( ITEM ID: EO-003149 )HD15M/2*HD15F com cable

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HD15M/2*HD15F com cable


  • Cable length  0.6~1m , the length can be customize (mini 50pcs)which the price will be different.

HD15M/2*HD15F com cable

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  • gameman of NC 10 07,2013 21:17Rating:Excellent
    I am using this cable to go from my Dell PC to my new 42\" Toshiba LCD, picture reproduction is excellent and no signal loss over the distance of 25\'.
  • Jonathan08 14,2013 07:36Rating:Excellent
    I wanted a cable that ran from my computer to my HDTV, had great picture quality, and didn\'t want to pay for advertising(ex. MONSTER CABLE) .I was not disapointed. Very clear(and heavy) cable. It is very sturdy too. Contrast is awsome. Overall very nice cable for the price. I now use it to play games on my TV from my computer(and watch HDTV trailers)
    PS. even though it is 15ft long ...there is no ghosting or picture abnormalities.
  • \"zachn\"07 07,2013 04:31Rating:Excellent
    I have a really sharp Trinitron monitor which came with a decent quality video cable and text was sharp and clear. Recently I bought a new top-brand Geforce 4 Ti4800 video card and, after installing it, text became significantly ghosted. I later heard that the manufacturer used cheap parts which degrade the signal at high frequency (above 60Hz) when used in 2D (i.e. text) mode. I had to switch to 60 Hz to get sharp text, which still wasn\'t as sharp as it was with my previous graphics card running at 85Hz. Every step above 60Hz became increasingly ghosted. 85Hz and higher is much easier on the eyes, so I searched for a VGA cable to replace the one that I thought was pretty good. I decided to try a mid-priced cable, this Startech model. I liked their site and felt confident that they were selling a quality product. I connected it and PERFECT! I was back to sharp, clear text at 85Hz (and all the way up to 144Hz). This is an excellent cable for a great price and if you suffer with blurry text or ghost images, please give this one a try.
  • Gary02 16,2013 00:15Rating:Excellent
    I use this cable to connect my HP laptop to my Toshiba 42HL67 HDTV. Crystal clear signal, easy to connect, fantastic price! At big box stores, the same type of cable sells for $20+!

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