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Genie is a small, but very powerful standalone service device targeting the mobile phone repair/unlock market. The design idea follows the line of the so called ‘clip’ devices that usually plug to the service connector of a phone and are able to send some type of unlock command. But because Genie is extremely powerful and versatile, it is breaking out from the clip description.

Genie has a color LCD, keypad, internal LiOn rechargeable battery, SD card slot, Smart card slot (full size), parallel port, 2 USB ports - Host and Device - enough hardware to provide very flexible and extendible platform for mobile phone servicing, unlocking, repairing and even flashing.

All the hardware variety is backed by powerful software support. Fully grown Real Time Operating System, strong driver support for variety of service protocols - fast UART flashing, custom protocols like Nokia Fbus and modified SPI flashing protocols, USB enumeration of wide range of mobile phones give Genie the power to be truly powerful and universal service device.


  • Standalone Universal Device - it can run applications for any phone model
  • 4096 colors LCD display
  • Easy to navigate menu system, similar to popular phone interfaces
  • Numeric keypad: 0-9, and up/down/left/right button
  • High capacity LiOn battery - 7.2 V/ 1500 mAh. It can power the device for more then a week, it will also provide power to the connected phone
  • SD/MMC card support (64 Mb to 16Gb), SDHC fully supported, FAT32 formatted*
  • 10 pin parallel port, can work as general purpose parallel port, USART, clock generation, TP interface.
  • Phones can be connected via standard RJ-45 service cables from compatible flashing boxes
  • USB Host and Device ports - it can connect as USB device to PC and can provide USB interface to a phone
  • Smart Card Interface, ISO 7816 compatible. It can work with manufactures original cards as SX-4, EMMA3 and also custom JAVA and .NET cards
  • Genie uses the SD card as permanent storage, all files and applications are stored and executed from the card
  • Genie can work as PC dongle enabling Windows programs with high speed interface and security features
  • Triple power supply - can operate on internal battery, supplied charger or USB Cable connected to a PC

Window Application:

- Nokia PKD-1 application added: Features allow instant installation of Nokia Winphoenix and USB flashing

- Nokia FLS-5 application added: Full FLS-5 Features enabled. DCT3 Wintesla and DCT4/BB5 Phoenix FBus flashing (Repair dead phones), USB flashing, Testing, Tunning, RPL restore and etc..

Phoenix service software, Wintesla and Nokia FLS-5 device is originally updated by Nokia to support new phone types/models before this phones reach the market. So no more waiting required for update since you can just access to our supported FTP download to get the latest phoenix service software immediately at the same time which the Nokia care center received. Unlike the 3rd party softwares (Griffin, Prodigy, JAF, MT, PBB, UFS) which required to update their software for new models as basically third-party software will required to take some time for update, since the programmer(s) of 3rd party softwares like Griffin, Prodigy, UFS, JAF will need to receive the new phone model and make some research to update to their software. Patching on the loaders is commonly what the third-party programmers done to make the flashing works but sometime it will also create flashing bugs if the loaders desn’t patch properly. So having the bugs could resulting in several damage to the phone such as missing IMEI, erased simlock data, dead phone and so.

ALL DCT4Plus direct unlock application added 8th October 2008:


-No Phone firmware check or patch required for unlocking!
-No more waiting for firmware released by Nokia to unlock new DCT4Plus phone!
-No hunting of firmware anymore!
-Direct Unlock all DCT4Plus!
-Repair bad simlock data FFFFFFF
-Repair “Contact Service”

Standalone Clip features

- BB5 Life Timer Reset Application for Clip
- Genie Nokia DCT4 & BB5 Application for Clip V added:

* Phone mode selection such as Local, Normal, Test mode
* Full factory reset for all DCT4 and BB5 Phones
* Lcd contrast reset for 1110i, 1112, 1200 and some other..

- BB5 Unlock Application for Clip (Support N70,6630,6680,6681)
- BB5 No TP Unlock Application for Clip!!!. No credit or logs needed!!!

Supporting Model:
RAP3Gv3 Processor:

3109c (RM-274), 3110c(RM-237), 3250 (RM-38), 3500c (RM-272), 3500cb (RM-273), 5200 (RM-174), 5200b (RM-181), 5300 (RM-146), 5300b (RM-147), 5500 (RM-86), 6085 (RM-198), 6086 (RM-188), 6086b (RM-260), 6125 (RM-178), 6126/6133 (RM-126), 6131 (RM-115), 6131 NFC (RM-216), 6136 (RM-199), 6151 (RM-200), 6233 (RM-145), 6234 (RM-123), 6280 (RM-78), 6300 (RM-217), 6300b (RM-222), 6630 (RM-1), 6680 (RM-36), 6681 (RM-57), 6682 (RM-58), 7370 (RM-70), 7373 (RM-209), 7390 (RM-140), 8600 (RM-164), E50 (RM-170), E50 (RM-171), E50 (RM-172), E60 (RM-49), E61 (RM-89), E61i (RM-227), E62 (RM-88), E65 (RM-208), N70 (RM-84), N70-5 (RM-99), N71 (RM-67), N73-1 (RM-133), N73-5 (RM-132), N75 (RM-128), N77 (RM-194), N80-1 (RM-92), N80-3 (RM-91), N90 (RM-42), N91-1(RM-43), N91-8GB (RM-43), N91-5 (RM-158), N92 (RM-100), N93 (RM-55), and more….

Rapido Processor Supported:

N95 (RM-159), N95 (RM-245), N95 (RM-160), 5700 (RM-230),5700 (RM-302),E90 (RA-6) and more ……


Genie can execute small programs, that we call applications. This is similar the way programs are run on a PC, Mac or PDA. Every application is stored on the SD card in the Programs directory and can be executed by selecting it in the Program Manager Menu and then clicking ‘Run’. The application will be loaded and the user will have the ability to control it, select required function - for example unlock or repair a phone, detect connected phone, read the phone information etc. When the application is no longer needed, the user can simply exit it and return to the Genie main menu.

As there are many applications available for Genie, and there will be much more added in near future, all of the applications are organized in directories based on the phone model supported - all Nokia applications are in folder called ‘Nokia’, all SE applications are in folder called ‘SE’ and so on.

Package Contains :

  • 1 x Genie Universal Clip
  • 1 x DC power adapter
  • 1 x Genie Universal Clip adaptor cable
  • 1 x USB A To B cable

Genie Universal Clip

Genie Universal Clip

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