( ITEM ID: EO-006094 )HTC Desire Z A7272 battery

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HTC Desire Z A7272 battery

HTC Desire Z A7272 battery

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  • blakc 10 02,2013 12:08Rating:Average
    My original battery was shot! Couldn\'t even talk on the phone for 3 minutes, DEAD... Received the battery and it was already at 50%. Plugged it up and charging it up now. I don\'t plan on seeing how long it lasts before it dies. As long as i can walk around for 3 hrs without worrying about it. It does add a little bulk but i have big hands, which means big pockets. Case fits nice and tight. Im sure it will be like that as long as i don\'t drop the phone or sit it down hard. I don\'t plan on keeping the battery for more than 4 months because im upgrading phones. Overall satisfied.

    UPDATE about 1 WEEK LATER ---------------------

    The battery does hold a charge which is good. I went out shopping to a mall and did not connect my phone to a charger for 5 hours. Started off at 84% and still had about 50% life left when I got home. Only downfall is that the charge never goes past 85% for some reason. It is a 8 dollar exteneded battery I guess! Still should get up to 100% charge also. Dropped it down a star from 4 to 3.
  • Jonathan W. Rogers09 26,2013 17:46Rating:Excellent
    Even though this battery is more than 2.5X the capacity, I get only about 2X the life out of it. Still, that\'s pretty good. The door could be a little higher quality, but has withstood a pretty dramatic drop, so no major complaints.
  • DANIELLE09 24,2013 19:27Rating:Excellent
  • Kui09 17,2013 11:27Rating:Good
    Despite the slightly vague product description and misleading picture, this is a great battery. The battery itself is actually about twice the size of the normal stock one. So if you have a bumper or case, then don\'t count on using the back. The battery does add a considerable amount of bulk, but as far as slipping your phone into your pocket, the battery cover is slightly rounded so it should fit ok (unless you wear really tight jeans/pants). If you look at the product\'s image, you should notice that the cover is not flat. It\'s actually raised, and that\'s the portion that will stick OUT of your phone\'s body. Without a phone next to it, you can\'t really grasp the scale, but I would say that it sticks out from the body about the same depth of the keyboard half of the phone (take the half of your phone with the keyboard and double it.

    Aesthetics aside, the battery life is absolutely amazing. After the initial three full charge-three full discharge cycle, this battery will keep on kicking for a good long while. I\'ve been running a few games that I check throughout the day and I can get away with a full day of not needing to plug in. If I\'m doing some heavy app usage, then I usually plug in so I don\'t have to worry.

    I would say the only downside to this battery is the sheer size of the thing. If it drops hard enough at the right angle, the battery will pop right out. Otherwise, this is a great thing to have, especially if you\'re constantly on the go.

    ------update July 3, 2012--------
    I have been very happy with this battery. However, it is starting to expand and has a tendency to get very hot(something I\'ve noticed my phone batteries do as they reach the end of their lives). I had been hoping for a longer usable life than six months. The battery does still work and can hold a charge for a considerable amount of time, but it is significantly reduced from what it was when I first got it. If it was actually x2.5 of the standard battery\'s power, it is now about 1.75 if I\'m only using it for texting, checking facebook, and some minor apps. If I\'m doing some moderate gaming, it will drain out my battery in about 20 minutes. I\'m slightly disappointed that it hasn\'t had a longer usable life, but I was satisfied with its performance up until recently.

    A lot of other people have written about the cover for the battery. The one on my phone was actually fine until about a month ago. It was sturdy and kept everything tightly in place. However, the hooks that attach the cover to the body of the phone and are in the release mechanism started to break one by one. It was eventually being held by the single hook in the release mechanism, but of course, it eventually broke too. I am currently holding the cover to my phone with scotch tape. I\'m not sure if this breakage was due to wear and tear or if it was because the battery started to expand.

    Since this is the best option as far as a battery goes, I do plan to buy another one. I don\'t intend to keep my phone for more than 6 months, so hopefully that will be long enough to last me until my next phone.
  • Debi Rhoades09 11,2013 18:31Rating:Excellent
    I purchased this battery not expecting much because the price seemed too good to be true! I have been more than impressed and the battery does last a lot longer than the battery that came with the phone. You give up the sleekness/flatness of the phone because the battery sticks out further on the back of the phone, however you do get used to it quickly! I recommend this battery!

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