( ITEM ID: EO-009289 )Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

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Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown


  • Technology: HD SUPER AMOLED 16 : 9 Full Touch Display
  • Size: 5.55"
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720pixel


  • Dimension (WxHxD): 80.5 x 151.1 x 9.4mm
  • Weight: 181.6g


  • Operation Platform: Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) 


  • Gray/ White/ Pink/ Brown


  • WCDMA (850/900/1900/2100MHz) + GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz)


  • 1.6GHz Quad-Core Processor

Data Transfer

  • HSDPA 21Mbps / HSUPA 5.76Mbps / 3G / EDGE / GPRS


  • Built-in Memory: 16GB (RAM: 2GB)
  • Support microSD™ (up to 64GB)


  • Capacity: 3,100mAh
  • Talk Time*: Up to 35 hrs (2G) ; 16 hrs (3G)
  • Standby Time*: Up to 980 hrs (2G) ; 510 hrs (3G)


  • 8.0 Mega-pixel Auto Focus Camera
  • Front Camera: 1.9 Mega-pixel
  • Power LED Flash
  • Focus Mode: Auto Focus, Macro
  • Shooting Mode: Best Photo, Best Faces, Face Detection, Panorama, Share Shot, HDR, Buddy Photo Share, Beauty, Smile Shot, and Low light
  • Scene Mode: Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Party/ Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dawn, Fall Color, Text, Candlelight
  • Effect: Cold Vintage, Warm Vintage, Posterize, Solarize, Green Point, Blue Point, Red Yellow Point, Washed Out, Cartoonify, Black and White, and Sepia
  • White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Incandescent, and Fluorescent
  • Timer

Internet Tool

  • Android Browser™
  • Google Play™
  • Google™ (Search, Voice Search, Gmail, Map, Navigation, Latitude, Google Talk, Calendar, Google+, and Local)
  • YouTube™
  • Exchange Active Sync™
  • Samsung Apps (Download Apps at Samsung Apps Store via your phone)
  • Online Widget


  • Play Format: H.263 / H.264 / WMV / MPEG4 / DivX / AVI / FLV
  • Video Recording: Full HD Video Recording and playing (1920 x 1080 pixel)
  • Recording Mode: Slow Motion and Fast Motion

Music and Sound

  • SoundAlive™ Sound Effect (Samsung Proprietary Technology)
  • Play Format: MP3 / OGG / AAC / ACC+ / eAAC+ / AMR / MIDI / WAV / FLAC / WMA
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack
  • FM Radio

Smart Feature

  • Perfect viewing and handwriting
  • Pop-Up Play, Pop-up Browser and Pop-up Note (During call / Web Browsing)
  • Enhanced S Pen
  • Hovering
  • Direct Handwriting support: S Note, S Planner, Email
  • S Pen Keeper
  • Easy tasking in one view without multiple steps
  • Air View: Hover S Pen to preview the content (Video, Photo, Email and S Planner)
  • Quick command
  • Launch apps by jot down pre-registered marks
  • Launch S Note by removing S Pen
  • Instant on spot capturing and creativity
  • Video and Image Screen Capture
  • Easy Clip
  • New camera features: 1) Best Face 2) Photo Note 3) Paper Artist App
  • S Note: Idea Sketch
  • Easier Content Sharing
  • AllShare™ Cast and Samsung Link
  • S Beam


  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Channel Bonding (HT40)
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Bluetooth#: v4.0 (aptX)
  • NFC
  • USB 2.0
  • GPS (Support A-GPS, GLONASS)
  • Mobile AP (Share phone’s mobile internet connection with PC, mobile phone etc through Wi-Fi or USB)
  • Geo-Tagging

Package content :

  • Packing list: Hostx1
  • Lithium Batteryx1
  • Data cablex1
  • Headphonex1
  • Chargerx1
  • Manual x1

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Brown

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  • Stanislaus Martins 10 30,2013 18:31Rating:Excellent
    Simply amazing product.

    Sold my original note the minute this version was announced.
    Phone feels super fast and snappy. The Quad Core 1.6Ghz is freaking amazing. When I view my video folder in thumbnail format, all the thumbnails play without any hitch, i.e about 8 videos simultaneously.

    I have had the Gmail app crash on me a couple of times but they haven\'t been major crashes and I haven\'t lost anything, am sure that\'s an app causing that.
    Phone is just the perfect size for me, I love big screens. I would probably still buy this as a phone if it went all the way to 6inches.

    It looks like this device will become the center of all my digital world.
    Everything will gravitate around my brand new notes 2 from now on. I mean everything.
    I love this phone so much I will probably have to insure it because it will handle everything.

