( ITEM ID: EO-004345 )CM920 Gooseneck Mount & Universal Holder for iPhone

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CM920 Gooseneck Mount & Universal Holder for iPhone

- iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch 2G, iPod touch (Windshield Mount Pedestal)

CM920 Gooseneck Mount & Universal Holder for iPhone

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  • Hornet M.10 31,2013 04:55Rating:Excellent
    It looks very nice, and worth the money. The old one was a nokia holder with spring wire for power and all the time I should hang the wire to get free space in front of my radio-CD and also that one does\'t have radio transmiter but the price is bigger then this
  • Art Brady09 22,2013 02:06Rating:Excellent
    I really like this phone mount. Using it with my iPhone 5, but it would work with virtually any phone. It has an FM transmitter which works well so you can play music through the car stereo and take calls as well. There is a seperate USB connection so you can also charge your phone. Super simple connection makes it ready to go in about a minute. I think the price is part of the great value as well. I now have several products from Alpatronix that I really like, keep \'em coming!
  • Kendrick L. 08 20,2013 17:15Rating:Good
    The MX100 holds the phone in the perfect position since it rotates. This makes it excellent for using the phone in navigation, hands free phone calls. I didn\'t have the best results with the FM transmitter. As with most transmitters I had a lot of static mainly because of where i live I\'m guessing.
  • Vin08 07,2013 19:04Rating:Good
    I could sum up this docking station in one sentence. A quality product at a more than reasonable price. It has a spring clip that is designed to hold any phone and possibly even some smaller sized tablets.

    It has a small interface in which you can change the frequency of the FM audio output (Yes this station has its own built in FM transmitter!), a nice feature. This station connects to a standard cigarette lighter port and comes with a USB attachment for charging. The mount in which the phone is attached is completely mobile and able to bend in any direction that is needed or make more comfortable for the user. Only one noticeable issue, the entire mechanism seems a bit loose. Not that it will fall out or anything but that it has some give to it when trying to put in the 3.5mm jack or the charging cord.

    To sum it up:

    PROS: Decent quality, good price, and a must have for someone who uses their phone for music, audio, or navigation in the car. Having the charger also makes it beneficial if someone travels all day without a current car charger.

    CONS: Entire mechanism was a bit \'wobbly\' in both my wife\'s and my car. This could be isolated to us as it has only been tested in 2 cars. If it weren\'t for this 5-star product

    Conclusion: Probably the best bang for your buck in its category and Alpatronix, while a virtually unknown company, has already impressed me with multiple quality value-based products.
  • Jeremy07 14,2013 13:16Rating:Excellent
    This is a fairly well made dock and it is very well priced for what you get (mount and radio transmitter). The transmitter works well unless you turn the volume of the phone up too high.

    There are two problems I\'ve found with the product. Firstly it suffers the same problem typical of long necked car mounts - it droops and requires readjustment constantly when the phone is in it. This drooping is particularly annoying in my car as the neck starts to get in the way of the gear stick.

    Secondly, and this may be a problem with the position of plug in my car, but something to watch out for - I can\'t see the little LED screen while driving. It is visually tucked under the neck and has poor contrast. Today when I got onto the highway there was some interference on the radio channel, so I hit the button to adjust the channel, but as I couldn\'t see the screen there was no way for me to know what channel it was now on, and I made the wrong guess and couldn\'t get it back again until stopped.

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