( ITEM ID: EO-003246 )USB retractable Multi Adaptor cable set

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USB retractable Multi Adaptor cable set

USB retractable Multi Adaptor cable set

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  • Marte10 21,2013 00:36Rating:Good
    As was noted in another review, the design of this cable could definitely use some work. The decorative corners on the end of the retractable cord that plugs into the pentagonal plug head get in the way if the place where it goes into your device is wider than the pentagon itself.

    However, since the projections on the corners are just decorative and not functional, I took a Dremel tool and ground them down at about a 45 degree angle. That solved the problem of connecting one of the mini plugs to my e-reader.

    If this had come with properly designed plugs I would have given it 5 stars, because it works perfectly and makes a great travel companion because I can use it for multiple devices without carrying multiple cables.
  • Aj 09 07,2013 05:37Rating:Excellent
    Very handy and well made little product. In use, it\'s a little clunky. I have a Nexus 10, and it\'s barely able to plug in due to the short stem and the size of the plug itself. I use this more as a backup than an everyday driver. If you\'re like me, less is more and in this case, I\'d prefer a dedicated \"tip\" vs the multi-tip all in one.
  • CHRISTOPHER02 16,2013 20:44Rating:Excellent
    Of the four \"ends\" on the adapter star, only 2 are freely accessible for most gadgets. This is because the rest of the cord and the other ends get in the way. Unless the gadget you want to connect is less than an inch wide, you won\'t be able to use the two ends closest to the standard USB plug. Both devices I wanted to use were too wide. The thing functions just fine, but whoever built it must have skipped the field testing, because most devices simply don\'t have room to plug in. If you need the two opposite the standard USB plug, it works great. If you need the other two, it is pretty much useless.
  • Alexandre Luis01 29,2013 14:21Rating:Good
    O unico inconveniente é a demora, o resto tudo ok.
  • Alexandre01 29,2013 14:21Rating:Excellent
    100 %, perfeito, entrega no prazo.

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