( ITEM ID: EO-009399 )Mini Cartoon Birds Portable Speaker Blue

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    Mini Cartoon Birds Portable Speaker Blue

    Main features

    • using fresh bass technology , strong low-frequency
    • With AUX interface can be connected to a variety of sources
    • Built-in lithium battery
    • Automatic Identification and play TF card, U disk music
    • FM stereo radio function
    • card reader


    • TF card, 3.5 audio connections (MP3, computers, mobile phones , etc. ) , can automatically identify TF card MP3 audio files. Random when playing MP3 audio cable to connect the speakers with

    Remote control functions

    • Complete control over playback TF card , U disk, all the features one button buttoned

    Technical Parameters

    • Power: 3W
    • Peak power : 3W
    • Treble boost / cut : 1 dB
    • Speaker unit size : 40mm
    • Sensitivity : 2 dB
    • Frequency range :150-200 Hz
    • Distortion: 2%
    • Power supply : DC 5V
    • Exterior Material : ABS + soft rubber oil
    • Product size : 95 * 73 * 68mm
    • Battery capacity :500-800mAh
    • Colors: red, blue , yellow, black
    • Accessories: 3.5 audio cable , USB Cable , lanyard


    • blister packaging , 100PCS / box

    Mini Cartoon Birds Portable Speaker Blue

    Mini Cartoon Birds Portable Speaker Blue

    Mini Cartoon Birds Portable Speaker Blue

    Mini Cartoon Birds Portable Speaker Blue

    Mini Cartoon Birds Portable Speaker Blue

    Mini Cartoon Birds Portable Speaker Blue

    Mini Cartoon Birds Portable Speaker Blue

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    • Shel11 12,2013 16:26Rating:Excellent
      When I first open the package I suspected I made a poor purchase. I purchased the GoGroove strictly for my girls in their playroom, so they would stop using mine. I tested the little guy with both mine and their iPod and also my iPhone. Not bad at all for the price. It is not at all comparable to my Bose dock but for a tiny $$20 something, it\'s quite the something I was looking for. I give it 5 stars for the shear fact it\'s definitely worth the $$. If u have preteen girls that are hard on toys/ electronics or just plain clumsy this is your gadget.
    • Dion Daley 10 17,2013 12:35Rating:Excellent
      Plugged into my daughter\'s ipad dock, it works as advertised. Loud for its size. Recommended for small children. Only downside, the headphone jack is on a very short leash.
    • ALP10 13,2013 04:30Rating:Excellent
      So Kawaii!!!

      Very powerful. We have had ours for a while now and it works great. Never had a problem. When I first saw it I thought there would be no way it would be as powerful as it is. It is so adorable. Great for anyone who loves Pandas or Kawaii items.
    • timonkeks09 02,2013 00:07Rating:Excellent
      Все качественно! доволен. только эконом доставка 3,5 месяца шла. не рекомендую

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