    I read on it - Kindle
    I shop on it. - EOEM and Google
    I browser on it - Chrome
    Listen to lectures on it - Double Twist
    Watch HD movies on it
    I manage all my social platforms from it - Hootsuite
    Send and manage my business invoices from it - Zoho Invoice
    Share internet from it to my iPad 2, nexus 7, blackberry bold 4, iphone, psp, macbook pro and macpro, this phone has become the center of my digital world.
    This phone has become my personal computer (PC) period !!!

    The S pen is much improved too, feels great, it also recognizes my hand writing better, best hand writing experience on a phone or tablet in my opinion.
    Sharing files via NFC with my nexus 7 works like a charm and its very snappy too.

    The screen is to die for, colour are very punchy, I have had no issues viewing the screen at 12 noon.

    When I got my original note a few months back, I actually said it was the best phone at the time, this phone is for me a major upgrade, an evolution, comparing the iphone (any model) to this would be a big big joke. Don\'t forget I own an iPhone and numerous Apple products so am being objective.

    The phone is not officially out here in Nigeria but I just had to get one superfast.

    Worth every single penny.
  • Paniagua Rojas Yeison G10 23,2013 06:02Rating:Excellent
    With this product, Samsung nailed it. I won\'t say it\'s perfect, especially because it\'s somehow a niche product. However it comes pretty close to perfection. It\'s really hard to mention all I\'ve been able to see this far, but I can tell this thing keeps impressing me time after time, it\'s highly versatile and customizable.

    For starters, it has the same glossy finish than the Galaxy S3. On this model (the grey one) fingerprints become easily noticeable and you can\'t help thinking it will scratch easily. But I need to say that hiperglazed glossy finish looks awesome on this oversized phone. And by the size itself, it will impress ebverybody around, whether that\'s what you look for or not.

    The screen is amazing. Even with less pixels and a bigger screen than the original Note, the sharpness is much higher. The deep blacks of the Super AMOLED are great for watching media, playing games and drawing. It can be tricky for taking photos (color accuracy is not the best around) or displaying great white areas, which demands more power. The screen is also a tad dimmer that the one on the original Note, but that\'s probably beacuse of the revamped built in digitalizer. Viewing angles and sunlight visibility are quite good, as with other AMOLEDs.

    Buttons are on the usual positions and are easy to press. You need to be careful to not press them by accident, but I can tell you one gets used to it pretty fast. The S Pen. This S Pen feels quite better. It\'s bigger and more comfortable to hold and much more precise/pressure sensitive. It will allow you to do a whole load of new things. Quick pen gestures are great. You draw a custom figure to trigger one action (toggle wifi or bluetooth, look up something in the web, call/text). Taking memos, partial screenshots, scribbling has all become more enjoyable and accurate.

    Update: The hovering function comes handy in your mail and SMS inbox, allowing you to see more content without even opening the items (you hover the pen and content info pops up). You can also hover over web elements as you should with a mouse (hovering equals a mouseover and taping equals a click) improving the desktop like experience while browsing the web. If you got shaky hands it can be tricky, since you can easily end up touching the screen while hovering.

    The camera is an average 8 mpx shooter with 1080p recording, but the camera interface is now much more enjoyable now though. Battery life has been great til now. In the end those 3100 mA really help despite the gigantic screen. Jellybean and Touchwiz combo is full of new tricks. It has a slight learning curve, but once you get to see all the features (I keep discovering them) there are many exploitable advantages over the majority of mobile OSs/Skins out there. From the news ticker on the lock screen to the way you can look up stuff with Google now or S Voice, the automatic menus that pop out when conecting the earbuds or removing the S Pen from the slot, it\'s all quite impressive and potentially useful.

    Call audio quality is crisp enough. The address book has been simplified, the text autocorrection is much more accurate. Reception isn\'t the greatest, but that\'s more a smartphone issue and quite consistent in Samsung and other brands\' handsets. Reception outages occur inside certain thick walled buildings and is slightly affected by the rain. It\'s also true my local carrier doesn\'t have the best service out there. The phone itself is easier to hold than the original Note and even with a phone this big, Samsung managed to keep it pretty lighweight. I\'d definitely recomend to use a case on it even if it adds some bulk (I bought a generic in the meantime, eagerly waiting for an Otterbox Defender to come out).

    If one handed operation or pocketability are big concerns for you (one handed operation is kinda hard even with medium-big hands like mine, but it\'s highly pocketable unless you use small/tight pockets), don\'t ditch this phone without giving it a chance. Try it at a local store and you could be surprised of all you can get in exchange for those 2 compromises.

    I\'ll be updating this review as soon as I find out more.

