( ITEM ID: EO-005231 )iPhone 4 / Verizon Apple iPhone 4 CDMA / iPhone 4S leather vertical filp case white color

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iPhone 4 / Verizon Apple iPhone 4 CDMA / iPhone 4S leather vertical filp case white color

iPhone 4 / Verizon Apple iPhone 4 CDMA / iPhone 4S leather vertical filp case white color

iPhone 4 / Verizon Apple iPhone 4 CDMA / iPhone 4S leather vertical filp case white color

iPhone 4 / Verizon Apple iPhone 4 CDMA / iPhone 4S leather vertical filp case white color

iPhone 4 / Verizon Apple iPhone 4 CDMA / iPhone 4S leather vertical filp case white color

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  • C. Rende10 18,2013 07:15Rating:Excellent
    I have noticed there are mixed reviews for this case but I thought I would try it out because it was a good price. I think the case is great. All the openings line up perfectly and it makes the phone feel secure. It looks like it would have cost a lot more than it did. Some people said it was dirty and they couldn\'t get it clean. I haven\'t had a problem with it. I got a small mark on it somehow and a swipe with a magic eraser took it right off. I love it.
  • Irene09 20,2013 08:14Rating:Excellent
    First, of all, let me just say that if there are any typos on this review, it\'s because my wrist is sprained and I have a cast on it (this is relevant to the review, I promise), so I can\'t really type.

    A couple weeks ago, I bought my iPhone. A few days later, being a Star Wars fan, I bought an R2D2 iPhone case. The R2D2 case has yet to come in (it\'s been almost three weeks), and I didn\'t want to prolong not having a case on my iPhone, so I went out and bought a temporary one yesterday: this one. I found it at Kohls for about $15. The only difference between mine and this one is that mine has a gold edge instead of a silver one like this one. Now let me say that I planned on buying this case (the one depicted here on EOEM) originally, but I was worried that it was made mostly for show and wouldn\'t protect my iPhone. But since I needed a temporary iPhone case, I just bought this one, not expecting much from it. The plastic felt kind of cheap, although it does indeed look great.

    Everyone, this case is awesome.

    Yesterday, I was skateboarding around my driveway with my phone (with this case on it) in my back pocket, so I could listen to my music. Since my headphones were in my ears, I didn\'t hear my dad pull up behind me with his car. I made a sharp U-turn, he barely pushed the brakes in time, and long story short, I lost my balance (Although he almost did, my dad didn\'t run me over) while trying to stop and ended up falling backwards on my ass, right on my iPhone and (as stated before) my wrist. I weigh maybe 115, so keep in mind that my entire body weight fell on my phone (I fell pretty hard). My wrist was sprained, but my phone was perfectly fine. There are no scratches, no cracks, nothing. It\'s totally fine.I feel like the cushiony leather helped it out the most.

    Everyone, I HIGHLY recommend this case. It\'s classy, looks great, cheap, AND (as it proved to me yesterday) very durable. I love it, and I think I might keep it when my R2D2 case comes in.
  • Jeannie 09 16,2013 20:41Rating:Good
    This is a beautiful case! However, it is even with your screen so there is nothing to protect your screen so if you drop your phone, you can easily crack your screen. BE CAREFUL
  • Darat.Wiruhayarn06 07,2013 02:39Rating:Excellent
    This case is very clean, and classy. The metal/chrome lining on the edges give it a look of quality.Quilt Pattern Leather Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4 4S - White + Free Anti-Scratch Screen Protector
  • Soccermom2005 05 22,2013 16:26Rating:Excellent
    The GOOD:
    - It is a very pretty case and looks like you spent some big stylish designer bucks on it. Will make for great stocking stuffers!
    - Item is exactly as described - the sides are a shiny/sleek metal(not in a gaudy way), the back is white the same shade as the iphone, not sure if it is really leather but certainly looks like it. Came with the screen protector as listed (Look out for it - I almost threw it out with the packaging)
    - The quilted texture has cushiony give to it which feels good to hold and also I imagine it would cushion a fall if it fell on its back
    - It fits the phone snug and all the buttons line up nicely - I have an AT&T iPhone4.
    - Arrived earlier than expected/estimated, about two weeks from date of purchase.

    The NEUTRAL:
    - The sides show finger prints/smudges - did not put this in the bad because it doesn\'t really bother me as you don\'t really see it unless you look closely and how often do you pick up your phone and stare at the sides?

    - Did not come in the fancy box in the picture or as another reviewer described. But did not bother me at all as it was still very well packaged for protection during shipping

    - The case is SNUG as BUG in a RUG - No seriously, it is super snug and is very hard to remove.

    I did not put this in the good or bad section because I have figured out an easy way to remove this in 3 seconds without damaging the phone. If you are like me and love changing out cases, this is what you need:

    A very thin flexible card of any kind. I had a laminated drink coupon lying around which was perfect - it was thinner than a credit card but still firm and equally flexible.
    Any kind of grease - I used my hair pomade/emollient gloss.
    Take just a smidge of the grease and smear on both sides of the edge of your card (Upto about the depth of your iphone)
    Insert the card in the right top corner between phone and case while simultaneously sliding the rest between your case and phone (along the length of your phone on the side without the volume buttons)
    Turn the card upwards toward you at an angle and the phone will slip right out - I have done this over and over and it WORKS EVERYTIME with NO DAMAGE to case or phone!

    (NOTE TO SELLER: You should include some semblance of removal instructions in your description to help your customers be more comfortable purchasing this product and/or proactively prevent them from damaging the product or worse their phone)

    The BAD:
    - Nothing that I can think of. Perhaps it could get dirty but if you are concerned with that, you would not be looking to buy a white case in the first place! Also, another reviewer(C.Rende) mentioned using a magic eraser to clean. I haven\'t needed it on the case yet, but I took the advice and used it on my ipad case which is a white smart cover and it worked AMAZING! It looks new again - so thank you reviewer C.Rende!!!

    - Great case, unbeleivable value for the price! Not sure how long it will last or how protective it is but I am realistic, if I wanted longevity and a lot of protection I would have paid a lot more for a case.

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