( ITEM ID: EO-009278 )Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

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    Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

    Network/Bearer and Wireless Connectivity

    • Network : EDGE / GPRS (850 / 900 / 1,800 / 1,900MHZ)
    • HSPA : HSPA+
    • Wi-Fi : a/b/g/n
    • Wi-Fi Direct : Yes
    • Bluetooth Profiles : 4.0 LE
    • NFC : Yes
    • AllShare : DLNA, MHL 1.0, HDMI 2
    • KIES : KIES, KIES Air


    • Android4.0(ICS)


    • Technology : HD sAMOLED
    • Colour Depth : 16M
    • Size : 4.8"
    • Resolution : 720 x 1,280 (HD)
    • S Pen : No


    • CPU Type : Quad Core Application Processor
    • CPU Speed : 1.4GHz


    • 16GB

    Camera (Primary)

    • Camera Resolution(Front) : CMOS , 1.9MP
    • Flash : Power LED (1EA)
    • Auto Focus : Yes


    • Accelerometer, Geo-magnetic, Gyro, RGB Light, Barometer sensor

    Physical Specification

    • Dimension (HxWxD) : 70.6 x 136.6 x 8.6mm
    • Weight : 133g


    • White Frost / Black Mist


    • USB : USB 2.0
    • Earjack : 3.5pi 4pole, Stereo
    • External Memory Slot : MicroSD Slot (up to 64GB)
    • MicroSD : Yes
    • Connector : Micro USB
    • MHL : Yes


    • Standard Battery : 2,100mAh
    • USB Chargeable : Yes
    • Talk Time(W-CDMA) : upto 10 hrs (3G)
    • Standby Time : upto 460 hrs(3G)



    Services and Applications

    • Samsung Apps : Yes
    • Game Hub : Yes
    • ChatON : ChatON
    • ActiveSync : Yes
    • B-to-B Compability : Yes

    Audio and Video

    • Video Format : MPEG4, H.263, H.264, DivX, DivX3.11, VC-1, VP8, WMV7/8, Sorenson Spark, HEVC
    • Video Resolution : Full HD (1080p) Video Playback
    • Video Frame rate : 30fps
    • Audio Format : MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB/WB, OGG, FLAC, AC-3, apt-X (Bluetooth)

    Package content :

    • Packing list : Hostx1
    • Lithium Batteryx1
    • Data cablex1
    • Headphonex1
    • Chargerx1
    • Manual x1

    Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

    Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

    Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

    Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

    Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

    Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

    Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

    Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

    Samsung GALAXY SIII I9300 16G White

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    • Galin11 04,2013 09:43Rating:Excellent
      I mostly love my GSIII so instead of writing a novel about what is good I\'ll focus on the bad. Note that the good far outweigh the bad.

      As with all smart phones, Samsung occasionally issues updates for their operating system. With their most recent update they forced installation of several pieces of bloatware (junk apps that you can\'t delete). This adds to the tons of bloatware that came with the phone in the first place. Hey Samsung: if we want these apps, we\'ll download them.

      Obviously there is no physical keyboard which is a difficult adjustment coming from a Droid with a really nice slide out keyboard. The auto spell, auto completion and whatever other \'smart\' editors are available are just junk so you\'re left with a virtual keyboard where you have to poke around to hit your letters. Fortunately the screen is huge so it\'s easy to use relative to, say, the iphone.

      Useless Features
      The feature where the screen stays on if you\'re looking at it simply does not work. I\'ve been using my GSIII for almost 4 months now and the feature has never activated (indicated by an eye icon that pops up) regardless of lighting except for about 5 times while not even looking at the phone.

      Another bad thing is the alarm clock\'s fancy features. The phone is supposed to hear you say \"snooze\", \"sleep\" or a couple other similar words. This is supposed to turn the alarm off for a few minutes and then try again. However, my first word in the morning is usually a groan and the GSIII hears this and interprets it as \"Please turn my alarm off and do not wake me again.\" That\'s right, it not only doesn\'t \"snooze\" or \"sleep\", it just turns off. I recommend not trying this feature if you really do have to get up early.

      The GSIII is not immune to freezing and occasionally requires a restart although the need to pull the battery has been rare.

      Be careful because if you turn on tethering (a service that costs extra) and then turn it of, you will get a pop up message frequently that tells you tethering is turned off and will bump you out of any writing you\'re doing (i.e. will erase a text message you\'re working on.)

      Adjusting the volume isn\'t as simple as the hard buttons make it seem; I still haven\'t figured out how to make my text messages silent without vibrating.

      The camera
      Okay, we all know how good the picture quality is. Let\'s kick it up a notch. How about optical image stabilization? How about optical zoom, even if it\'s only 10 or 20 mm? Where is the native video editor like iphone has?

      While my PCs and all other connected devices blaze on my home network, my GSIII usually tells me I have a poor connection and won\'t connect, even with full signal. This is pretty bad since I\'m on a somewhat limited 3G plan (we don\'t get 4G here yet) and I don\'t even have the best signal for that.

