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All in one solution for unlocking, flashing and repairing Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung Mobile Phones. The Multi-Platform professional USB-driven Software Suite.

The worlds first USB flasher. The only device which supports Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens . UFS3 Tornado is complete kit for servicing such phones series as Nokia DCT3, Nokia DCT4, WDT2/EPOC, TIKU BT2, DCT-L, Samsung, SonyEricsson. It allows to repair all bugs in SW of Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson such as Bluetooth error, No service, Contact Provider, Illegal software loaded, TA. Of course it can be also used to remove simlock, security code, phone code, change software or language, upload Java applications . The incorporated USB hub enables you to connect up to 5 boxes with each other or to use simultaneous other USB devices like memory sticks, dongles, digital cameras or even other flash cables. Even you are using all your usb ports by connecting many UFS-3 boxes, you will always have one or more USB ports free.

Tornado Box are 100% Original and already Activated so it is guaranteed to work

A bit about the UFS-3: 1. Works on Win 98SE, ME, 2000, XP (XP preferred)
2. Pure USB data transfer, not USB-Serial emulation.
3. Faster Flashing, more RELIABLE performance. Incredibly fast operations
4. Multi-Box compatible (You can use up to 5 devices on one PC)
5. No power needed, uses USB power
6. No need LPT & COM port
7. Automatic operations mode
8. Future free updates and 9 months support

Functions (in general)
1. Flash
2. Read flash for Samsung and Sony-Ericsson
3. Unlock
4. Rebuild IMEI
5. Save User Settings
6. Set UI Defaults
7. Reset User Code
8. Flash Bluetooth


Supported DCT-3

DCT-3 Features:
- read/write flash
- unlock SP simlocks
- rebuild / repair IMEI
- Save User Settings
- set UI Defaults
- reset User Code
- set LCD Contrast
- Convert FLS->Nokia
- Convert Nokia->FLS files
- write eeprom

Supported DCT-4

DCT-4 Features:
- Flash software (upgrade/downgrade)
- Unlock SP simlocks
- Lock phone TO any network
- Rebuild IMEI
- Flash Bluetooth
- Save User Settings
- Full UI Defaults
- UI Factory Defaults
- Full Factory Defaults
- Software Upgrade Defaults
- Reset User Lock (Security code)

Supported DCT-L

DCT-L Features:
- flash softrware (upgrade/downgrade)
- unlock
- set FAID
- rebuild IMEI
- set UI Defaults

Sony Ericsson:

- flash mcu part
- Unlock 3618 phonelock (where others cannot)
- flash modem part
- unlock user lock
- unlock SP lock
- repair IMEI
- restore security area
- write GDFS
- empty board flashing
- PDA flashing (full/part P800 & P900)


- Flash-Upgrade Software
- Remove all SIM-locks
- Reset phonelock
- Full Factory-Reset
- Read and write EEproms

Siemens (Officially unsupported):

-Upgrade language
-Fix "Illegal software loaded" (without open the phone)
-Reset non-volatile memory (fix some sw problems and bugs)
-Clear "Tamper Alert" (in all known versions)
-Make different locks
-Activate diffrent language packs (support Chinese versions too)
-Flexing (Activate) different extras
-Activate different logos
-Edit EEprom
-Repair IMEI

UFS Hardware
- Aluminium Case
- Shock resistant
- All cables high quality factory made
- 2 extra USB output port on box for other USB devices

FTP Support
Very Fast FTP Support Area Contains all Flash Files and Drivers
Each user with individual login/password
9 months free access

Package includes:
Only box without all cable

UFS BOX without cables

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  • saad44602 01,2013 13:47Rating:Excellent
    i need 5 pcs of ufs wd hwk kindly tell me the price and also the shipment price pakistan

    you can direct buy from online , we will give you discount before your order confirm, thanks

  • Guest10 30,2012 16:25Rating:Good
    Nokia cable price list for kits

    We can send any list as customer needed !

  • Guest04 27,2012 01:49Rating:Excellent
    How do flasing samsung mobile by ufs3 box?

    You may check some forum or support section get related information.

  • Guest11 08,2008 01:08Rating:Excellent
    Tornado Box are 100% Original and already Activated so it is guaranteed to work
  • Guest11 03,2008 16:34Rating:Excellent
    hello this program change the languange?

    yes, that can !

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