( ITEM ID: EO-009709 )Matte Plastic Transparent Case for iPhone 5C

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Matte Plastic Transparent Case for iPhone 5C


  • Perfectly fits the contours of the iPhone 5C
  • Protects your new iPhone 5C from scratches, bumps and dust
  • Direct external access to all buttons, controls and ports
  • Matte finish, comfortable to the touch
  • Open-face design, easy to install and remove
  • Adds a colorful touch to your iPhone 5C

General Specs

  • Type Case
  • Material Plastic
  • Functions Protection and decoration
  • Compatibility iPhone 5C

Package Details

  • Size: 12.50 × 6.00 × 1.00 cm

Package Includes

  • Case

Matte Plastic Transparent Case for iPhone 5C

Matte Plastic Transparent Case for iPhone 5C

Matte Plastic Transparent Case for iPhone 5C

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  • Vicky11 29,2013 05:22Rating:Excellent
    Ottimo per emergenze, l\'unica cosa negativa è che devi portati dietro anche il cavo dell\'iPhone.
  • Lumi11 21,2013 08:38Rating:Excellent
    I am very happy with this product.................
  • monniewolf 09 12,2013 18:07Rating:Excellent
    I am like the Goldilocks of phone cases. I want one that\'s not too minimal, but not too bulky. It must cover the sides, but cannot make the buttons hard to push. It must have a small lip to help protect the screen, but not actually cover any part of the face of the phone.

    I went through a few cases on my old iPhone. I had become fond of one of the Speck cases that have a separate front and back piece. I had one for a year before it broke, but a replacement and it broke within a couple weeks. 30 bucks wasted.

    When the phone battery in my 4S started to die (of course just a couple weeks out of warranty), I upgraded to the iPhone 5c. I wanted a case that met my above specifications, would not easily break like the Speck cases, and wasn\'t expensive. I also did not want one of the Apple cases that looked like Swiss cheese.

    I bought this case based off the great reviews, but remained a bit skeptical because of the price. Well, this is just proof that something of quality doesn\'t have to cost a lot.

    The case fits perfectly! I have a screen protector on the phone, and the case does not cause any bubbling or lifting. The power and volume buttons are all covered, but the fit is so exact that there it does not make them harder to push. The volume switch is left uncovered, obviously. The cut out for the camera is large enough that the case does not interfere with pictures, something that can happen with shiny cases that reflect the flash or cut too close to the lens. The case has a nice, smooth feel in the hand, while providing good grip. The phone can still easily slide into and out of my pocket.

    The 5c is a bit longer, but slimmer than the 4S. It is also much lighter. I was surprised by how much you can feel the difference. Even with this case on, the phone is lighter than my 4S sans case.

    If you are looking for a nice, simple case that will provided shock protection in the event of a drop, but doesn\'t add a lot of bulk, then this is a great case for a great price!

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