( ITEM ID: EO-009271 )Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

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    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

    Basic parameters

    • ExposureDate:2013
    • Phone type: 3Gmobile phones, smartphones, camera phones,tablet phone
    • Designs: candy bar
    • Main Screen Size:5 inches
    • Touch screen:capacitive screen,multi-touch
    • Main screen material: Super AMOLED HD
    • Main ScreenResolution: 1920x1080pixels
    • The main screen color:16 millioncolors
    • Screenpixel density: 441ppi
    • Network Type:Single cardmode
    • Network mode: GSM, WCDMA,internationaldual-modeversion supportsFDD-LTE, TDD-LTE
    • Dataservices: GPRS, EDGE, HSPA +
    • Support band: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    • 3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz
    • Key type:physical buttonscorrection
    • Colors:black, white,Purple,pink
    • Phone Size: 136.6x69.8x7.9mm
    • Phone Weight: 130g
    • Other features: NFCfunctionalitywith gloves

    Hardware parameters

    • Operating system: Android OS 4.2
    • Cores:Dual Quad Core
    • CPU Model:SamsungExynos 5410
    • CPU frequency: 1638MHz
    • GPU model: Imagination PowerVR SGX544 MP3
    • RAM capacity: 2GB
    • ROM capacity: 16GBcorrection
    • Memory card: MicroSDCard
    • Extended Capacity: 64GB
    • SIMcard type: Micro SIMcard
    • Battery Type:RemovableBattery
    • Battery Capacity: 2600mAh

    Product Features

    • GPS Navigation: Built-inGPS, support forA-GPS, GLONASS
    • Sensor Type:gravity sensor,accelerationsensor,light sensor, proximity sensor


    • Camera:Built-in
    • CameraType:dual cameras(front and rear)
    • Front camerapixels:2,000,000pixels
    • Rear camerapixels:13 millionpixels
    • Flash: LEDfill light
    • Aperture: f/2.2
    • Auto Focus: Support
    • Image size:maximum support4128 × 3096pixel photo shoot
    • Continuous function: support forerror correction
    • Timer: Support
    • Video recording: 1080p (1920 × 1080,30frames / second)video recording
    • Other features: front and rearcameraswhilerecording, front and rearcameraswhile the videocall,create GIFfilesDrama Shot,producedwith soundPhoto

    Package content :

    • Packing list: Hostx1
    • Lithium Batteryx1
    • Data cablex1
    • Headphonex1
    • Chargerx1
    • Manual x1

    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

    Samsung GALAXY S4 I9500 16GB Pink

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    • Brandon 10 15,2013 09:36Rating:Excellent
      I want to start by saying I got this phone at my local AT&T store and unlocked from any seller. Coming from an iPhone user for years, this phone is amazing. As I type this on my mac ironically enough, I was tired of Apple. I picked this up on my upgrade, and my first impressions were that it was WAY too big (screen wise) after about 2 weeks of using it, I look at iPhone screens and seriously question why I ever liked the screen on them. I can easily touch all corners of this screen without stretching too much and I have very average sized hands for a guy. Coming from a gamer, the S4 is a totally different breed from iPhone at least in the emulation area. It can run almost any N64/PSX game at 40-60fps constantly. The only thing I could complain about this phone is heating. Now it\'s a very powerful phone and it will run warm when gaming. I had a defect my first time around with this phone at was running at 120F. I replaced it and have had no problems since. I can\'t rave anymore about how everyone should at least give the S4 a chance. I used to make fun of their giant appearance, but now I wouldn\'t have it any other way. I\'m hooked.
    • Akino08 07,2013 04:25Rating:Excellent
      As most of you know, the Galaxy s4 was one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2013. With that said, my expectations were very high for this product to the point where I decided to buy it on the same week it launched. Before I start the review, please keep in mind that I consider myself an average user who spends most of the time \"hands on\" doing tasks at work, or simply painting or doing graphics - in other words, I will most likely look at my phone every other hours, unless I receive a text or a phone call.


