( ITEM ID: EO-005306 )Skin Sticker Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 with Leica M9 black style

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Skin Sticker Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 with Leica M9 black style

Skin Sticker Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 with Leica M9 black style

Skin Sticker Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 with Leica M9 black style

Skin Sticker Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 with Leica M9 black style

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  • Eric J. Spencley09 05,2013 04:11Rating:Excellent
    Let me start off by saying that I have purchased these screen protectors for both my iPhone 4S and now my iPhone5 and I love them!

    I wanted to start things off by giving tips to applying a screen protector properly:
    1) If you want to put one of these on, the best time is IMMEDIATELY after buying a new phone. Don\'t let the salesman/woman take off the plastic covering and skip to STEP 5
    2) If you have already used your phone and now decided that you need a screen protector (as most people are in this boat) gather these supplies:
    -Rubbing Alcohol (or anything else with a high alcohol content) [simply chemistry, alcohol evaporates quickly]
    -Lint free cloth (such as silk) [included in this purchase]
    -Credit Card
    3) Pour a small amount of your alcohol onto your lint free cloth and liberally clean all surfaces of the phone
    4) Repeat a few times to make sure all debris is removed from the screen
    5) Lift the bottom of the film from the backside (side that will be touching your phone) DO NOT TAKE OFF THE WHOLE FILM YET
    6) Place the bottom part of the cover on your phone and align it on the edges of your phone
    7) Use a credit card to smooth out any and all bubbles that may be present
    8) SLOWLY go back and fourth from using your credit card and removing a SMALL amount of the thin film from the back of the screen protector
    After your installation process is complete, try your best to wait about 30 minutes to an hour to really let to adhesive set. This will prevent any debris from gathering under your screen.
    If you followed all of those steps, you shouldn\'t have any problems getting a bubble-free screen protector!
  • Danny Carmen05 30,2013 06:22Rating:Excellent
    This does just as good a job as any other screen protector, but it does it for a great price, rather than $14 for one little piece of plastic. And there are six of each side so when you make a mistake the first time, which you will, you still have five more tries. Seller provides a link to a video that is a very good example of how to do it. Don\'t waste your money on more expensive items.
  • Zulma 04 07,2013 21:17Rating:Excellent
    I made my purchase from Importer520 (USA) and received my order within 4 days. I have tried numerous iPhone screen protectors and I have to admit I was definitely impressed how easy it was to apply to my Verizon iPhone 4S. The cutouts lined up perfectly - front and back. The protectors are made of a sturdy hard plastic material which I believe makes it easier to squeegee air bubbles out (which there were very few). I did end up with a couple lint particles which I easily removed by taking some pieces of scotch tape and lifting the corners and removing the lint with another piece of scotch tape so I would not leave any fingerprints or marks.

    This is a great deal.
  • Dwegs02 15,2013 14:42Rating:Excellent
    Firstly, I noted some reviews that are referencing a pack of screen films that this does not have. This IS the tempered glass product that has one piece per pack.

    So, with that in mind, my review address\' that one piece tempered glass protector.

    ITS GREAT!! That\'s it.

    I have installed about 30 or more screen protectors/films on our iPhones over many years and this is the first time doing so with a rigid, glass protector. I had to make sure the screen was cleaned up very well with an alcohol wipe, then let it dry fully to be sure there were no residues or particles remaining. Once that was done, the install was easier than it has been with any of the flexible screen protectors. I simply gripped the edges of on end of the glass, laid it in line with the iPhones home button, then let it down, while slowly pressing up the center of the glass until I reached the earpiece end. It has laid down nicely, and while the very edges don\'t seem to lay completely flat, 99% of the screen looks like the original glass. Very good.

    Touch is more sensitive than just about any other screen protector too.

    This one was the first, but we will now purchase them for our other iPhones.
  • Sacha Carter02 09,2013 23:56Rating:Excellent
    Awesome buy. Fit my 4s perfectly, the back cover doesn\'t effect the camera or flash. No abnormal effect on colors and feels fine. Also received them 2 days early!

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