( ITEM ID: EO-006107 )Samsung C3222 LCD screen Display

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Samsung C3222 LCD screen Display

Samsung C3222 LCD screen Display

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  • Steve10 09,2013 06:48Rating:Excellent
    I shattered the glass on my C3222 when I dropped it face down. Since the blue ones were out of stock, I bought this white one instead.

    I heated up the glass on my phone with a heat gun, pried the edges loose with a thin piece of metal, and then slowly began pulling the glass from the adhesive while heating it up occasionally to be safe. The old screen shattered a lot during the process, so make sure to have a screen protector or some tape on it.

    Clean off the screen, and place this new glass on it. Reheat, and press firmly until glue reforms to the new glass.

    Fits perfectly, touch sensitivity is just as good as new.
  • Michael G. Pope05 26,2013 18:09Rating:Excellent
    I read a lot of reviews on these screens (on the internet) that said it was not possible to replace the screen without replacing the digitizer. Since this thing was much cheaper than the digitizer I thought it would be worth the risk to try it - and it worked.
    1- Follow the you-tube videos to see how to take your phone apart to get to the screen and digitizer
    2- Use a hair dryer or heat gun to melt the adhesive that holds down the screen to the phone (it is around the edges, not under the clear glass)
    3- Use a tweezer, exacto, or case cutter to pry off the broken class (but keep the adhesive hot while you do this - gloves recommended)
    4- Use a tweezer to remove all the little pieces of broken glass from the adhesive areas
    5- the film over the digitizer (directly under the screen) will get messed up from the heat- leave it on until you are finished removing the broken glass, then pull it off)
    6- When you have the glass removed and cleaned up the mess, make sure the adhesive is still warm and then press the new screen on.
    7- Reassmeble the phone and you are done.
    This took about an hour.....but the results are good as new.
  • Brenda03 09,2013 04:35Rating:Good
    It was the perfect match for my cell phone, also very good price and it got to me very quickly I\'m very happy...

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