( ITEM ID: EO-005285 )Apple iPhone 4S White LCD/digitizer unit with White battery cover set

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Apple iPhone 4S White LCD/digitizer unit with White battery cover set

Apple iPhone 4S White LCD/digitizer unit with White battery cover set

Apple iPhone 4S White LCD/digitizer unit with White battery cover set

Apple iPhone 4S White LCD/digitizer unit with White battery cover set

Apple iPhone 4S White LCD/digitizer unit with White battery cover set

Apple iPhone 4S White LCD/digitizer unit with White battery cover set

Apple iPhone 4S White LCD/digitizer unit with White battery cover set

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  • A. Dayton \"ThinkReason\"10 22,2013 03:23Rating:Excellent
    I broke my screen a few days ago and spent a few hours searching for which screen I should by for my iPhone 4s, I wanted a screen fast because the cracked screen was hurting my fingers so I took the plunge on this one and the risk turned out good for me. I usually don\'t by products that have three stars, but this turned out well. The shipping was fast. I order it on Wednesday and it came by Friday. I do want to note that this repair is not for those who are inexperienced at fixing electronics. If this is your first attempt at fixing an iPhone don\'t do it. I have fixed many touch screen phones ( I use to work at a cell phone repair shop) and this is by far the toughest phone I have ever fixed. I was extremely careful, and it took me a little over two hours. Make sure you find a good repair video on Youtube, watch it a few times before you do it, then follow it as you do the repair. As for the screen, I was pretty impressed with it. I can\'t say it is as good as a stock Apple screen but I didn\'t expect it to be. I took pictures comparing it an iPhone 4s with it\'s original screen to give a comparison. The thing I was most worried about was the screen not being a retina display but when the phone is on it looks just as good as an original iPhone 4s. This is a good quality screen, a good price, and ships fast. I am very happy with the screen and would definitely recommend it.
  • Chris Korte10 18,2013 02:08Rating:Excellent
    With the right YouTube video, this thing was easy. You need a sharp eye and a steady hand to get through this install. Tools were very useful. My only complaint is the button. I had to use my old one because of the backing.
  • Mike S.08 22,2013 23:19Rating:Excellent
    I purchased this iphone screen from Zeetron after my girlfriend dropped her iphone (ATT 4s model) and destroyed the screen. It arrived in no time, but that was expected as they ship from NY and I live in PA. The screen looks identical to the original, but the white color is more dull than the original screen. The tools that came with it were decent, they should be good enough to help you but I would recommend a stronger phillips head screwdriver that is magnetized as the screws inside this phone are so small it is unreal. You would never think that something this small could contain so many tiny screws, bits of plastic, and metal flaps. Guess what, you better be extremely organized or you are going to have a real tough time putting this thing back together. I enlisted the help of my friend who repairs these for a living and he was able to replace the screen in about 20 minutes or so. Anyway, back to the screen. After installing the original home button, routing all the cables, and putting every little screw and metal bracket back; the iphone booted right up without a problem. From what I can see, on white backgrounds, the white in the screen looks fine and has no discernible yellow tint. Also, the brightness, clarity, and touch sensitivity seem to all be just as good as the original. I have tested the whole screen and found no dead zones on it either. The only thing I have noticed so far is that the screen feels different when you swipe your finger over it, your finger will not glide as smoothly as on the original. I know others have mentioned that this replacement screen does not have the same coating that apple applies to the original screens and that is definitely apparent as you feel a lot more drag when you run your finger along the screen. Other than that this screen is an excellent replacement and would order another one if she happens to drop her phone yet again.

    Just to recap:
    1. Low cost replacement
    2. Looks and acts just like the original
    3. Install tools included

    1. White paint doesn\'t match the original iphone coloring.
    2. Need to reuse the original home button and ear phone mesh from your broken screen.
    3. Difficult installation (more apple\'s fault than the screen)
    4. Does not have the same smooth glide feel when swiping

    If you screen is broken, buy this replacement and you should be back together in no time.
  • Peter Jurado06 30,2013 12:51Rating:Excellent
    It was relatively strait forward to change the screen and digitizer (following YouTube) it saves you money and delivery was good. Your guarantee would be void doing it yourself.
  • Tori05 30,2013 02:48Rating:Excellent
    I ordered this for my shattered iPhone screen after realizing my insurance was expired and it would be about $200 to have it repaired/replaced. I read the warnings about the difficulty of the procedure, so I watched several youtube videos and also found step-by-step instructions with pictures at http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Installing+iPhone+4S+Display+Assembly/7277/1, which I read through several times before ordering this. I was a little hesitant at first, because I know that it is said to be very difficult and is not recommended for those who are not experienced in this field of work, but I figured I would give it a shot anyway, despite the fact that I have no experience in electronic repair like this. I will admit it was difficult, but I repaired my shattered iPhone with this kit using the instructions I linked above and had the replacement digitizer & LCD working and the phone put back together within two hours. If you are going to do this yourself, I highly recommend labeling every piece that is taken out of the phone so that reassembling it will not be a hassle. I labeled every piece with the Step number so that when I followed the instructions in reverse order for reassembly, the procedure was very simple. I would definitely say this is possible even if you don\'t have experience, but do be very careful. Also, under \"More Buying Choices\", I had mine bought/shipped from Wholesale Gadget Parts, Inc., which included free shipping and it came from OK, United States. I live in the U.S. so this was a much better option for me than purchasing it to be shipped from China. It arrived within three days of ordering it. I highly recommend this product.

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