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Optical mouse



  • Adopts optical orientation technology, high accuracy and reliability
  • Ergonomics designed
  • ntelligent Internet function
  • High resolution: 800 DPI
  • Zoom in and zoom out function
  • 3D function, multiple decoded
  • Working on any surface except glass and mirror
  • USB, Combo port available
  • Compatible with windows 98/2000/XP/9X/ME/NT4.0, windows vista
  • Optical mouse

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    • Kelly J.10 24,2013 20:23Rating:Excellent
      This mouse is comfortable to use, responsive for every day use. Great for the price, I\'m very happy with it.
    • T. Cramer10 04,2013 08:20Rating:Excellent
      There is nothing spectacular about this mouse, but if you are looking for a solid mouse under $10 this is a good choice. I had to replace my parent\'s mouse which had buttons that were very difficult to press and a scroll wheel that was a challenge to roll. This mouse is much better.

      Like others have said, it is lightweight. For older people who simply want a mouse that works to browse the internet and look at pictures, this mouse is perfect. It does fit the hand very nicely and the buttons are very easy to click, but firm enough so you won\'t accidentally click them. The scroll wheel scrolls with ease and is textured for a good grip you can feel. No, I wouldn\'t want to use this for gaming or intense work, but for general computer use it is just right and at the right price.

      I installed this on 2 separate machines, a laptop with Windows 7 and a desktop with Vista. For both, the drivers were located and the entire installation process was complete in under 20 seconds. Overall, no issues and a product I can recommend.
    • Yarii10 03,2013 14:55Rating:Excellent
      My Belkin optical mouse finally quit on me, I think I used the left button way too much playing Diner Dash. I\'d never heard of the mouse brand before now, but decided to give it a try because of the cheap price and 5 year warranty.

      It has a 5 foot cord, attaches via USB port, definitely easy plug and play hookup - I\'m running Vista. I have small hands and this feels comfortable. The buttons and scroll wheel work as expected as far as a basic mouse.

      But if you are wanting to use it for games, even a game as basic as Solitaire, or even Slingo, find something else. This mouse is not responsive enough, and the left button starts feeling mushy after a week of using it.

      UPDATE: Still working fine after almost 2 years of use, I quit playing Diner Dash so not as much wear & tear on the left button.
    • -J09 20,2013 20:41Rating:Excellent
      This is a great, inexpensive mouse that fits well with just about any computing area. The shape fits a hand well, the buttons are responsive and don\'t make obnoxious clicking noises, and the scroll wheel is smooth and quiet. I would definitely recommend this mouse to anyone.

      Cons: only the standard 3 buttons. This isn\'t a con for me, but I can see how it would be for some.
    • Big D09 19,2013 03:28Rating:Excellent
      Mouse measures approximately 4.5 inches long by 2.25 wide by 1.5 tall.

      I am really liking the mouse. Here is what I like about it.

      1. Size is just right for my large hand.

      2. Where one would place their thumb while using it is lightly textured.

      3. Scroll wheel is smooth and quite, and the right and left click are spot on for me.

      4. It\'s light but seems to be more expensive than it really is.

      5. 5 year warranty!

      Compared to what Logitech is putting out lately in this price bracket, this one has a winner in my book.

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