( ITEM ID: EO-009833 )Replacement Home Button with Flex Ribbon for iPhone 4G

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Replacement Home Button with Flex Ribbon for iPhone 4G


  • Designed to fit the contour of iPhone precisely.
  • Ideal for replacing broken, cracked, damaged home button with flex rebbion of your iPhone.
  • Stable performance.
  • Made of durable plastic.
  • Good quality and after sales service.

General Spec

  • Function replacing broken, cracked, damaged home button flex rebbion
  • Compatibility iPhone 4G

Package Details

  • Size: 2.00 × 0.80 × 0.10 cm

Package Includes

  • 1 × Home Button with Flex Ribbon

Replacement Home Button with Flex Ribbon for iPhone 4G

Replacement Home Button with Flex Ribbon for iPhone 4G

Replacement Home Button with Flex Ribbon for iPhone 4G

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  • Emily Fellows12 19,2013 12:51Rating:Excellent
    Received this item in the mail at the expected arrival time. The piece is definitely different from the original iphone home button--it seems to made of a different material. However, I expected that difference. It is hardly noticeable.

    The button has been working perfectly! Thank you so much!
  • MaCaRoni 12 03,2013 23:53Rating:Excellent
    i replace my iphone 4g home button. now its like new..you should get this one...no more home button sticking...i replace it like for 2hrs though..a lot of screws to remove just to replace the home button..overall, 5 stars..
  • noname12 02,2013 09:03Rating:Good
    It\'s functional, but must be a bit shallower than the original... It\'s a touch \"wobbly\" and sunken in when compared to the original. But it\'s better than paying $150 to have the phone repaired, by a long shot!

    It has a nice click to it and is instantly responsive every time. So only one * off for the wobbliness.
  • Mike11 20,2013 19:39Rating:Good
    Good replacement. When replacing the button on the iphone 4S it was very touchy. The flex cable had to be inserted just right for it to work. But overall happy.
  • Pablo Perez 11 19,2013 11:47Rating:Excellent
    This product works perfect your iPhone return to normal when you installed, you can determine the differences between the original And this one, different sound when you press it and you feel that you have a different button, even with that works perfectly excellent for price

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