( ITEM ID: EO-009287 )Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

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    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray


    • Technology: HD SUPER AMOLED 16 : 9 Full Touch Display
    • Size: 5.55"
    • Resolution: 1280 x 720pixel


    • Dimension (WxHxD): 80.5 x 151.1 x 9.4mm
    • Weight: 181.6g


    • Operation Platform: Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) 
    • TOUCHWiZ


    • Gray/ White/ Pink/ Brown


    • WCDMA (850/900/1900/2100MHz) + GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz)


    • 1.6GHz Quad-Core Processor

    Data Transfer

    • HSDPA 21Mbps / HSUPA 5.76Mbps / 3G / EDGE / GPRS


    • Built-in Memory: 16GB (RAM: 2GB)
    • Support microSD™ (up to 64GB)


    • Capacity: 3,100mAh
    • Talk Time*: Up to 35 hrs (2G) ; 16 hrs (3G)
    • Standby Time*: Up to 980 hrs (2G) ; 510 hrs (3G)


    • 8.0 Mega-pixel Auto Focus Camera
    • Front Camera: 1.9 Mega-pixel
    • Power LED Flash
    • Focus Mode: Auto Focus, Macro
    • Shooting Mode: Best Photo, Best Faces, Face Detection, Panorama, Share Shot, HDR, Buddy Photo Share, Beauty, Smile Shot, and Low light
    • Scene Mode: Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Party/ Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dawn, Fall Color, Text, Candlelight
    • Effect: Cold Vintage, Warm Vintage, Posterize, Solarize, Green Point, Blue Point, Red Yellow Point, Washed Out, Cartoonify, Black and White, and Sepia
    • White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Incandescent, and Fluorescent
    • Timer

    Internet Tool

    • Android Browser™
    • Google Play™
    • Google™ (Search, Voice Search, Gmail, Map, Navigation, Latitude, Google Talk, Calendar, Google+, and Local)
    • YouTube™
    • Exchange Active Sync™
    • Samsung Apps (Download Apps at Samsung Apps Store via your phone)
    • Online Widget


    • Play Format: H.263 / H.264 / WMV / MPEG4 / DivX / AVI / FLV
    • Video Recording: Full HD Video Recording and playing (1920 x 1080 pixel)
    • Recording Mode: Slow Motion and Fast Motion

    Music and Sound

    • SoundAlive™ Sound Effect (Samsung Proprietary Technology)
    • Play Format: MP3 / OGG / AAC / ACC+ / eAAC+ / AMR / MIDI / WAV / FLAC / WMA
    • 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack
    • FM Radio

    Smart Feature

    • Perfect viewing and handwriting
    • Pop-Up Play, Pop-up Browser and Pop-up Note (During call / Web Browsing)
    • Enhanced S Pen
    • Hovering
    • Direct Handwriting support: S Note, S Planner, Email
    • S Pen Keeper
    • Easy tasking in one view without multiple steps
    • Air View: Hover S Pen to preview the content (Video, Photo, Email and S Planner)
    • Quick command
    • Launch apps by jot down pre-registered marks
    • Launch S Note by removing S Pen
    • Instant on spot capturing and creativity
    • Video and Image Screen Capture
    • Easy Clip
    • New camera features: 1) Best Face 2) Photo Note 3) Paper Artist App
    • S Note: Idea Sketch
    • Easier Content Sharing
    • AllShare™ Cast and Samsung Link
    • S Beam


    • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Channel Bonding (HT40)
    • Wi-Fi Direct
    • Bluetooth#: v4.0 (aptX)
    • NFC
    • USB 2.0
    • GPS (Support A-GPS, GLONASS)
    • Mobile AP (Share phone’s mobile internet connection with PC, mobile phone etc through Wi-Fi or USB)
    • Geo-Tagging

    Package content :

    • Packing list: Hostx1
    • Lithium Batteryx1
    • Data cablex1
    • Headphonex1
    • Chargerx1
    • Manual x1

    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

    Samsung GALAXY Note II N7100 16GB Gray

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    • Marz 10 16,2013 09:02Rating:Excellent
      I have had this phone for a week now...and so far its got to be the best phone I have ever owned. Its big and beautiful..the brushed Titanium is just incredible looking..its very sexy..it is by far the quickest phone I have ever owned( last phones were iphone 4, htc evo the galaxy s) . Its very slim, fits into my pocket surprising well. If you are a girl wearing tight jeans this phone is not gonna fit u well. Though I don\'t know how much I will use the pen, it works surprising well. Jelly bean has some nice new additions that make moving around very easy. Battery life so far is off the charts good not only for a phone this size but any size phone. Today its 5pm, I have been using the phone pretty regularly all day and have 86% left!! My Galaxy would have been dead by now..only pitfall about getting a unlocked European Note II is that you will not be able to use the 4g lte network. Hspa+ is working very fast though..cant really tell a difference..one bonus of not having a \"AT&T version\" is hotspots can be enabled without paying an extra fee..Also I understand software updates come immanently when they are available..Also there is not a ton of crap programs that come on it from the carrier to bog it down.
    • D. Keller10 14,2013 01:56Rating:Excellent
      How fast is this phone? Ridiculously fast. How cool is this phone? Plus-ultra-chic. How good is the handwriting interface? Okay, it drops in a lot more capital letTers than iT should. But if you watch the options above the scratchpad you can fix flaws with a quick tap. And it is freaky fast reading my chicken scratches. Did I mention this phone is fast?

