( ITEM ID: EO-005702 )BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Flip Case Black color

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BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Flip Case Black color
  • Protect your BlackBerry PlayBook with this supple protective case
  • Custom made to fit your Blackberry PlayBook perfectly
  • Flexible Corner strap ensure maximum holding power
  • Sturdy and stylish pebble-grain leather exterior


BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Flip Case Black color

BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Flip Case Black color

BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Flip Case Black color

BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Flip Case Black color

BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Flip Case Black color

BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Flip Case Black color

BlackBerry PlayBook Leather Flip Case Black color

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  • Anthony Becker08 25,2013 12:59Rating:Excellent
    Imagine yourself amongst all those iPad users with their flimsy plastic \'smartcovers\' wagging as they try to figure out how to hold it comfortably while playing Angry Birds and you pull out your Playbook covered in this. Woah, what is it? So elegant and sophisticated looking. Like an expensive leather bound tome with the Blackberry emblem in shiny silver on the cover. Is it a manual for how to make secure communication of messages over a wireless networks reliably? A slip of he elastic strap and you open it and inside is the gleam of the clean, undamaged glass of a sophisticated tablet ready to go to work.

    A great case for your Playbook. The back of the case holds the tablet securely in use and, when using it in Portrait orientation its exactly like holding a book complete with open cover. So if you use a tablet as an ereader, this gives you the feel of holding a nice hardcover book. An elastic strap holds the cover over the front of the tablet when not in use protecting it from damage and dirt. The one downside to this case is also a result of a tradeoff based on how the tablet was designed. Since the volume and power buttons are on the side opposite the USB and HDMI ports, it was a choice of them which to have always available and which would be covered by the spine. Since they chose the keys, in order to charge the tablet you have to keep the case open. This keeps the volume and power keys always in reach even when the case is closed. These buttons aren\'t accessed through holes in the side of the case but instead the case includes extended buttons that you press and press the buttons on the Playbook itself.

    Then, see how they look back at their iPads, heads filled with the question \'why cant we have nice things like that\' as you flip the cover closed.
  • Frozen Penguin08 17,2013 23:51Rating:Excellent
    This is high quality and very nice case. Stylish and easy to use. It was made in China, but there is no smell. This case is from \"must-have\" category for BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • Explosive Diorama05 07,2013 08:21Rating:Average
    This is a well built case and designed to fit the playbook snug and secure. It protects the screen and looks sharp doing it\'s job.

    BUT! the reason I give it only 3 stars is...

    The case is built upside down! You have to leave the case open to charge the device. The buttons are on the outside of the case presumably so you can listen to music and operate the volume controls. but if you are holding the device in the normal way, the cover folds under instead of over. It may seem like a minor complaint, but it is very annoying.
  • Christine M. Dohm02 18,2013 11:42Rating:Excellent
    As much as I love the PlayBook \"as-is\", I have a 10 year old and a 3 year old who love to play with it. I knew that I had to have some sort of protection. My original purchase was a CaseMate Pop Case, which worked really well. However, when I\'m carrying it in my bag, there\'s no real protection for the screen...and honestly, the plastic just made it look cheap.

    This case solves those issues. It protects the PlayBook from little boys who like to play games on it. It closes up so the screen has protection in my bag. The leather cover makes this look so professional - and much less obvious when I\'m carrying it. It adds very little to the size/weight of the PlayBook, which is a plus as well.

    There are a couple of downsides. I do wish it could hold my stylus somewhere. You also have to get used to the way you will hold it with the cover folded back...it seems \"backwards\". The volume buttons take a little extra push to work. You can\'t keep it closed and plug in the charge cable (again, feels backwards...if they\'d only set it so you put the PB in the other way...). To me though, the benefits outweigh these - and if I were in a situation where these things were higher priority, I\'d just pull out my Pop Case, or take it out of a case entirely.

    All in all, worth the money I spent!

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