      - Beautiful 5in Screen. One of the best screens out there. Rich blacks and HD video playback.
      - Great 13MP camera! I usually take a lot of pictures when I\'m outdoors, so its great to have a 13 MP stock camera in my pocket.
      - Expandable memory (Very useful when keeping a lot of pictures)


      - Phone calls tend to be not clear
      - Pre-loaded apps are very annoying and update every time you have wifi on (almost 3 times a month)

      Alright, alright. I know what you guys are thinking. \"That\'s not even 10% of the good content that the phone has to offer.\"
      Multi-window, Air view, Android market, S beam, Air Gesture, NFC, Smart Scroll, Smart Stay etc... To be honest, I only took a look at those the first day that I got the phone. It\'s a great addition, but most of them are useless when you have a steady schedule. Half of what they included is not for daily use, and it seems that it was mostly targeted for individuals who have time to actually use them. For me, I tend to use things that are straight to the point. The air gesture looks great, but half of the time I am eating, I wouldn\'t have my hands dirty like the guy in the commercial had to answer the call, lol! I gotta give it to them though, the screen is amazing! better than the iphone 5. Great for movies, but... when I want to watch a movie, I would rather watch it on my 55\" HDTV. I mean, in all seriousness, I personally think this phone is great. The specs are fantastic, but if you are like me who only needs a phone to answer calls or send messages or scroll to pictures (that usually have a thumbnail/ no need for airview), then almost 80% of all the new content that the s4 has to offer is not really for daily use. But then again, that\'s just my personality. I had an Iphone 5 before the s4 and after a month of having the s4, I\'m already heading to the ATT store for a nano sim card for my Iphone 5 as it fits my basic needs. I\'m not an apple fanboy, and I actually own other Samsung products as well as the S4, but it\'s just not for me!

      I\'m giving this phone a 5 stars because it is a great phone for those who have the time to use it correctly. I won\'t be bias because personality varies from person to person. Cheers! :)
    • G. Murphy07 28,2013 00:33Rating:Excellent
      I am one of a few select few people that can honestly say I currently own the Iphone 5 and Samsung S4. My company phone is the Iphone 5 and my personal is the S4. My thoughts on Apple are, they were the innovators of the smartphone and Tablet world. But now with that birth, we are at a maturing age within the industry, and fact is, Iphone cant just stick with what got them to the top, since phones like the Samsung S4 are the latest and greatest smartphones that leave Iphone in the dust.

      My points will be simple and straight forward. Im not a tech junkie, both phones perform well as far as software speed, though S4 takes the cake. Most of the points below refer to the user friendliness of the phone.

      1. Both are great phones, fast, seamless, beautiful screens, awesome video/pics
      2. S4 takes the cake with its screen, which is way bigger, and way easier to read articles, watch videos.
      3. People think initially that the S4 too big, well its really not since the phone itself is so thin, it fits easily into my pocket without feeling bulky or awkward. this may bother some people worried about durability, well I guess just get a good case.
      4. Keyboard, again way way better on the S4. All the keys I need are on one screen. With the iphone I need to go to another screen to access... commas, ?, !, numbers, @, or .com to name a few. I find that so annoying when writing emails and texts which I frequently do on my phone. S4 allows access to all on one screen
      5. Video and Pics, are a tie as far as quality, I mean you have to be really picky to pick one over the other....but seeing my pics on a 5 inch screen is a lot better than viewing them on a 4 inch screen. Video watching also way better on a 5 inch screen.

      There will be Apple fans and Droid fans, but for the people in between that just want the best phone on the market with all the bias BS thrown out...S4 takes the cake until Iphone changes their hardware to keep up. Iphone cant stick with what got them to the top, they need to continue to innovate or they\'ll get left behind.

      Iphone 5 is a good phone, it just that S4 is an awesome phone
    • Ilkan A.07 21,2013 13:35Rating:Excellent
      When I first open the device, I have seen freeze issues but in 5 mins, device recieved an update and it solved freezing completely.


      Wifi reception is very good.
      Very lightweight, very thin.
      Plastic quality is good. Actually there is a aluminium frame between front and back covers.
      Benchmark performance from antutu is over 28k.
      There are lots of program, widgets coming with it. I think these are just bloatwares.
      Speaker is very loudy if you care.
      Hand grip is very good, even better than S3.
      There is a thin jelatin on the camera. this is for you who thinks camera can be damaged due to its design.
      1 more thing; It is not a US model but sender or distributor included a US adapter to the package.

      I didn\'t see anything bad. You may want get aluminium back cover since openinin-closing cycle will definitely damage connecting tabs. droppign will not be fatal because of aluminium frame.

      Edit: After using it for couple of months camera glass was broken as I was concerned above. One thing about performance; Samsung doesn\'t seem to handle octa core design very well. I see some performance issues in some apps which I don\'t see any issue with snapdragon quad core in my Padfone2. About connectivity, It works with HSDP+ of USA Tmobile If you care.

      Edit#2: I saw too many comments regarding fake/authentic S4 so I checked my phone which I bought from here with genuine samsung app. It is genuine S4.
    • Carlos Montejo06 24,2013 06:07Rating:Excellent
      The only problem is that I live in Venezuela and the phone does not have the option for the Laguages in spanish! But the phone is Awesome!

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