( ITEM ID: EO-004578 )Silicone Case Protector for Apple iPhone 3G / 3G S Black/Pink color

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Silicone Case Protector for Apple iPhone 3G / 3G S Black/Pink color


  • Durable, high-quality silicone provides protection and non-slip grip
  • Form-fitting construction with access to all ports
  • Allows charging while in case
  • Camera lens cutout
  • Speakerphone and microphone openings
  • Color: Black/Pink
  • Apple iPhone not included


Silicone Case Protector for Apple iPhone 3G / 3G S Black/Pink color

Silicone Case Protector for Apple iPhone 3G / 3G S Black/Pink color

Silicone Case Protector for Apple iPhone 3G / 3G S Black/Pink color

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  • Debi10 24,2013 21:49Rating:Excellent
    I love this phone cover! It look cool and work great at a low price. I would recommend this product to anyone.
  • Mrs. Fitzpatrick 10 18,2013 02:41Rating:Excellent
    Got this case for my wife, she loves it! Great price for having to wait for it.... It took 3 weeks to get.
  • Nu Mantra01 28,2013 13:06Rating:Excellent
    As someone who owns an Otter Box, and have had a phone suffer from a swollen battery, which literally split my phone\'s back down the middle, this case is perfect for me, even better than the Otter Box.

    I am a year into my replacement phone, and it has developed three significant cracks on the back, starting from the charge port and moving upward. I cannot say this is from the battery or from my having dropped the phone several times over the past few months, but I figured I should put the phone back in a case. When my first phone split, one of my coworkers told me that the only thing that kept it from downright busting through the phone and possibly burning me with battery acid was that I had the phone in a case - not an Otter Box at the time.

    When I got my replacement, I bought an Otter Box because the price had dropped significantly. The pros and cons of the Otter Box have been enumerated, one being the oil slick effect of the built in screen protector. I removed mine, and it solved that problem - as well as the problem of muffled calls.

    Although I like the Otter Box, especially at the reduced price, I have not used it in about 6 months because it has one major inconvenience for me: It does not allow room for using 3rd-party data cables! This is a problem because - I will not drop $20.00 on a cable, when I can get 3 or 4 of them for about $5.00. With the Otter Box, whenever I need to charge my phone, I have to take the case apart, which is no easy feat the first few times you do it. After months of taking off and putting on and taking off and putting on the case, I just said \"forget it, the phone is old anyway......\"

    Well, now here are those cracks, and I really do not want to buy a new phone because I HAVE to .. I want to chose when I buy a new phone, so I went to put my Otter Box on again - a pain in the butt though it is - only to find that I have misplaced one of the pieces. So, here I was looking at this case for under $5.00. Buying it was a no-brainer, and I was hoping just hoping that a good bonus would be that the opening for the charge port was large enough for my black 3rd-party data cable ... and what do you know! :)

    This case does not have a built-in screen protector - or logo protector... it does come with some decals and maybe even a screen protector.. I did not even look at everything in the package. Once I put my phone in the case and was able to plug in my cable - I was set! Nothing else matters to me.

    But ... let\'s address the complaints of it being cheap... ummm.. YA it\'s $5.00 - it is ridiculous to compare this to Otter Box .. but if you do a subjective comparison.. this will win! Other than not having the problematic built in screen - what stands out about this case is that the silicone cover is thinner. It is not flimsy, just thinner, but it is also a whole lot less sticky feeling. Other than these two things, I feel that this case will offer me no less protection - or significantly less protection than the Otter Box case, while offering me the convenience of charging my phone without ever having to remove it from the case.

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