( ITEM ID: EO-004572 )Mesh Sports Armband & Screen Protector for iPhone 3G / 3GS

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Mesh Sports Armband & Screen Protector for iPhone 3G / 3GS black color


  • Stylish, sporty look
  • Comfortable, breathable mesh
  • Securely holds your iPhone 3GS
  • Sewn-in screen and navigation protector
  • Opening for proximity and light sensors
  • Access to headphone jack and sleep/wake button
  • Easy access to dock connector allowing charging while in case
  • Push-through hole for easy access
  • Color: Black
  • Apple iPhone not included


Mesh Sports Armband & Screen Protector for iPhone 3G / 3GS

Mesh Sports Armband & Screen Protector for iPhone 3G / 3GS

Mesh Sports Armband & Screen Protector for iPhone 3G / 3GS

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  • Josh 10 18,2013 21:22Rating:Excellent
    Amazing product, incredible service!

    I purchased the Tuneband for my iPhone 4S and it looks great but more importantly, it\'s really comfortable around my arm. The case is made from rubber and the strap is made from durable velcro. If you\'re worried the strap will scratch the phone, don\'t. The only part of the strap touching the phone is the very soft fabric loop part. In fact, it sort of cleans my phone. For the iPhone 4S, it\'s a perfect fit, and the mute switch is very easy to access. (Some people have noted the <1 mm shift of the mute switch from the AT&T iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S). The volume buttons do not have symbols on them (but you should know which ones are up and down), however, they are very easy to push. The case does not block any ports or sensors. The secondary microphone and proximity sensor are also exposed. I\'m worried a little about perspiration entering the phone; however, the iPhone 4/4S has two liquid damage indicators (LDI) : one in the headphone jack and another in the 30-pin dock connector. As long as your iPhone is upright and you have a headphone jack inserted fully, there\'s likely little chance you\'ll activate the LDIs or damage your iPhone. Just don\'t use this while it\'s raining, of course.

    As expected, the weight of the iPhone 4 will cause a bit of fatigue, specifically on the arm you\'re wearing it on, and especially after a long workout. Otherwise, the extra weight is somewhat imperceptible, and the fact that the Tuneband gives the included case a little slack to move back and forth reduces it\'s weight and the feeling that one arm is moving slower when running.

    As for speed of shipping, the product shipped and arrived quickly! (Thanks, Amazon Prime!) However, the strap I received by default (15 inches) was a little long for my lanky arms. I sent an email to Grantwood that night and Grantwood customer service is fantastic. Mr. Sean Mills, the co-owner of Grantwood Technology, asked me to measure my flexed bicep so they could ensure they sent me a right sized strap. And the next morning, it shipped (no charge!), and I got the shorter strap a few days later.

    A mixture of both fantastic product design and materials, and incredible customer service makes for a 5+ star review. Thanks Grantwood!
  • Knuckle Dragger08 10,2013 12:09Rating:Good
    Got this with some trepidation given some of the negative reviews. I\'ve now had it for almost a month, have done several running and biking workouts with it, and have had no notable problems. Does it fit the iPhone 4? If your phone is already in a protective case, it does definitely fit into the Tuneband, although somewhat awkwardly. Nonetheless, I\'ve had no problem using my iPhone with it on, including adjusting the side volume buttons from the outside of the Tuneband. It\'s fairly comfortable, with a necessary trade-off being between snugness versus slippage, this seems unavoidable. The question is, will it hold up under repeatedly being put on and taken off over my iPhone protector, which I do not remove in the service of a better fit, or will it split at the seams sooner rather than later? I\'ll answer that question some time down the road.

    Update, January 2013: I\'ve now used this armband for nearly a year of near-daily use, and have not been kind and gentle to it in the process. Still, it has done its job, no problems whatsoever. Durability is great.
  • RIDGECOM07 23,2013 04:57Rating:Excellent
    I was looking for a good replacement for the Belkin DualFit.....the DualFit is great for running during the cooler months but I was becoming very concerned about the condensation that was appearing inside the plastic case after a good jog during this Texas heat. The perspiration was working its way through the armband and the phone was getting very damp....not to mention the plastic screen was sticking to my ZAGG screen protector and actually would peel it off when removing it from the case. The TUNEBAND is the perfect answer to all of my problems. The silicone case fits the phone perfectly and gives you much better control of the touch screen since it doesn\'t have plastic covering the face. It doesn\'t mess with my new ZAGG full body protector at all. It took me about 1 mile to get used to what felt like a little more \'bounce\' than the Belkin, but once I positioned the phone onto the outside of my tricep (like the instructions tell you), the bounce wasn\'t even noticeable. I did a quick 5K in 90+ degree heat and everything worked like a charm. I highly recommend the TUNEBAND.
  • Daniel W Flynn 03 04,2013 09:29Rating:Excellent
    I\'m very happy this arm band. It was inexpensive and it does exactly what it says it does. Holds my iPhone secure to arm. It\'s easy to get the phone in and out before and after running. It\'s simple, durable, and inexpensive.

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