( ITEM ID: EO-003902 )O2 function Activation for Vygis Tool Box

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O2 function Activation for Vygis Tool Box

Software download at : http://support.vygis.net/

( This activation you need have vygis box in your hand first , Activation file will be Send by Email , which is not a box )


Warning: We can not be held responsible if the update or actviation server has been closed or discontinued. If this is the case there will be no refunds for the updates or activations which you have not used up. So please purchase at your own risk.

Vygis O2X1

Software features:

- fast unlock (less than 1 second)
- full flash,firmware,eeprom or custom (anyone 64 Kb of flash) reading-writing
- phones total cloning by flash from other phone
- software faults repairing.

Vygis BENQ M300 and O2X1i

Software features:
- fast unlock (about 1-3 seconds)
- full flash,firmware or eeprom reading/writing at 812 Kb
- phone reset( phone code and etc.)

Software works using TEST point,for this you need to solder TEST point to the GND and leave it soldered.

Vygis BENQ S660, O2X2

Software features:
- fast unlock (3-8 seconds)
- full flash,firmware and eeprom reading/writing at speeds up to 460Kb using USB Cable
- eeprom and phone repairing

Vygis O2X3/Benq S80

Software features:
- fast unlock (about 1-3 sec.)
- full flash, firmware or eeprom reading/writing at 921 Kb
- possibility to use original phones USB Cable with software

Vygis Vygis O2X4

Software features:
- fast unlock code reading
- phone code reading

Vygis O2X7s

Software features:
Supported models at this moment are:
- M240 and O2X7

Software features:
- fast full flash,firmware,eeprom area and calibration data reading-writing at 460 Kb
- fast unlock (1..5 seconds)
- phones software problems repairing (by writing to phone full flash and uploading later to phone his original calibration data).
- for communication with phone software uses COM or USB Cables.

WARNING: We will not be held responsible if you provide us with the wrong Serial number, so please make sure you have typed in correctly before adding into your cart, because once the request has been sent to author, you will be charged.

O2 function Activation for Vygis Tool Box

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