( ITEM ID: EO-003568 )Tornado Infra Station Lite Unit

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What about Tornado Infra Station?

  • The Infra rework consists of two units; one is the Pre Heater and the second one is a Hand Held unit.
  • The Pre Heater is used as a base on which the PCB is placed and kept in place with the help of small magnetic foot.
  • The Pre Heater is used to preheat the PCB up to a suitable temperature from the lower side. Approx mate temperature for preheat is 100 degrees which will display on the unit 300 in meter in the preheater
  • Once the PCB is preheated to the required temperature the Hand Held unit is used to heat the required part to a higher temperature (sufficient to melt the solder) and the required part can be removed.
  • Another new part can be also be fixed in the same way - after proper application of flux


Tornado Infra Station Full Specification: Pre Heater (aren't included on this package):

This infrared heating element contains the CE marking.
The CE marking indicates conformity with the relevant European safety directive(s).
Please read this notice fully before operating the heating element.

Protect from physical damage and exposure to water or chemically corrosive substances.
The operator is 100% responsible for the operating conditions of this heating element. While the manufacturer gives a warranty of 6 months after date of purchase, interfering with the heating element will negate all guarantees.


Heating element specifications:

  • Iron-chrome aluminum resistance wire
  • Heater Voltage: 230 Volts standard.
  • Electrical Power Loading: 6.8 W/cm² (43.5W/inch)
  • Useful wavelength range: 2 to 10 Microns.
  • Average Operating Life: 5,000 - 10,000 Hours.
  • Mean Maximum Surface Temperature: 685°C
  • Approximate Time Until Top Temperature: 8 minutes

Hand Held unit:

  • Surface rating: 76.8 kW/m²
  • Maximum permissible temperature: 900 °C
  • Wavelength range: 2 - 10 µm
  • Lifetime: more than 3000 hours

Super high temperature radiators were developed to increase the previous maximum possible surface rating of ceramic panel radiators from 64 kW/m² to 77 kW/m².
These radiators, produced using the hollow casting ceramic process, are filled with thermal insulation material and have a special black glaze and a gold-plated back. At an operating temperature of 900 °C, over 75 % of the electrical energy supplied is transferred to the material to be heated as medium to long-wave IR radiation.


Package Contains:

  • Handheld unit
  • Power supplay
  • Note: the "Pre-heater unit" are NOT INCLUDED

Tornado Infra Station Lite Unit

Tornado Infra Station Lite Unit

Tornado Infra Station Lite Unit

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