    Update: LTE! There are many people commenting about this. Apparently there\'s a version of the international Note 2 (not the N7100) that sports LTE, the model number is N7105 and it comes with \"LTE 700 MHz Class 17 / 2100\" (Sources: GSM Arena, Engadget and XDA forums). If you have a N7100 the LTE radio is simply not there. However this is not guarantee that the N7105 will work with AT&T\'s or Tmo\'s LTE, it all depends if those frequencies are compilant with those carriers\' respective LTE signals. As LTE network compatibility can be a deal breaker for many people within the US, I suggest you to research very well before buying it. If someone can squeeze any info out of AT&T or Tmo, please comment. To shed more light on this issue, you can Google the xda thread 1917383. (Geez, all this makes me feel kinda happy I don\'t have to worry about LTE compatibility yet).

    Update Oct 14th: I got my first over-the-air update today, which brought the multi tasking bar. Some selected apps (Chat On, Mail [stock], Facebook, Gallery, Chrome, Gmail, Google Talk, Web browser [stock], Google Maps, Messages, S Note, Video Player and YouTube apps) can work on split-screen mode two at a time (you can also have a resizable pop up video on top of those 2 apps). So far I\'m loving this!
  • IslandDave 10 19,2013 01:13Rating:Excellent
    No wonder Apple are worried by Samsung.

    This phone is superb and just by fetching the thing out of my pocket at work I have managed to sway many of my colleagues in favor of Samsung for their next cell phone up-date. It seems every every one wants a piece of the action.

    The product when examined by people seems to sell its self. Yes the screen is big but when you read your Kindle App ebook on that screen, see the net pages flow on it and appreciate the GPS navigation maps scrolling across it, then you forget all worries about the size of it. In fact you realise that you need that screen and nothing smaller will do.

    It is fast, my goodness me it is fast. Fast to open web pages, fast to react to apps, games, video etc. Fast, Powerful, smooth and intuitive. Added to this, the battery is big enough at 3100mA to last all day even under quite heavy use. Oh and the MP3 player is fantastic in both presentation and sound quality.

    It cost me a few dollars to insert a 64Gb flash memory card in addition to the 16Gb on board memory and I will buy a spare battery to insert if I do run it down. Apple seal off their phones and the only way to upgrade memory or change the battery after 500 charges when it deteriorates is to buy a new one, what a rip off.

    I have always bought Apple but with their determination to stick to a policy of in-built obsolescence and pay through the nose for memory, I really don\'t think I\'ll buy much more.

    I recently bought my wife the Galaxy S3 which impressed me greatly but on balance, this is even better.

    In short, excellent product, I couldn\'t be happier with it.
  • Dubai-55510 15,2013 00:41Rating:Excellent
    Am using the global standard Note 2 for the past 3 weeks now. Its my first ever Android device. Debated for a while from switching from an iphone 4S to the note 2, as i had no idea
    about the Android\'s capabilities. Plus i got tired of the waitlist for Iphone 5, and the whole drama of Apple making it so difficult to get your hands on an iphone 5, even weeks after its release.

    So i decided to take a swing at this amazing Note 2 device. Seriously after using it for 3 weeks all other phone screens seem just way too small and make you think how
    you got any work done on them at all. Emails are so nice to read, videos are absolutely amazing and reading the news on flipboard is just fantastic. Although it doesnt completely
    replace your tablet, i tend to barely use my ipad after i got the Note 2.

    Dont use the SPen too much, but i prefer it to make notes, edit photos and express drawings with changes.
    The multi window is amazing, where two apps can be opened on the screen at the same time, here the size of the phone obviously helps.
    Viewing your calendar with appointments is so easy on the big screen and adding and editing appointments is so much easier.

    Am a big apple fan, but am very happy with the switch from the iphone 4S to the Note 2. Samsung really have created a fantastic smart phone, and surely will give iphone the toughest
    smart phone market share battle.
  • bruce10 09,2013 16:57Rating:Excellent
    I\'ve had this phone for a week now and I love it! Best phone ever! I really can\'t say anything else that isn\'t already written. I have set this phone up using Straight Talk and my number from Verizon ported in minutes and I am never looking back!

    This screen is big enough to see and use but still the size of my check book so I can carry it with me. Taking notes at a conference people asked what it was. A woman at work saw it and I told her I \"Yeah, I just dragged that video from my computer...no Ifriggin tunes\" She was more and more bummed about her iphone as I told her about the phone and showed her what it did. In the end she was \"I feel bad about wanting to leave apple now.\"

    There are idevices, TomTom devices, and Nokia devices I wish I hadn\'t purchased now...If only I knew this was coming!

    Update: 11/19/2012 Phone is still great..but the case I had purchased for it used a magnet to hold clasp down. Thought at first ok cool. Then I found the spen acted funny. Could not draw a straight line from one side to the next. The line would go strange angles on one side. Then I removed the phone from the case and hey straight lines across the whole screen! Keep magnets away! I hope no permanent damage to the phone has been done. Seems stupid design of case! Phone awesome, separate case sucks so just warning to be careful when buying a case made for note II.

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