( ITEM ID: EO-004544 )True Touch Stylus Pen Black color

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True Touch Stylus Pen Black color

  • Color: Black
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPad Wi-Fi, iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, 1st and 2nd Generation iPod Touch.

True Touch Stylus Pen Black color

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  • J Woodruff09 17,2013 14:31Rating:Excellent
    These are inexpensive, ok, cheap, stylus. I bought them to test on a cheap tablet I was testing and they worked very good. If they are lost, stolen or eaten by Fido, who cares. We are talking about bang for the buck here. And yes, they are made across the big pond.

    If you need status, spend the big bucks, but don\'t cry if it goes missing. It could be hiding next to that missing $200.00 remote.

    Better yet, make one yourself, it\'s a fun and interesting project. Brings out that MacGyver rush from the 80\'s.

    There are three (3) types of touch screens, buy the correct stylus for your screen.

    From eHow:

    Resistive-type screens lack the clarity of other touch screens but they tend to be very durable and can be used in a variety of environments. Resistive-type screens are the most common in use today.

    Capacitive screens are resistant to outside elements, making them very durable, and they still maintain a high clarity. Unlike resistive and surface wave screens, which can be used with stylus, capacitive panels must be touched with a finger.

    Surface wave touch panels are the more advanced of the three types, offering the highest clarity. But they are more easily damaged by outside elements.

    The iPad has a capacitive touch screen, your gloves won\'t work, and that plastic stylus from your old Palm PDA won\'t work either. Buy a capacitive stylus for your iPad.

    Update 04.11.12

    All this STYLUS stuff...

    Capacitive touchscreens are everywhere. They\'re in iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android/Windows smartphones, and all new tablets. Pretty much any mobile touchscreen device that is worth having, comes with a capacitive touchscreen. A stylus makes it easier to draw, paint, sketch, even write, but you\'ll probably loose it too. If a screen saver has been applied, it may effect the power of the stylus.

    The iPad requires a capacitive stylus, something that will conduct electric flow from your body to the screen. That\'s why your finger works so good, the screen was designed that way. Have a finger, always have a stylus with you. Have a glove on, not so much, electrical flow is blocked, unless you have conductive thread sewn into the finger tips of the gloves.

    Can\'t decide on a stylus, cheap or pricey. Here are a couple of pricey models, Pogo Sketch Plus - Silver $14.95, Jot Stylus - $19.99 to $29.99. This discussion has been about cheap, but the cheap Universal, looks a lot like the Pogo Sketch Plus, do I smell a copy-cat here?

    Or make your own stylus, cheap, easy, fun and you might learn something. Google \"Make or DIY touch screen stylus\". [...]

    What\'ll you\'ll need: a cheap plastic or metal ink pen, un-insulated small-gauge wire, a sponge or conductive foam, and a pair of scissors. Now you can make your own stylus in 5-10 minutes. Use a sponge for the tip, have to add a drop or two of water. Go with the metal pen body, lose the wire.

    What is conductive foam, It\'s a plastic foam that has been saturated with carbon particles, allowing it to dissipate static charges. Due to the high carbon content, it is usually black in color. It is frequently used for packaging or storing static-sensitive electronic components, such as MOSFET transistors and integrated circuits.

    Instructions from cNet: [...] . Cut and paste the URL, they worked for me, no guarantee they will work for anyone else.
  • Maengun06 08,2013 13:05Rating:Excellent
    For reaching those peskly small areas on your iPod Touch screen, the Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen does the trick! They are comfortable in the hand and helps to make some of those tasks easier on the iPod Touch. If you have trouble with fingers that don\'t quite work the way you wish, then this is another reason to consider purchasing these pens.
  • Big Bear01 20,2013 17:18Rating:Excellent
    This is a very nice stylus with a soft rubber tip. They work great on my Instinct and with the rubber tip there is no fear of scratching the screen. My only \"issue\" is that the stylus are to thick to fit into the stylus pocket on the stock Instinct case... but the size does make the stylus much more easier to control so you\'re more accurate with them. I\'m glad I ordered the three pack because I can just keep one at work, one in the car, and one at home.

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