      That\'s about all of the bad I\'ve encountered with my phone. Overall I love it although some Samsung-specific software changes would go a long way towards making this the perfect option. I am hopeful that the GSIV will have a next gen camera and possibly even a slide out keyboard option. Or maybe:

      [...](Sorry for the manual link...for some reason video reviews are allowed but picture reviews are disabled.)
    • Furbylover10 29,2013 17:23Rating:Excellent
      For me the top phones of the year (currently, June 2012) would go to the HTX One x, and this one right here. Featuring a 4 core processor it is extremely fast, and it also comes with Androids 4 series operating system which is very smooth and nice to use. Overall the phone is great, and every aspect so far has been great. Camera, speed, size, screen, feel, look, all super. Great job samsung!

      P.S. Love playing emulator games on this thing, currently playing final fantasy 7 with a bluetooth controller. Just goes to show the speed of this thing when it can emulate PS1 games without lag or delay.
    • Michael Prusak10 25,2013 12:28Rating:Excellent
      We were very skeptical about buying this phone after reading the tons of negative reviews, They ranged from extremely poor battery life to counterfeit. We bought our first phone on EOEM from SHOPEBEST , Using EOEMPrime the phone arrived the next day, It came in authentic Samsung packaging and was of the same quality as our retail bought S2\'s. after a short battery charge i inserted my sim card, changed the apn settings and away i went !! The phone has been rock solid reliable, the battery life is EXCELLENT, twice the life of my former S2. The phone was extremely easy to set up as far as changing the on screen language and time zones.. I was very afraid of this part after reading other reviews, but it was so simple an 8 year old could do it.. Sometimes i wonder what is wrong with these other reviewers, To sum it up the phone is very dependable, has great battery life, 3G works excellent and has a great internal WiFi card. If your tired of paying over $100 a month to the big cell companies, buy this phone and obtain a sim card from the inexpensive companies like straighttalk/tracfone and get unlimited everything for less than $50 bucks a month.. It\'s a No Brainer !
    • Poogy10 06,2013 08:35Rating:Excellent
      My Galaxy S3 is from Verizon, not the international version. My previous phone (and main reference point) was the original Droid, which had served me pretty well. I\'d been following the hype about the Galaxy S3\'s release for months, and in my experience--after a bump in the road or two--it\'s met my expectations.

      First, I had upgraded to the Razr Maxx initially, and returned it to get the Samsung because of the Samsung\'s better specifications that may translate into faster speeds. My biggest concern was whether I\'d regret the loss of the Razr Maxx\'s massive battery, and when I discovered during the first two weeks of use that my Galaxy S3 was draining rapidly on standby, I was not happy at all. After being fully charged, leaving it unused overnight (but unplugged) would drain 35% of the battery by morning. I applied the battery-conserving features, to no noticeable effect. I installed the Juice Defender app, to no noticeable effect. I called Verizon tech support many times, receiving wildly different responses, from \"that\'s normal\" to the reasonable suggestion that I install the Phone Info app, allowing me to turn off 4G reception at night. All to no noticeable effect. I called Samsung twice. No help.

      I finally removed an app or two, stopped the unwanted Backup service, and played around with the phone and, suddenly, no more draining. If I leave it unplugged overnight, I\'ll lose only 5-10%, which is reasonable since it does receive emails and flash LED lights, etc. I wish I knew exactly what solved the problem, but it\'s a mystery to me (and apparently Verizon and Samsung as well). Bottom line: I\'ve yet to come close to running out of juice after a full day\'s use.

      The phone itself is well-designed. Although the screen is quite large, it causes no problem in my pocket and I don\'t find it difficult to grip or manipulate. It\'s slim, and reasonably sturdy--although not quite as solid as the Kevlar-backed Razr Maxx, it\'s not cheap-feeling. With Ice Cream Sandwich it has a variety of clever functions, including one that keeps the screen on as long as it detects someone looking at it (if you want it to), a good 8mp camera (plus a forward-facing camera for video chatting) that snaps pictures immediately and will take bursts of shots (if you want it to), the ability to edit videos you take, automatic dialing of contacts that you\'re texting, and so on. It all works pretty smoothly (although the Facebook interactivity is poor for some reason).

      The phone can be very fast, at least when 4G LTE is available, which isn\'t a given even if there\'s 4G service in the area--it varies from moment to moment. Don\'t expect instant page-loading all the time. But this isn\'t any different from any other phone.

      The phone, for the moment, seems to be the state of the art.
    • Pen Name10 01,2013 05:16Rating:Excellent
      I was very skeptical buying this phone considering I had to pay full retail price to keep my unlimited data with Verizon. I checked out reviews and 99% of them were positive so I decided to do it. I went from a droid x2 to this and what am and amazing difference. This phone is awesome. It has everything you want and more. It\'s very easy to navigate and I haven\'t had any problems with it. I saw a few reviews people complaining about the voice command however mine has been nothing but great. Its well worth the money and I\'d recommend it to anyone! !

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