG while reading & writing EFS on next phones:

  • Samsung GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 
  • Samsung GT-P6210 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Add Read Full Flash

  • Samsung GT-I9000
  • Samsung GT-I9000B
  • Samsung GT-I9000L
  • Samsung GT-I9000M
  • Samsung GT-I9000T
  • Samsung GT-I9003
  • Samsung GT-I9003B
  • Samsung GT-I9003L
  • Samsung GT-I9008
  • Samsung GT-P1000
  • Samsung GT-P1000L
  • Samsung GT-P1000M
  • Samsung GT-P1000N
  • Samsung GT-P1000R
  • Samsung GT-P1000T
  • Samsung GT-T9 59
  • Samsung GT-T959D
  • Samsung GT-T959V
  • Samsung GT-T959P

Asansam ver 1.6.5 Released

  • Fixed bug for repair i9100 baseband

We add 3 Solution for this problem after you click Repair unknown baseband and select i9100,procedure start after finishing Solution 1 and phone restart check imei (with *#06#) if solution work you must see your phone imei if you see that you can cLick cancel and enjoy your revived phone if not click on continue and wait until solution 2 finished
do same like after solution 1 (*#06#) work on phone if you get good answer click cancel if not continue for starting last solution if its not work too,believe me fellas check for hardware fault

Before starting this procedure make sure about your phone EFS not corrupted or fully damaged.If yes, before start this procedure fix efs with our new method read/write efs after that you can start use this procedure (Flashing)..


  • Add SGHI897 (Flash)
  • Add SGHI997 (Flash)
  • Add SGHT589 (Flash)
  • Add SGHT839 (Flash)
  • Add SGHT959 (Flash)
  • Add SGHT959v(Flash)
  • Add SPHD700 (Flash)
  • Add SPHD720 (Flash)
  • Add SPHM580 (Flash)
  • Add SPHM920 (Flash)
  • Add SCHI100 (Flash)
  • Add SCHI400 (Flash)
  • Add SCHI500 (Flash)
  • Add SCHI510 (Flash)
  • Add SCHI500 (Flash)
  • Add C6712 (Flash)
  • Add I9100G (Flash)

Special Read & Write EFS (First in world)

  • Samsung Google Nexus S 
  • Samsung Google Nexus S I9023 
  • Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 
  • Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 
  • Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 
  • Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 
  • Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 
  • Samsung Galaxy Pop i559 
  • Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 
  • Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica
  • Samsung I7500 Galaxy
  • Samsung I9100G Galaxy S II
  • Samsung I8520 Galaxy Beam
  • Samsung I9010 Galaxy S Giorgio ******
  • Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II
  • Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung P1010 Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi
  • Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1v
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 P7300
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 P7310
  • Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P6210 7.0 Plus
  • Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Important Note:

  • Activator Rev1.1.0
  • Activate dongle procedure improved 
  • some minor bug fixed
  • that annoying ping server removed
  • from now for activating dongle you must use activator rev 1.1.0


