( ITEM ID: EO-003143 )DB15M/F cable

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DB15M/F cable


  • Cable length 1.5~2.0m , the length can be customize (mini 50pcs)which the price will be different.

DB15M/F cable

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  • Bookworm 09 15,2013 23:47Rating:Excellent
    Let me start off by saying I am happy overall with this purchase. A local electronic store wanted around $30 for a VGA cable, so this price is much better than that.
    I bought this cable to connect my computer to the VGA socket on my new flat panel monitor.
    However, my monitor VGA interface is reccessed, so that the cable needs to be bent perpendicularly in order to be plugged in.
    Because the cable is so stiff, I had a hard time bending the cable so that it would plug in to the monitor.
    Also, the screws wont screw in properly because of the bulkynes of the plug.
    I\'ve been using this cable now for over six months, and apart from the occasional unintentional unplugging, everything has been smooth.
  • Enr Minino Domenech09 15,2013 03:56Rating:Good
    The vga cable worked great to plug my laptop on a lcd tv, the image was great and so is the price
  • Hulk hands08 15,2013 05:07Rating:Excellent
    No problems, great picture, Easy to use. I hooked it up from my laptop to my (Samsung LCD) TV and have had no problems. It\'s a long cable so it\'s great if you want to move around with it. I played some movies off my laptop and the picture was sharp and clear.
  • X. Li 04 30,2013 21:24Rating:Excellent
    I currently use an ATi x800 video card with two LCD displays, one of which is VGA. For the past year or so, I\'ve been using a cable that came with the monitor, and recently, it\'s been causing all sorts of problems--color flickering, display signal loss, etc. When looking for a replacement VGA cable, this one caught my eye.

    After installing it, I found that the picture quality and brightness was better than I remember originally, and all the previous problems were gone. I\'ve never had a problem with ghosting, even with fast-paced FPS games, but I can say for sure that this cable doesn\'t ghost. It feels very well-constructed (is about twice the diameter of my previous cable), and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The only caveat is that because of its sturdy construction, the ends don\'t bend too well if you need to fit them in at an angle. Otherwise, excellent cable, and definitely far better than any in its price range!
  • Ivy Raine 03 22,2013 04:26Rating:Excellent
    I use this to connect my Sony Vaio to my HDTV (Samsung). The cord works really well to let me watch online shows on my TV through my computer.

    Just a note for anyone struggling with hooking up their Sony: My TV initially would not recognize that there was any input. You may have to update some various things (go to the Sony website to get those upgrades that are specific to your type of laptop. I did this and still couldn\'t get it to work, but it at least saw that there was input, it just said something about not being able to use the data or something along those lines. After some fiddling, I changed one of the settings to 60Hz (sorry I can\'t remember exactly where it was, somewhere under Control Panel and then Other... it\'s the same place where you tell it to use two screens). That did it! I\'ve been pretty pleased with the quality- it\'s not superfantastic like watching a bluray but definitely better than watching TV on my laptop.

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