( ITEM ID: EO-004575 )Mesh Sports Armband & Screen Protector for iPhone 3G / 3GS

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Mesh Sports Armband & Screen Protector for iPhone 3G / 3GS


  • Stylish, sporty look
  • Comfortable, breathable mesh
  • Securely holds your iPhone 3GS
  • Sewn-in screen and navigation protector
  • Opening for proximity and light sensors
  • Access to headphone jack and sleep/wake button
  • Easy access to dock connector allowing charging while in case
  • Push-through hole for easy access
  • Color: Pink
  • Apple iPhone not included

Mesh Sports Armband & Screen Protector for iPhone 3G / 3GS

Mesh Sports Armband & Screen Protector for iPhone 3G / 3GS

Mesh Sports Armband & Screen Protector for iPhone 3G / 3GS

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  • Cogito Designs08 19,2013 04:07Rating:Excellent
    After much deliberation, my wife and I decided on Tunebands for our iPhone 4\'s. The Tuneband is easy to use, stays secure on my bare arm or over long sleeves and has full access to the screen and controls. We tested them out running stairs and even with all that bouncing, the phones never felt insecure.

    And for the price, why wouldn\'t you get it?
  • Docta Peppa 08 09,2013 11:44Rating:Excellent
    I used a Tuneband for my iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and I will now use this one for my iPhone 4. This is a simple design that gets the job done at a good price. It is comfortable and durable. I\'ve tried at least 4 different brands of arm bands for the iPhone and this is by far the best one. Highly recommended.
  • Derek06 09,2013 20:04Rating:Excellent
    Overall Use:
    Ran with this for about 1 month several times a week. Works great. The screen is exposed which is what I liked the most...I hate having to fiddle with plastic coverings. Even the home button is open so you can touch the actual button...sweet.

    Perfect Velcro strap for all sizes. My wife has used this as well with much smaller arms. I have an above average sized arm (as long as I am going to the gym regularly) and it still works great. In the package it says that if the band doesn\'t fit they will send another one to match your arm size...that\'s what I call service-but it should fit unless your 40lbs or on steroids.

    None, I sweat like a crazy person sometimes and I never had issues or sweat get on the phone.

    Material Strength:
    Soft and flexible yet very strong. I have been running pretty hard at times with this arm band and never experienced issues. It holds the phone secure, very well. I don\'t even worry about the phone falling out.

    None, UNLESS you prefer to run in the pooring rain. It has an open design on the face so this is not advised. Someone advised using this case as your primary case on another review however thats just dumb, dont be cheap - leave this one for running/walking/swimming. j/k about swimming.
  • lauralspeaking 03 28,2013 19:11Rating:Excellent
    I am an avid runner/weightlifter and I\'ve never before owned an iPhone armband. I would just hold it while running because I hated how the armbands would \"jiggle\" on my arm as I ran and they never felt secure. This armband however is perfect and does exactly what I bought it to do. It\'s very comfortable and tight and I have a small arm (I\'m a 23-year old woman). I would buy it again, absolutely!! 100% happy with it.
  • Melissa P01 23,2013 12:59Rating:Excellent
    I received the TuneBand and thought the instructions very clear. Once the iPhone 4 was inserted in the case, it felt very secure. I also thought the case looked nice enough that I removed the strap and kept the phone in it for the rest of the day. The strap fit me well and I was impressed to see that the company can provide a longer or short strap if required.

    Initially I placed the device on the side of my upper arm but then shifted it to the front of my upper arm to give the GPS better view of the sky. I also started with the device strapped around my shirt sleeve. Eventually I attached the device directly to my upper arm and covered the device with my sleeve. I don\'t think any of these changes really affected the quality of the GPS signal. I\'d definitely recommend attaching the strap directly to your arm and not over the shirt.

    As for the performance of the device, it couldn\'t be better. I\'ve logged about 75 miles running over the past couple weeks and I\'ve been very comfortable wearing the device. Once I attached the strap directly to my arm, it hasn\'t slid around or down at all and I\'ve not worried that my phone would slip out or off my arm.

    I\'d definitely order one again.

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