( ITEM ID: EO-005125 )Apple iPhone 4 back cover with metal tabs

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Apple iPhone 4 back cover with metal tabs black metal insert

  • Replacement back cover for the iPhone 4


Apple iPhone 4 back cover with metal tabs

Apple iPhone 4 back cover with metal tabs

Apple iPhone 4 back cover with metal tabs

Apple iPhone 4 back cover with metal tabs

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  • m06 19,2013 23:54Rating:Excellent
    i ordered this because i thought it was awesome and when i got it, it really was awesome and if you drop it, it wont break like the regular battery doors.
  • bluebritusa05 12,2013 03:34Rating:Good
    Bought this aluminium case as had just cracked my third glass back inside a year. The back looks good and the one I received had the apple logo on it.
  • Paul K Ghogomu 04 13,2013 22:42Rating:Excellent
    Well it\'s cheap, it fit well, and it improves the look of the phone. The screwdriver didn\'t fit the tiny screws on the bottom of the phone. Not sure why it\'s included. Maybe different versions.... either way, great iphone back.
  • Christina Zdunek03 30,2013 21:26Rating:Excellent
    it was a great buy. came on time, and was exactly as promised! Came with a film on the back to protect from scratches and a screwdriver for the bottom screws. Fits on perfectly and couldnt ask for anything better!!!
  • Paul E02 10,2013 06:20Rating:Average
    The case has a plasticy feel, and \"brushed\" is a generous term, it\'s more like \"scratched\". Nevertheless, for the price it\'s fine. I broke the back of my iPhone 4 and needed a cheap replacement, and this fit the bill. Mini screwdriver that came with it didn\'t fit into the iPhone\'s screws.

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