( ITEM ID: EO-009215 )Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

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    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

    Product Features:

    •  ABS material, unique hidden stand design, support tablet, light and convenient

    • Bluetooth V3.0 provide more rapid and stable connection

    • Standard QWER ABS keyboard, laptop like typing, comfortable feel and accurate input

    • Built-in 250mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery for long use time

    • Support Windows, Android, and IOS system

    Product Specification:

    • Size: 240*111*13mm

    • Material: ABS

    • Bluetooth Version: 3.0

    • Bluetooth Range: ¡Ü10m

    • Battery Capacity: 250mAh

    • Input: 5 V/100mA

    • Rated Working Current: 30mA

    • Static Current: 50uA

    • Charging Time: 2-3 hours

    • Working Time: 24 hours

    • Standby Time: 35 days

    • Keystrokes: 1 million times


    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

    Eo-01 Bluetooth Keyboard For ipad Tablet PC- Black

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    • Programic42 10 25,2013 06:08Rating:Excellent
      So far I have only had a day with this keyboard, so my experience may change over the coming weeks as i figure out how well this travels in my backpack without a case and how the battery lasts.

      The typing experience on it is pretty good. I am typing this review entirely by touch and at nearly my full speed and i haven\'t really had that much time with it. There is no lag while typing and so far today it has picked up from sleep mode in a short amount of time. All the keys are snappy and smooth, and it doesn\'t make much noise when I type.

      I will be putting it through its paces though. I do a decent amount of linux configuration and command line programming on my tablet and i am pretty picky about which keyboards i stick with. So far so good though.

      I am running a Galaxy Note 10.1 with 4.0 installed. All the function keys seem to work (minus the display brightness which i don\'t really care about.)
    • Sherona09 30,2013 07:06Rating:Excellent
      This product is amazing. It is very sturdy and pairs with my blue tooth devices with rapid speed. The keyboard is also VERY comfortable to use, considering its compact size. My son has large hands, yet he found it easy to navigate the keys very well. The size and the positioning of the keys on this keyboard,when compared to a standard laptop keyboard will amaze you.

      The blue tooth capabilities allow us to pair the keyboard to ALL of our cell phones and tablets. Currently, I am using it for my iPad Mini, as well as my Blackberry Torch and my Samsung Flip. It is a very WONDERFUL product and considering the price difference between this keyboard and the Apple keyboard; I LOVE IT!!
    • Porter H. Davis09 20,2013 16:45Rating:Excellent
      I got this keyboard to use with my iPad 2 at a 3-day workshop. I took extensive notes and had NO problems with it.

      Hooked up in just a few minutes after trying a few things. Using it, I quickly learned the basics and how to operate with a blue tooth item. Highly recommend, and you can\'t beat the price!
    • The DC Dude09 15,2013 04:27Rating:Excellent
      It\'s light, compact and easy to carry. People complain about no instructions? You don\'t need any. Put in batteries, turn it on, a number to enter comes up on my iPhone and that\'s it. For the price they\'re charging, you can\'t ask for more.
    • 2SUVdS09 05,2013 10:26Rating:Excellent
      Awesome keyboard for the price. I\'ve been using it with my iPad mini to write in my Day One journal thingy as well as taking notes. I\'ve also paired it to my iPhone just for fun, but haven\'t really used it with it for long (felt kind of silly). A friend of mine also tried it out with his Nexus 7 just to see if he would like to buy one. Worked just as well on that.

      The entire thing is made of plastic, even the \"metal\" part. It\'s super thin up until the back part which houses the batteries which makes it \"front heavy\" but isn\'t an issue when typing (in fact it helps with the stability of the keyboard while typing so it isn\'t moving around.)

      Compared to your regular keyboard, the keystrokes are a tad more shallow, but not by much. This isn\'t a bad thing though, as the chiclet keys are spaced apart and the action is nice. The size is similar to a thinner desktop keyboard. I didn\'t run into to much trouble using it coming from a big, mechanical keyboard (Razer Blackwidow ultimate).

      Pairing and syncing is easy. Turn it on, make sure the bluetooth is on your device, hit the \"Connect\" button underneath the keyboard, once you see it pop up on your device tap it, a prompt will come up asking you to type a number code on the keyboard and hit enter- you do and BAM! paired.

      With my iPad Mini I have only had to pair it once. Now all I need to do is make sure the bluetooth is on my iPad and turn on the kyeboard and it\'s automatically paired. Good stuff.

      This isn\'t so much as a negative about the product, since it is fairly common, but just a heads up. This keyboard is manufactured by some company who then sells the units to resellers (other companies) who then sell it to you, the consumer.

      You will find 3 other Bluetooth Keyboards on EOEM being sold under a different brand (Sharkk, GT Maxx, and the other one that is Six-something). All of these keyboards are IDENTICALLY THE SAME. Same parts. Same body. Same build. The only difference is, depending on the one you buy- you will deal with that brands \"customer service\" should you run into any problems. I would also like to caution you that the Sharkk brand does NOT have a website or anything for consumers. It\'s a little shady and if you need help and EOEM wont help you, then they certainly will not.

      I ran into this after ordering a Sharkk brand one first and it being Dead on Arrival. Luckily I was able to send it back for a refund and get this one from EOEM since I couldn\'t get help from the company. Also keep in mind that these keyboards when sold to the reseller, may be sold at a cheaper price per unit if the reseller elects to have a more laid back Quality assurance standard.

      So Reseller 1 gets theirs cheaper than reseller 2 since reseller 2 wants the manufacturer to make sure that the failure rate is only X%. So pick \"brands\" carefully.

      I went with this one because they have a website and they have support and by far more reviews than the other ones.

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