( ITEM ID: EO-004532 )iPhone & ipod external Battery charger

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iPhone & ipod external Battery charger


  • Battery Type:Lithium-ion Battery
  • Input Voltage: 5V/800mA
  • Output Voltage: 5V/500mA (max)
  • Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Charger Time: 2 hours
  • Dimension: 61 x 52 x 12 (mm)
  • Material: frosted or shining
  • Color: black/white 
  • Shape: “T”/“U”
  • LED indicator when charging

iPhone & ipod external Battery charger

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  • Faiz2308 26,2013 02:47Rating:Good
    This little sucker is sexy. I have couple other external batteries like the trent and this one hands down rocks. I am using it on the iphone 5 and it charges 1% every 1.11min. Great to top up your phone for 30 minutes when you are on the go. The supplied accessory connectors work perfect on my psp. I lost my psp charger and now I was able to use it while the astro3 was charging both my psp and iphone 5. This battery rocks and has up to 3 amps of power. It has an apple port 1.5amp for ipad and 1 amp for iphone along with an android port so you can charge both at the same time. The included soft mesh case is perfect and you can fit the iphone 5, battery pack and lightning cable all into the pouch. I have a dual protector on the front and back and not worried about scratches. I also tested it with a speck candy shell iphone 5 case and it fits in the case just fine along with OTTERBOX COMMUTER too. This little battery pack is perfect for on the go.

    This battery pack has 10000 mah and the iphone 5 has 1440mah battery. Do the math and realize how many charges you can get out of the battery pack on one solid charge. It comes with a coiled cable that you can use on the output or on the input to charge. It uses a microusb connector to charge which is easily found and the coiled cable included can be used to charge it. I would recommend only use OEM factory cables especially for the iphone 5. This battery pack did not work on my HP touchpad and I tested the OEM cable, after market cable and the coiled cable. It has worked on all my other devices like mp3 player sandisk, ipod touch, iphone 4s, iphone 5, psp and android phone samsung metropcs.
  • Christopher E. Robison06 11,2013 08:42Rating:Excellent
    I don\'t actually like giving 5-star reviews, and on this one I hovered over 4 stars thinking to myself, well ... what\'s actually wrong with it? What can I deduct a star for? It doesn\'t actually charge itself magically from the luminiferous ether, it doesn\'t fly or bake cookies, and it definitely doesn\'t impress the ladies. Maybe they\'ll work these features in.

    I\'ve just received it and used it a couple times, so maybe I\'ll find a serious problem with it in the future. But for now, I\'m really impressed with the apparent quality and functionality of the device. I can\'t really find anything serious to complain about.

    Make no mistake, this thing is not subtle. It\'s bigger and heavier than my Galaxy SII (a fairly large-screen phone), though the dimensions are comparable with the phone when my rubber case is on it. It\'s massive, like a plate of armor or a piece of a big stone tile, and feels nearly as dense and solid. At 37Wh of capacity and up to 3A of current, the size and mass is definitely justified though, and it\'s obvious that they didn\'t waste any internal volume with hollow spaces in the enclosure. It hangs heavy in your pocket, but then we knew that was the deal before we bought a 10 amp-hour auxiliary battery, didn\'t we?

    As an aside, this is the kind of thing that seems to deserve its own new kind of clothing to carry and conceal it. Since it\'s mainly going to be tech geeks who are interested in carrying around so much gadget fuel, and nerds like me tend to have a pretty substantial anterior pelvic tilt from sitting in front of computers all the time, maybe there\'s a market for some kind of garment that will hide a device like this in the curvature of the lower back, providing an \"outlet\" through your clothing somewhere around the belt.

    Anyway, they get a top score for build quality and functionality, as I see it so far. Though I haven\'t done any deliberate timed trials, I don\'t own any other charging device of any kind that seems to charge my phone as quickly as this battery does. We\'ll see how well it\'s holding up in a few months...
  • Paul Renwick 02 07,2013 22:23Rating:Excellent
    For those readers that are reading this review on the Item page, this review is for the Astro3E 10000mAh charger. Since Amazon mixes reviews with all different \"variants\" of a product, and this comes in multiple capacities, this makes it hard to separate reviews.

    This product does what it advertises, and does it VERY well. It comes with a nice mesh case which I carry it in constantly, and a nice little coiled USB cord with a few tips. While these aren\'t compatible with every device I own, I use it mainly to charge my phone, which is MicroUSB and included.

    Some devices I have tried charging:
    - I own a Motorola Droid 4, and I have charged the phone from dead to full over 4 times on a single charge. Android and Apple ports work, but on the Android port, the Droid 4 actually charges FASTER than the stock plug-in charger. My phone does not seem to mind.
    - An LG Ally charges on either port, but faster on the Android port.
    - A Nintendo DS Lite (with a compatible USB cord) charges on either port.
    - An iPod Nano 6th Generation charges on the Apple port. It does not respond on the Android port. I have charged this device from dead to full, and did lose enough capacity on the battery for it to register.

    I will update this review with more results as I charge more devices. I\'m going on a few flights in the next couple of months, so this charger will gets LOTS of use.
  • l***a01 31,2013 05:10Rating:Excellent
    Nice service, i will forward the link to my friend.

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