( ITEM ID: EO-005660 )BlackBerry Sound-Isolating Headset, 2.5mm with 3.5mm adapter black color

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BlackBerry Sound-Isolating Headset, 2.5mm with 3.5mm adapter black color

  • The BlackBerry Sound-Isolating Headset offers a superior sound experience. Featuring accurate sound reproduction via noise-isolating ear gels, the headset provides clear communication while taking calls and enhanced sound quality when listening to music or watching videos. A hands-free in-line microphone design blends seamlessly with the headset, and is uniquely positioned to enhance the sound of your voice while talking on the phone. Easily switch between chatting on the phone and listening to your music library via an easy-to-use control button. With it, you can answer, end, or mute phone calls and pause or play music, all with a single touch.


BlackBerry Sound-Isolating Headset, 2.5mm with 3.5mm adapter black color

BlackBerry Sound-Isolating Headset, 2.5mm with 3.5mm adapter black color

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  • Michael A. Bono10 09,2013 01:26Rating:Excellent
    just found these after looking for a few days. My wife pulled them out of the pocket of my jeans -- she was folding laundry. I immediately plugged them in to see if they still worked and I was impressed that sounded the same as before the wash and dry.
  • C. E. Winters 09 25,2013 13:40Rating:Excellent
    I use my ear buds every night at work. They go through a lot of torture and I found out pretty quickly that it was worth paying for quality after I went through my first half dozen pairs. Most quality ear buds that I\'ve used have lasted no more than 6-8 months including expensive name brand ones. I\'ve had these for 15 months now and they\'re still in one piece.

    I also have to say that the sound quality on these is rather impressive for the price. I\'ve never found a sennheiser product with bad sound for that matter.
  • S. Belmont05 01,2013 08:51Rating:Excellent
    This is a comparison review between Sennheiser cx 200 and SkullCnady Ink\'d in-ear headphones.

    Skullcandy Ink\'d headphones: have more bass, headphone cable is 1 inch longer, but you will hear 50% more noise when you walk while wearing these headphones when the cable rubs against your clothes.
    Sennheiser: the bass is nice and clear - not as pounding, the cable from headphones when touching your clothes causes less noise, the high tones are about the same on both headphone sets, perhaps a bit more clear on the Sennheiser model, both headphones fit nicely in ear, the isolation is about the same,

    In conclusion, if you really like loud bass and will be sitting still while listening to your music, then SkullCandy is a good option for you and a cheaper alternative, otherwise Sennheiser is the way to go.
  • Benjamin Heffron02 14,2013 15:12Rating:Excellent
    I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, and I gotta say that it can get a bit loud here. That being said I have had to resort to ear plugs when I am going to sleep. Now that I have these earphones, I can fall asleep to music! They are comfortable in my ears, have the most amazing sound, and work with my 1G iPhone, for music at least.

    There is nothing else to be said- great price for a great pair of ear buds!

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