( ITEM ID: EO-009829 )All in 1 Black Car FM Transmitter for Apple Device

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All in 1 Black Car FM Transmitter for Apple Device


  • Internal decoding support for all the SD cards and U disks to use.
  • FM transmitter suitable for iPod Nano, Touch, Video, Classic, iPhone 2G/3G/3GS/4G.
  • It has 27 volume adjustments and 6 sound adjustment, and it also supports external audio input adjustment.
  • Output frequency is 87.5MHz-108MHz, stepping is 0.1MHz.
  • LCD can directly display current playing state.
  • Luminaire on product can effectively ensure convenient operation at night and adorn the internal space to help you enjoy music.

General Spec

  • Screen LCD screen
  • FM Frequency 87.5MHz-108MHz, stepping is 0.1MHz
  • Function ideal for charging for your iPod.
  • Compatibility iPod Nano, Touch, Video, Classic, iPhone 2G/3G/3GS/4G

Package Details

  • Size: 16.80 × 10.50 × 8.30 cm

Package Content

  • 1 × All in 1 FM Transmitter
  • 1 × Set of Accessories

All in 1 Black Car FM Transmitter for Apple Device

All in 1 Black Car FM Transmitter for Apple Device

All in 1 Black Car FM Transmitter for Apple Device

All in 1 Black Car FM Transmitter for Apple Device

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  • Lin LaBella12 25,2013 16:04Rating:Good
    All the reviews about this not having a suction cup and only sticky tape are false. And look at the photo that shows red arrows twisting at the base. That\'s because the base twists Counter-clockwise to open, stick it to the window and clockwise to tighten. WORKS GREAT once you pull your head out of your rear LOL. I totally fought with it at first too so I\'m sure others will.
  • pouhsitxx7712 07,2013 20:07Rating:Excellent
    I have had no problems with this holding to the window. And the sound is better than I expected. I use the higher station 107.9 and there is no interference. It has worked great for me and I would highly recommend it!
  • LAGAG 11 27,2013 16:05Rating:Excellent
    i bought this item as it was on the cheaper side and i have never owned a windshield mounted device. And this product seems to be a great idea and functions just how i wanted. I use it mostly for a holder for my iphone 4S. The power cord is detachable so u don\'t have to have the cord in the way if u wanna just use it as a holder or if you wanna use it for the FM transmitter part then you have to attach the power cable. I haven\'t tried the FM transmitter part of it but i\'m sure it works just as good as another one (not soo good). It securely holds the phone and i haven\'t had any issues with the suction part yet. overall the item works just as i was expecting and had a few little extras i was totally expecting. i am extremely happy with this purchase and hope this helps.
  • Jessica Zaleski Ken11 25,2013 08:51Rating:Good
    I really like this product. I was a poor college student, I really enjoyed the low price for this product and it a pretty quality piece. it hook to my dash board and is easily accessible for me while i am driving.
  • Kyleen Sen Ellis11 21,2013 21:04Rating:Excellent
    I read some reviews before i bought and i was skeptical because of some of the issues with is staying attached to the windshield i have not had a problem with this. It does not say in the directions about twisting the base to create a good seal but that is what has worked for me and possibly what others are having trouble with.TKS

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