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Nokia N900SmartphoneBlackFashion

Basic parameters

  • ExposureDate:August 2009
  • Phone type: 3Gmobile phones, smartphones, music phones
  • Designs:sliding cover
  • The main screen size:3.5 inches
  • Touch screen:resistive screen,single pointtouch
  • The main screenmaterial: TFT
  • The main screen resolution: 800x480pixels
  • The main screen color:16 millioncolors
  • Network Type:Single cardmode
  • Network mode: GSM, WCDMA
  • Dataservices: GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA
  • Support band: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • 3G: WCDMA 900/1700/2100MHz
  • Keyboard Type: QWERTYfull keyboard
  • Body Color: Black
  • Phone Size: 110.9x59.8x18mm
  • Phone Weight: 181g

Hardware parameters

  • Operating system: Maemo 5.0
  • CPU Type: ARM Cortex-A8
  • CPU frequency: 600MHz
  • RAM capacity: 256MB
  • ROM capacity: 768MB
  • Memory card: MicroSDCard
  • Extended Capacity: 16GB
  • Hot Plug: Support
  • SIMCard Type: SIMcard
  • Battery Type:RemovableBattery
  • Battery Capacity: 1320mAh

Product Features

  • GPS Navigation: Built-inGPS,support A-GPS
  • MapSoftware:SoftwaresupportNokia Maps
  • Sensor Type:gravity sensor,distance sensor


  • Camera:Built-in
  • CameraCertification:CarlZeiss
  • Camera Type: Single-camera
  • Rear camerapixels:5,000,000pixels
  • SensorType: CMOS
  • Flash: LEDfill light(double)
  • Focus/ Range: 5.2mm, 10cm
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • Digital zoom:3x digitalzoom
  • Auto Focus: Support
  • Shooting Modes:Panorama
  • Scene modes: automatic, user defined, macro, portrait, landscape,night portrait, sports, night
  • Photo effects:normal, sepia, black & white,negative, vivid
  • Image size:maximum support2584 × 1938pixel photo shoot
  • Timer: Support
  • Video capture: 25fps 848 × 480pixelsvideo recordingcorrection
  • Other features:WB

Package content :

  • Packing list: Hostx1
  • Lithium Batteryx1
  • Data cablex1
  • Headphonex1
  • Chargerx1
  • Headphonesfilmx1
  • Manual x1

Nokia N900 Smartphone Black Fashion

Nokia N900 Smartphone Black Fashion

Nokia N900 Smartphone Black Fashion

Nokia N900 Smartphone Black Fashion

Nokia N900 Smartphone Black Fashion

Nokia N900 Smartphone Black Fashion

Nokia N900 Smartphone Black Fashion

Nokia N900 Smartphone Black Fashion

Nokia N900 Smartphone Black Fashion

Nokia N900 Smartphone Black Fashion

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  • Compton Boodhoo11 03,2013 12:48Rating:Excellent
    This phone/Mobile Computer really lived up to my expectations and passed them. in terms of speed and power. I am a cellular salesman , I have been since 2007 so I\'ve followed cell phones closely only because I\'m crazy about them, and I normally change phones a few times a year. Not anyone more, The Nokia N95 actually kept me for 2 years and I\'m sure this Nokia N900 will keep me for 2 years or more. This phone/mobile computer is a good investment, The only rumored phone to be released this year or next based on this platform is the Nokia N920(in progress title) and the N920 does not have a keyboard like the N900, so this will be similar to T-mobile G1 and My touch 3G I imagine. In that respect even if they come out with a newer model with a snap dragon processor , it won\'t be a huge leap I believe, I can\'t imagine any programs that can run on snapdragon that won\'t run on the N900\'s Cortex A8 even if it needs a little tweaking. Anyway This phone is definitely for geeks and enthusiasts.
    I think it\'s pointless to repeat what everyone else is saying, so I\'ll just tell you to believe them, this phone really is that fantastic, all the hardware you could need for a long time is there and any feature not yet implemented will be soon, MMS is not available on this handset however they have recently released a MMS program in the Developer repository on this phone that allows you send and receive MMS. I mentioned this because any feature that is not available yet can always be added. The Maemo platform allows for real integration into the os with third party apps and not some cheap parlor tricks, or under developed interfaces. there are a lot of downloads for third party plugins that don\'t even have their own interface, they work so well that they use the standard Maemo OS interface to configure them, such as adding Aim support( AIM chat is not available out of box). However once installed , you can configure them through conversations just like the other protocols that came with the phone such as skype etc.( There are many others this was just the easiest example).
    Anyway if you reading all of this, it means your seriously considering this phone, if you want to have everything at your finger tips and want to have piece of mind knowing that your phone CAN\'T become outdated anytime soon or later for that matter, then this phone is for you.
    Just be ready for the weight, the phone is about 1.5x heavier than other smartphones. I swear it\'s worth it.
    If you have any questions about the phone or interface, feel free to ask. Now is the time before February when I return to college, otherwise I\'m not doing anything right now.
  • Mohammed K. Hassan10 29,2013 02:29Rating:Excellent
    It is indeed a mobile computer that can also function as a cell phone. It is very powerful mobile machine that runs on Maemo Linux (think opensource). If you like freedom to do *whatever* you want (instead of carrier/maker dictating you), this is the gadget for you. It is already unbranded and unlocked. Unlocked simply means you can use SIM card from a different carrier but unbranded means you have the most freedom on your device. So why would you want to have Nokia N900?

