( ITEM ID: EO-009376 )Samsung C3520 Black mobile phone

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    Samsung C3520 Black


    • 262K TFT Color Display
    • QVGA(240 x 320 pixel) display resolution
    • 2.4" Display size

    Network and Data

    • EDGE/ GPRS Class 10


    • Camera Resolution: 1.3 Mega-pixel
    • Shooting Mode: Single, Timer shot
    • White Balance: Daylight, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Cloudy
    • Timer

    Music and Sound

    • Music Play Format: AAC, AAC+, AMR, eAAC+, MP3, WAV
    • Music Player
    • Music Library
    • FM Radio


    • Dimension(H x W x D): 102 x 52 x 16.8mm
    • Weight: 100g
    • Color+: Metallic Sliver, Charcoal Gray, Coral Pink


    • User Memory: 20MB
    • External Memory: Support microSD™ card (up to 16GB)

    Input Method

    • Support English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese input



    • GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz)


    • Talk time*: up to 9.2 Hr (2G)
    • Standby time*: up to 720 Hr (2G)


    • Video Play Format: H263, H.264, MPEG4
    • Video Recording: 176 x 144 pixels(15fps)


    • Dictionary
    • SNS Service (Facebook, Twitter)
    • Unit Converter (Currency, Length, Weight, Volume, Area, Temperature)
    • Preloaded Games
    • Stop Watch
    • Voice Recorder
    • Image Editor (Functions includes effect, brightness and contrast adjustment, Resize, Rotate, etc)
    • Wide Keypad with Large Font Size
    • Long Standby Time

    Samsung C3520 Black mobile phone

    Samsung C3520 Black mobile phone

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    • Uchi 11 08,2013 09:36Rating:Excellent
      My preference would have been to stick with my old phone, but after 6 or so years of regular use, it died and had to be replaced, so I got this one a couple of weeks ago.

      I wanted another small-form, clamshell phone with a long battery life, good sound quality, and an alarm feature.

      This phone is slightly longer than the old phone, but thinner and narrower. The battery life is rated as about the same or better than the phone it is replacing, although I\'m not sure yet whether the real-world battery life is as long as what was advertised. (I certainly don\'t have to recharge it every day, though.) It does include the alarm feature I needed. Sound quality is adequate, not great (I would rate the quality of the earpiece speaker at about 6 or 7 out of 10 stars -- very slightly garbled voices at times, not perfectly clean and crisp, and it\'s necessary to work to position the phone just right to get the best volume at your ear). Mobile phone signal reception seems as good as the phone it was replacing.

      The main feature I miss is the absence of any window showing who is calling when the phone is ringing -- it\'s necessary to open the case to see who is calling. At least it is possible to adjust the settings so that the phone only answers a call when you press the accept button (the default setting is to answer as soon as the cover is raised).

      This phone\'s case is not as durable as that of the phone it is replacing, which had an almost rubberized feel to the case. I accidentally dropped the new phone last night on the garage floor, and the outside of the case shows a few tiny scratch marks already. The few times I dropped my old phone, it never showed scratches.

      It was also a pain in the rear to get the messaging and internet features activated with my carrier. Carriers provide lots of info on how to set up the latest smartphones, but virtually no info on how to set up those features on phones with older technology, like this one. The manufacturer\'s website provided no help whatsoever, since they apparently did not intend for this phone to be used by US carriers. (The manufacturer\'s website does provide detailed info on how to set up this or very similar model phones for use on carriers outside the US, though.) It took several hours of internet searching, messaging, and calls to my carrier, but eventually I was able to get it all sorted out.

      I would have preferred a phone with US warranty, but EOEM was only selling the silver version of the phone with US warranty at the time of my purchase, while I wanted the black version (which came with no US warranty). So far, the phone I received seems to be working well, so I am not as concerned about needed warranty-type servicing.

      However, apart from the issues with setting up the phone for use with US carriers that I previously mentioned, another issue is that the phone I received did not include a US-type charger in the box; it came with a charger that seems to be a British-style plug (as I believe is used in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam). Someone, apparently the seller opened the box to add a bulky adaptor to accommodate the foreign charger to US electrical sockets. I would much have preferred that the seller had simply added a US-type adaptor to the outer packaging (or, better yet, had added a regular US charger cord, instead of a non-US cord plus a large, clunky adaptor), rather than opened the manufacturer\'s original case, since in this age of widespread identity theft, there is no telling what security issues are raised once the original manufacturer\'s case has been breached. Buyers would feel more comfortable with their purchase, given all of that, if the description of the item in the ad mentioned that the case would have been opened to add an adaptor.

      Overall, I would purchase this phone again, but probably would opt for the US warranty phone, despite the color, next time.

      Update (March 31, 2013): Phone has been working well. I dumped the original non-US charger/clunky adaptor and now just use a US charger that I had from a different piece of electronic equipment (obviously, using non-approved components like this isn\'t recommended, but there\'s no warranty anyway). Battery life is much longer than even with my old phone, so I am happy on that score. The only real, but minor, complaint now (aside from wishing there were a window showing who incoming calls are coming from) is that it would be nice to be able to raise the volume of the ear speaker higher. I find that with some callers I have to position the phone just right or it can be a bit hard to hear the caller clearly.
    • Richard Wyckoff11 03,2013 18:24Rating:Excellent
      I got these phones for me and my wife. All we want is to talk plus I use the Calendar for reminders. Also look forward to getting local SIM cards when we travel abroad. This phone is great: nice big clear display and really good battery life. I have a pre-pay plan so can\'t take advantage of the data possibilities. Highly recommend.
    • rick parkinson 10 21,2013 04:23Rating:Excellent
      As I keep my phone in my pocket I love that it does not have any exterior buttons that can get accidently pressed, even the on screen ones, as my other phones did, even with the \'lock\' feature on. I don’t know how many pictures of the inside of my pocket I have had to delete. And being a clam shell phone the screen does not get scratched by keys kept in the same pocket.
    • Zoraida Haibi 10 19,2013 01:16Rating:Excellent
      I bought this phone for my husband since his other phone is completely obsolete and about 5 years old. He started using it and already I am impressed with the phone. He says he has to get use to the phone and the options, but he already stated he can hear everyone MUCH better and I can definitely hear him better too. The volume for the music on his MicroSD card is fantastic and so glad it came with earpieces so he can now listen privately to all his music.
    • Dmitry09 23,2013 18:07Rating:Excellent
      Nicely made, looks like a real worth product.

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