Asansam ver 1.6.4 released

  • Add blackberry super fast code calculation


MEP-04103-001 MEP-04103-002 MEP-04103-004 MEP-04104-003 MEP-04104-004 MEP-04104-005 MEP-04104-006 MEP-04104-007 MEP-04546-001 MEP-04598-003 MEP-04598-004 MEP-04598-005 MEP-04626-001 MEP-04626-002 MEP-04938-001 MEP-04938-002 MEP-05277-001 MEP-05277-002 MEP-05277-004 MEP-05277-005 MEP-06041-001 MEP-06041-003 MEP-06041-004 MEP-06041-005 MEP-06041-006 MEP-06041-007 MEP-06041-008 MEP-06041-009 MEP-06041-010 MEP-06041-011 MEP-06068-001 MEP-06068-002 MEP-06259-002 MEP-06259-003 MEP-06423-001 MEP-06424-001 MEP-06424-002 MEP-06529-001 MEP-06529-002 MEP-06530-001 MEP-06530-002 MEP-06810-002 MEP-06811-003 MEP-06812-001 MEP-06812-003 MEP-06812-004 MEP-06813-001 MEP-06813-002 MEP-06814-001 MEP-06814-002 MEP-06814-004 MEP-06814-005 MEP-06849-001 MEP-06849-002 MEP-06893-001 MEP-06899-001 MEP-06899-002 MEP-07321-002 MEP-07484-001 MEP-07484-002 MEP-07484-003 MEP-07484-004 MEP-07484-005 MEP-07484-006 MEP-07484-007 MEP-07705-002 MEP-07705-003 MEP-07722-001 MEP-07722-002 MEP-07722-003 MEP-07723-001 MEP-07723-003 MEP-07723-004 MEP-07723-005 MEP-07723-006 MEP-07723-007 MEP-07754-001 MEP-08209-001 MEP-08209-002 MEP-08209-003 MEP-08209-004 MEP-08318-001 MEP-08395-001 MEP-08448-001 MEP-08448-002 MEP-08589-001 MEP-08881-001 MEP-08882-001 MEP-08918-001 MEP-09004-001 MEP-09070-001 MEP-09149-001 MEP-09292-001 MEP-09292-002 MEP-09292-003 MEP-09292-004 MEP-09292-005 MEP-09292-006 MEP-09292-008 MEP-09292-009 MEP-09293-001 MEP-09625-001 MEP-09625-002 MEP-09667-001 MEP-09690-001 MEP-09747-001 MEP-09783-002 MEP-09783-003 MEP-09821-001 MEP-09821-002 MEP-09821-003 MEP-09917-001 MEP-09938-001 MEP-10073-001 MEP-10129-001 MEP-10129-002 MEP-10129-003 MEP-10129-004 MEP-10129-005 MEP-11016-001 MEP-11139-001 MEP-11139-002 MEP-11139-003 MEP-11139-004 MEP-11139-005 MEP-11139-006 MEP-11246-001 MEP-11246-002 MEP-11414-001 MEP-11414-002 MEP-11534-002 MEP-11534-004 MEP-11534-005 MEP-11534-006 MEP-11534-007 MEP-11534-008 MEP-12186-001 MEP-12209-003 MEP-12209-004 MEP-12209-006 MEP-12209-007 MEP-12209-008 MEP-12488-001 MEP-12565-001 MEP-12579-001 MEP-12579-002 MEP-12599-003 MEP-12622-002 MEP-12907-002 MEP-12978-001 MEP-12980-001 MEP-12980-002 MEP-13188-001 MEP-13188-002 MEP-13188-006 MEP-13188-007 MEP-13188-008 MEP-13188-010 MEP-13710-001 MEP-13928-001 MEP-13928-002 MEP-13988-001 MEP-13990-001 MEP-14052-001 MEP-14052-002 MEP-14074-001 MEP-14074-002 MEP-14074-003 MEP-14150-001 MEP-14260-001 MEP-14260-002 MEP-14896-001 MEP-14896-002 MEP-14896-003 MEP-14896-004 MEP-14896-005 MEP-15159-001 MEP-15159-002 MEP-15326-001 MEP-15326-002 MEP-15343-001 MEP-16272-002 MEP-16272-003 MEP-16272-005 MEP-16352-001 MEP-16419-001 MEP-16472-001 MEP-16826-001 MEP-17232-001 MEP-17490-001 MEP-17568-002 MEP-18601-001 MEP-18637-001 MEP-19322-003 MEP-19877-001 MEP-20099-002 MEP-20099-004 MEP-20099-009 MEP-20166-001 MEP-20454-001 MEP-20669-001 MEP-21545-001 MEP-21878-001 MEP-22793-001 MEP-23361-001 MEP-24124-001 MEP-24409-002 MEP-24660-001 MEP-24667-001 MEP-24667-002 MEP-24667-003 MEP-24723-001 MEP-24723-002 MEP-26594-001 MEP-26900-003 MEP-27488-001 MEP-27501-003 MEP-28240-002 MEP-28364-001 MEP-28555-001 MEP-29080-002 MEP-29080-003 MEP-29318-001 MEP-30218-001 MEP-30218-002 MEP-30638-001 MEP-30669-001 MEP-31845-001 MEP-33006-002 MEP-34723-001 MEP-04104-008 MEP-06041-012 MEP-06041-013 MEP-06041-016 MEP-06041-017 MEP-06810-003 MEP-10129-006 MEP-14074-004 MEP-17568-003 MEP-24660-003 MEP-24667-004 MEP-29318-002 MEP-31845-002 MEP-34870-001 MEP-34870-002 MEP-40488-002 MEP-40954-001 MEP-41261-001 MEP-41468-001 MEP-42490-001 MEP-42490-002 MEP-42517-001 MEP-39371-001

Asansam dongle ver 1.6.3 released

  • Add i9000 galaxy s unknown baseband repair & dont show imei 
  • with one click in 4 sec first in world
  • Add i9003 unbrick first in world
  • Add i9100 & i9100g unbrick first in world



  • fix read & write NVM


  • Add repair unknown baseband i9100 galaxy s2
  • Add root & unroot for all andorid models
  • Add reboot to download mode without enabel usb debugging
  • Add clear/backup efs
  • Add clear nv data
  • Add clear nv data md5
  • Add restore nv data
  • Add read & write img efs
  • Add read full efs and write with flasher
  • Add read tar efs and wrtie with flasher
  • Add check efs
  • Add read & write nv data bak
  • Add Fix nv data
  • Add check /info device cpu
  • Add check baseband
  • Add check/test battery on device
  • Add check boot mode
  • Add check /info Bluetooth
  • Add check root
  • Add check/test device touch screen
  • Add Date of manufacture for all android device
  • Add print phone directory
  • Add read imsi for galaxy s2
  • Add operator info from simcard on device

  • Add flash c6712 star II DUOS
  • Add B7722i Slave flasher


Package Contains :
  • 1 x ASB Box
  • 2 x cables

ASB Box - AsanSam Box Packaged with 2 pcs cables

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