( ITEM ID: EO-009265 )Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

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    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

    Basic parameters

    • ExposureDate:2013
    • Phone type: 4Gmobile phones, 3G mobile phones, smart phones, camera phones,tablet phone
    • Designs: candy bar
    • The main screen size:5.7 inches
    • Touch screen:capacitive screen,multi-touch
    • The main screen material: Full HD Super AMOLED
    • Main ScreenResolution: 1920x1080pixels
    • The main screen color:16 millioncolors
    • Screenpixel density: 384ppi
    • Network Type:Single cardmulti-mode
    • Network mode: GSM, WCDMA, LTE
    • Dataservices: GPRS, EDGE, HSPA
    • Support band: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    • 3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz
    • Key type:physical buttons
    • Colors:cool black,whiteminimalist
    • Phone Size: 151.2x79.2x8.3mm
    • Phone Weight: 168g
    • BodyFeatures:Artificial leathercover
    • Other features:large capacity battery

    Hardware parameters

    • Operating system: Android OS 4.3
    • Cores:Quad-Core
    • CPU Model:QualcommSnapdragon 800Xiaolong
    • CPU frequency: 2355MHz
    • GPUModel:QualcommAdreno 330
    • RAM capacity: 3GB
    • ROM capacity: 16GB
    • Memory card: MicroSDCard
    • Extended Capacity: 64GB
    • SIMcard type: Micro SIMcard
    • Battery Capacity: 3200mAh


    • Camera:Built-in
    • CameraType:dual cameras(front and rear)
    • Front camerapixels:2,000,000pixels
    • Rear camerapixels:13 millionpixels
    • Flash: LEDfill light
    • Auto Focus: Support
    • Image size:maximum support3264 × 2448pixel photo shoot
    • Continuous function:support
    • Video recording:Support

    Package content :

    • Packing list: Hostx1
    • Lithium Batteryx1
    • Data cablex1
    • Headphonex1
    • Chargerx1
    • Manual x1

    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

    Samsung GALAXY Note 3 N9005/32G Edition Black

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    • Ruben09 28,2013 00:33Rating:Excellent
      This phone just work on Europe , and I travel around the wourld and use local sim cards to save money, of course... Now they are managing may savings... got crazy!!!!

      new feedback
      Guys I got a very good support from the seller that gone to Samsung and got the password to really unlock my phone for any reagion, tjats because samsung was not clear with them about that also!

      about the phone, let me use now and gonna make a review...
    • zero100010008 18,2013 07:35Rating:Excellent
      It\'s not often that I come across a piece of technology that completely changes my day to day routine. That changes the way that I interact and utilize the tool that\'s in my pocket. More so, a piece of tech that breathes life back into my passion for technology and the modern smartphone landscape.

      The Galaxy Note 3 is one such device. For a bit of background I\'ve used every major OS that is on the market now as well as some casualties of the Smartphone War. I\'ve bounced back and forth between the current giants of the land but I\'ve at times ventured away towards the outcasts. My last experiment was with a Nokia N9 running MeeGo which overall wasn\'t a bad experience but the dated hardware made me forfeit that journey early on.

      Enter the greatest smartphone in the World! The Galaxy Note 3! Sorry, I don\'t mean to sound so dramatic but at the same time...I do. That\'s just how enjoyable this experience has been overall.

      Everything about this device has me wanting to tell every person that I see to go and buy one. I try and show them cool features or just how beastly this device is and even with my impeccable sales skills my praises fall on deaf ears. Not because what I\'m saying isn\'t a good enough example of the Note 3\'s superiority to every other device on the market currently. The issue is that all the features that make this N3 amazing are things that you have to experience first hand. The first time that you\'re on a call and take an Action Memo or your first Scrap Book creation or your first Sketch Book sketch. These are all things that need to happen naturally while using the device for you to sit back and think, \" Wow...this phone is awesome!\".

      That\'s really the point to all this is that these are all things that you have to experience for yourself . I don\'t find it a coincidence that within Best Buy stores are Samsung Experience Shops. It\'s all about user experience and how their products differ and how it makes you feel. That in my opinion is the most important aspect of Apples business model that they copied or modeled themselves after. It\'s all about user experience in day to day operation and \"almost\" nothing else. I say \"almost\" because I\'ve used enough Android devices to know specs matter on an Android powered smartphone.

      I could drone on and on about the industry leading specs of the Note 3 but I\'m not. Maybe they don\'t lead in every single category but as a whole its the Champion. It\'s actually the first Android smartphone that has my iFriends saying \"Dude, I would use that Android phone over my iPhone in a heartbeat!\". That little satisfying confession has zero to do with specs and everything to do with user experience in THIER eyes. Realistically, it\'s actually the insane spec sheet that is making this Note 3 so amazing to use as a daily driver. I\'m sure they have no idea what the specs of their iPhone are nor do they care. Simply because that\'s not what Apple pushes. They push experience and status. Samsung has started on the same campaign as of late. If I knew just how awesome the Note line was I would\'ve picked one up a long time ago. Though I fully believe that it\'s the Note 3 specifically that has reignited my passion for mobile tech and expanded my perception of the usefulness of electronic gadgets.

      Clearly I\'m more than satisfied with my purchase of the Note 3 . More than that though, I\'m excited again to pick up my phone and use it. Heck, I find any reason to pick it up to use it for whatever or nothing sometimes simply to look at that gorgeous display. It also makes me excited to see what\'s on the horizon. Just to add a little more perspective, I\'m someone who used to make fun of the entire Note line and all phablets for that matter. The reason for this was my ignorance of the Note line.

      Bottom line : Each and every time that I pick up my Note 3 there\'s a smile on my face. I look forward to a reason to pick it up and I find myself pulling out the S Pen to do anything every time I use the N3. I highly recommend all smartphone lovers to at least give it an honest test drive. I guarantee that you won\'t come away disappointed. It may not be the device for you but I don\'t think you will be able to deny it\'s appeal and usefulness.

      Best/favorite Android device to date

      P.S. This was all written using the S Pen within the Google Keep app.

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