    - Storage capacity. A massive 32GB flash memory built-in AND you can add a memory card, making it 48GB.
    - Multitasking. There is no other match for multitasking on the N900. 4 desktop views, background tasks.
    - Full html web browsing with ADOBE FLASH support. Yes, flash is available on N900, long before Androids, and it\'s something iUsers will not have anytime soon.
    - Plug-n-play. What\'s that? It basically means you can use the device (transfer files, re-charge etc) on ANY computer WITHOUT using any special/vendor software. You just plug in and it works.
    - Multimedia support. You don\'t need to \"convert\" first, then transfer to your device. N900 supports most of the widely used codecs. You can just download and dump files on N900 and it will play without \"converting\" first. And there\'s also FM radio built in. It also comes with video cable to view images/videso on your TV from N900.

    For hardcore geeks:
    - Install .deb packages
    - Write scripts
    - VNC server
    - IR built in

    My only complaint - For such a powerful gadget, why didn\'t Nokia put a more powerful battery? The E-series from Nokia have excellent batteries.

    Give it a try and you won\'t regret it. It\'s true that N900 does not have 2 million worthless \"apps\". But it has some great open source tools that truly makes it a device for advanced users who prefers to stand out from the iSheep crowds.

    Here are some helpful links:
    Image Gallery - [...]Full technical specs - [...]
  • F. Rose10 28,2013 15:00Rating:Excellent
    I should start by saying that I\'m one who doesn\'t mind making a few adjustments when leaving an old phone for a new one. I\'ve been using the N900 for almost 30 days.

    It is my opinion that most of the negative points in the reviews seem a little extra specialized in nature. i.e. They aren\'t really show stoppers for the typical user. Although some issues are real, I found others to be petty, not quite accurate or already fixed through software updates. Reading the online (101 page) manual helps too.

    There is only one real issue with the N900 for me:

    * Portrait view is supported only in phone function. A portrait option for all functions would clearly make the N900 easier to handle and use.

    Things I didn\'t like at first but now consider non-issues.

    There isn\'t a To-Do List but I\'ve learned to use the Task function on Calendar and now, it actually works better than the To-Do List I was using on my previous Nokia.

    Sound is not adjustable (no equalizer) when using audio through Media player. After a couple of weeks, this has become a non-issue. Essentially, the sound from this unit\'s two speakers is above average.

    Regarding the touch screen: At first I was using the stylus but gradually migrated over to the touch screen in combination with the physical and online keyboard. It\'s a breeze once you get on to it.

    The phone did seem a little heavy at first but this too became a non-issue. Considering we\'re only talking about an ounce or two, I (somehow) managed to adapt. I added a wrist strap which has been helpful.

    Issues raised in other reviews:

    I have experienced no technical issues; No freezing or lock ups as described in some reviews. The phone performed perfectly out of the box. I\'ve used Bluetooth and have had no issues.

    Regarding battery life: I charge this phone mostly every night and sometimes hook up the car charger during the day. I\'ve been doing this for years with all my phones. You never know when you\'re going to use up a large chunk of battery, no matter what phone you have.

    Call quality and reception is outstanding. Web browsing is smooth and very fast.

    The four desktops provide ample room for shortcuts to frequently used applications. Once your shortcuts are set up, you can pretty much go anywhere you want with just one or two touches of the screen.

