( ITEM ID: EO-009752 )Protective Armband for iPhone 5

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Protective Armband for iPhone 5


  • Designed to fit the contours of the iPhone 5 precisely
  • Protects the phone from scratches and dust
  • Dual silk printing design
  • Adjustable band
  • Comfortable to wear when doing sports

General Specs

  • Type Armband
  • Material Velvet
  • Color Pink
  • Compatibility iPhone 5

Package Details

  • Size: 17.00 × 14.00 × 2.00 cm

Package Includes

  • Armband

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

Protective Armband for iPhone 5

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  • Wolfgang Rumpf 12 26,2013 23:27Rating:Excellent
    I wanted a cheap solution for strapping my iPhone 5 to my arm while running. This unit is perfectly serviceable - very spacious, it even holds my iPhone 5 while the iPhone is in a protective bumper (something other reviewers mentioned as well). The armband has a convenient velcro side-patch for holding the extra headphone cabling.

    There are two reasons why this received 4 stars and not 5:

    1. The strap is just barely big enough to go around my bicep. I\'m not wirey, tho - I lift, and my biceps aren\'t small - but they aren\'t huge either. So if you are a beefy individual, you might need an extender.

    2. The top of the phone is not secured in by a strap or velcro or anything - the case simply kind of flaps over the top. This means you really should wear it with the cable end (which is sealed) at the bottom. I don\'t think that I ever felt like the phone was in danger of falling out when I wore it inverted, but I feel better wearing it the \"right\" way.

    For the money, this is a perfectly fine solution.
  • N. E. Durant12 26,2013 04:42Rating:Average
    There are really not many options available for a good, snug, and comfortable case for holding your iphone5 while running. The iphone4 case worked okl but the plastic cover over the touch screen was very unresponsive and wrinkled after much use. The iphone5 case is about the same. I was hoping the plastic would be more responsive at least to start but it isn\'t. And with the iphone5 being longer in size, you have to move it farther up your arm. I\'m not a large person and the velcro strap barely fits around my arm. The makers should give at least another inch to the band itself. So overall, this is an ok product - it replaced my iphone4 case but it\'s not ideal. I\'m not sure there\'s a better product available for running -- if so, please let me know!
  • Brian T12 18,2013 20:56Rating:Excellent
    Nice case. I\'ve used the Iphone 4 previously and is by far the best armband phone holder being sold (I have tried several).

    Comfortable around arm
    Strong velcro which stays securely wrapped (and lasts a long time)
    Fit is prefect around phone
    Smaller enclosure is good to wrap excess headphone cord

    No cons that I can think of. I have been very pleased with the purchase and have run several training runs both outside and on a treadmill.
  • Samba2312 17,2013 23:11Rating:Excellent
    Fits the iphone 5 very well and snugly. I like that you can still use the swipe screen even when it\'s inside the cover.
    I have thin arms and the velcro has great width expandability.
  • Jason Dude 12 13,2013 21:01Rating:Excellent
    This works well for the gym and I guess work if you are in construction. You would not use it as an everyday all the time case. But it protects my iPod Touch 5th Gen from moisture and is easy to wear on the upper arm. I can even swipe the screen thru the front plastic film. For the price just get it. It is a good deal. I hesitated a couple weeks and that was silly. Good luck!

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