      Other folks can tell you about the specs for this phone and how it compares to that fruit company\'s phones and the other Androids. For me it is all about usability and this is the ultimate in my experience. There is a reason the fruit folks have sued Samsung - they cannot compete in quality/value. Between the Note and the S III, Oppa Samsung is kicking it Gangnam style. I should mention I have had a fruity phone - truly don\'t miss it. Best of all, no iTunes. Relief! EOEM MP3 and Kindle Apps are my new best friends.

      And if someone gives you guff about how big it is, fire up Netflix and show them about any movie. After they go quiet tell them \"Yeah, size matters.\"

      I have no trouble remotely logging into a server and doing a few quick tasks. Remote mouse clicks are slick with the stylus. Reading a book is a pleasure. Short Emails are no trouble. Browsing the Web is very doable. I can turn my notebook off for days and not miss it.

      Works well with T-Mobile. T-Mobile worked well with me. I wandered into one of their stores, had a micro SIM card and a working phone in less than ten minutes. If you\'re already on Android then switching to a new Android phone is completely lacking in any pain whatsoever. If it does hurt then you\'re doing it wrong.

      Okay, this phone is not for everyone, but if you think you could use an Android on Steroids, don\'t hesitate.
    • P. M. Sugg10 02,2013 20:59Rating:Excellent
      First, let me say I was nervous purchasing a mobile phone online without the hand-holding that a brick and mortar store provides. However, I was so over the killer bills from my carrier every month, I was willing to buy unlocked and go to another carrier who would maximize my use and minimize my cost.
      In purchasing, I was pleased by Worldwide Distributors, which is backed by EOEM. I felt the risk was worth it. The phone arrived on time, in perfect condition, and was clearly new and unused. Relief! Now, to the product...

      I live in a family of iPhone users- I\'m a Mac computer lover, but have veered off the Mac path for mobile phones. Have had several Blackberry\'s, a Droid Global 2, and most recently a BB 9930 which I loved for its keyboard, security and ease of use, but the screen is quite small.

      Enter Samsung Note 2, simply the best phone I\'ve ever had. I was worried that I would struggle to learn it, as I\'m no tech geek... but I was amazed at how simple it was to learn. (I was so worried, that I kept my other phone and number, figuring it would take a good month to get the hang of the Note 2. Because of the urgency of my being accessible by phone for emails and calls, I did not want to take any chances.) BUT- guess what? I ported my number over the.very.next.day- I had learned the phone in a few hours!
      Ease of use, A.

      Although it may seem large for some, it is truly a marriage of a phone and a tablet! I now can see traveling without my heavy Mac laptop- this puppy can do it all. With available keyboard and multifunction dock, this is truly a break-through device. I never listened to much music on my previous phones, or watched video- why bother? The screens on prior devices were teensy and the sound quality not-so-great. I am AMAZED at the sound quality of this phone, just from the stock headphones that come with it! The screen is a perfect size for viewing anything- no more having to zoom in. The ability to hand-write notes, cut and paste, draw, etc. is incredible. I have not gotten into all that the S pen can do, but there are so many possibilities...

      The quality of the screen is A+, very clear, and although someone had suggested in a review somewhere to use movie mode for good color saturation, I kept the standard mode. The screen is perfect for viewing TV and movies. It is absolutely (to me, anyway,) the best of all worlds. There are so many wonderful personal adjustments that can be made, it feels like a phone that is more EASILY customizable than any mobile I\'ve owned.

      Have found no drawbacks yet- have only had it up and running for three days, so will be back should I have any problems with it.

      Honestly, I love this phone- and yes, I\'d marry it! :)
    • fargo01009 23,2013 08:30Rating:Excellent
      it is the smartest phone+tablet ever ! good job sammy

      to make home button faster go to s-voice app and remove check on the option under language and BAMMM it is flying now ain\'t ya
    • K. Ausley08 28,2013 11:46Rating:Excellent
      This phone is more powerful than my wife\'s desktop computer! It is less of a phone and more of a personal data genie. It has all the cool features that you could want. Some of the cool ones I have noticed so far:

      - Text (if you are doing something and someone sends you a text the first line will show up on just the top of the screen for a sec. This way when some jerk says \"ok\" at the end of a conversation you don\'t have to stop what you are doing to go open up your messages and find out he said \"ok\". Awesome!)
      - Face unlock (the phone can see your face and unlock itself. not new, just cool)
      - Picture burst (takes 20 photos in like 3 seconds - my DSLR can\'t do that, it takes only 8.)
      - Multi tasking (use several things at once, thank you quad core processing)
      - Netflix! (screen has the same resolution of netflix max streaming resolution)
      - GPS (it is good, really good)
      - Speed (this phone is sooooooooooo fast. Nothing can touch the speed, I was downloading a game at over 2500kbps on my wifi. There is never lag in any function)
      - Apps for EVERYTHING (that\'s just android, not really the phone)
      - Games (they are sick! The screen and processing power combine for an unreal experience. Check out Need For Speed from EA $7. WORTH IT.)

      What can it not do? I\'m not sure yet, just came in today from ATT. I don\'t think there is much it can\'t do. Ease of use is just super on this thing. All the features are easy to use, find, understand, etc.

      I was attracted to this phone because of the size. I\'m a big guy 6\'2\", big hands, so it fits me well. Maybe if you are small it isn\'t the phone for you. However, most people, including me, will be using both hands with it most of the time anyway so I think it is good for little people too.

      Last thought, I have used a lot of phones and computers. I have top of the line stuff including apple stuff. This is as good as or better than anything out there. If you have PC DO NOT BUY iPhone! Get one of these, or a GS3. Your life will just be easier. My wife has the ipad 3, so she got the iPhone 5. It is also very cool, but for me size wins out. I think the note II is just way cooler than iPhone 5. I\'m happy, you will be as well.

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