    With a 16GB memory card, I was able to sync mp3 files through Windows Media and contacts through Outlook Express without a hitch. Just a couple of clicks for each process and the phone took over.

    In all honestly, the more I use this phone, the more I like it. I also take comfort in knowing I have a quality device made by Nokia, who, in my opinion, has always been the real leader in cell phone technology and design.
  • M. Alawawda 10 26,2013 11:46Rating:Excellent
    I have owned the N900 for sine June of 2010. Before that I owned the Nokia E71. Switching over from the E71 to the N900 gave me mixed feelings about this phone. For starters the N900 packs more hardware and software features then the E71, but from a practical use percpective(meaning you soley rely on this phone) it comes a bit short.
    What I like about the N900 is the 3.5 touch screen, its multitasking capabilities, and integrated skype feature which is nice to use if you have relatives overseas, because skype to skype calls are free. Finally what I like about Nokia is its a worldwide and if you go abroad it should be easy to find parts such as new battery or charger.

    What I hate about the N900 is its battery life. I take off the phone from the charger at 10am I might use the phone for an hour or two and by 12 am the battery is almost dead. What is suprises me is that the E71 had a 1500ma battery with half the screen size and processing power of the N900. While the N900 has a 1300ma battery. I went to Mugen\'s website [...] power and I got the 2400ma battery, it comes with a back cover and extended battery. The battery ships from Hong Kong, but now with the extended battery I can go two days without charging the phone. If you plan on getting the extended battery its going to make the phone as thick as a 100s pack of kings ciggaretes. The back cover does not have a kickstand nor does it have a cover for the camera. It has an on off switch to turn on the camera. The reason for the switch is that the orginal cover uses a magnetic stripe when you open the camera cover it makes the camera turn on.

    Words of advice to N900 users:
    1. If you download allot of apps on the N900 it will slow down the phone. Especially if the apps are running in the background. You can get more applications in the application manager by going to extras developers catelog, the problem with this catelog is its more for testing, some applications will work fine, others will jam the operating system up, and make it unstable. If you do experiment with it you can uninstall the app. If that doesn\'t work reflash the device. Instructions for reflashing the device can found online, but the way their written is more focused on a programmer audience.

    2. Another word of advise if you plan on buying a carrying pouch get one without magnets, because everytime I bought a case in which used magnets to secure the device in the pouch it would unlock the phone, and thats primarily caused by the magnetic switches that are used to tell the device whether the keyboard is open or not.
  • Michael A. EBORA 10 15,2013 17:21Rating:Excellent
    i just got this phone... and as of now.. im not having big problem on it

    im writing this review using the phone itself...

    lets begin with the speed...
    speed is great... i never encounter lagging yet... changing from one apps to another is fast and smooth... it can also handle lots of apps in the same time as it can do multi tasking....

    touch screen is very nice... good resolution.. with resistive touchscreen.. u cant even tell if its if really resistive.. the responsiveness of the screen is good..

    apps... well its a open source os.. and when you setup the download section of the phone.. u have hundreds and going to thuosand free apps... very nice phone.. i tried to down load irreco for n900.. and ur phone can be a UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL on tv.. and other appliances...

    web browser is the best feature... there\'s nothing i can say with it.. very useful for me.. coz i can even do my homework online using this.. or even making document files and presentation...

    camera and video.. not very impressed with the camera... for me n97 has better camera quality than this.. but its almost the same..

    maemo os.. well if your new on it.. u\'ll find it hard to set up some stuffs... but it will give you a real computer experience... with the panorama desktop.. it a nice place to put all ur apps...

    tv out is nice feature of this while ur surfing the internet or watching a movie.. it shows a nice picture resolution on a 50 inch hdtv... very clear...

    there are some issue with os.. but i have no worries on that because with just an update it will bw fixed... when ur using the browser the use of the volume button is zoom in and out.. so u need to go on the desktop and adjust the volume... on some items.. that need to be tapped twice to openn.. with just one tap its opening... theres only two prfile and its general and silent...

    keyboard is very nice.. its easy to type on it.. well i dont want to waste time typing here if it is not... stylus is long enough....

    i used t own an iphone and still having my n97.. well this a better phone than both.. but still there are some feature that this phone behind on the two..

    so if ur planning to buy this phone... i recommend this to all of you... and just clear things up.. this is not a phone, smartphone, this is a internet tablet that just happen to make call and sms.. but for me its not a internet tablet either.. its a pocket size computer...

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