( ITEM ID: EO-006097 )HTC Inspire 4G plastic protective case cover

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HTC Inspire 4G plastic protective case cover

HTC Inspire 4G plastic protective case cover

HTC Inspire 4G plastic protective case cover

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  • monetoponeto07 30,2013 11:46Rating:Excellent
    This is an amazing case that really fits the phone well. The case is very grippy and makes the HTC One quite a bit easier to hold. And most importantly, it really lets the beautiful design of the HTC One show through. I highly recommend this case.

    Some users have complained that the volume buttons are difficult to press, but I don\'t really find this a problem. It is true that the buttons require a bit more pressure, but it has not caused any sort of trouble for me at all.
  • Kymy07 12,2013 17:59Rating:Good
    I have had TPU covers on my previous phones & I fell in love. They have just enough cushion to protect them from most drops, and as a mom of 5 young kids my phones get dropped A LOT. I had similar ones on my phones for over a year & it they looked new... until I took it off for a week & my phone got trashed! I have chosen similar cases to protect my 3 oldest kids (only 5, 5, & 7) ipod touches as well.So when I pre-ordered the the new HTC One finding a nice TPU case was at the top on my list.
  • Denise Abdel 04 22,2013 14:48Rating:Excellent
    Great case, exeeded expectations. Good, protective outter shell, yet easy to grip. I especially love the builtin stand in back, allowing for easy viewing of videos.
  • S2Krazy0101 02,2013 12:12Rating:Excellent
    This case is frosted, not perfectly clear. The description is not accurate. I wanted to see the phone\'s pure aluminum finish through the case. Though I can\'t comment on fitment yet, I wanted to get this review out there for unsuspecting shoppers.

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