( ITEM ID: EO-002990 )Mini Optical mouse

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Mini Optical mouse



  • Adopts optical orientation technology, high accuracy and reliability
  • Ergonomics designed
  • ntelligent Internet function
  • High resolution: 800 DPI
  • Zoom in and zoom out function
  • 3D function, multiple decoded
  • Working on any surface except glass and mirror
  • USB, Combo port available
  • Compatible with windows 98/2000/XP/9X/ME/NT4.0, windows vista

    Mini Optical mouse

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    • Frances 10 09,2013 14:11Rating:Excellent
      it a great little mouse it can be use in small or large spaces it easy to use any where at house or out it size is rigth for a small hand
    • Sandra Webb 10 02,2013 23:29Rating:Excellent
      This mouse is my favorite yet! It is smaller than I thought it would be, but much more durable than any of the other mice I have bought. I am very pleased with it!
    • Nola Jones06 20,2013 08:44Rating:Excellent
      This little mouse works great with my laptop. I have had no problems with it. It has had several bangs as I forgot it was there and moved my laptop to a desk.
    • J. DeWitt06 01,2013 23:06Rating:Excellent
      I\'ve been using this for about a month. I hate laptop trackpads. This little mouse gives my hand a break. I can use it on my laptop to the right of my trackpad or even on a pillow that my arm is resting on. It\'s plenty sensitive. The cord doesn\'t retract perfectly but that is not a big issue to me. Only issue I have is that it\'s easy to drop it while it\'s still plugged into the USB port and so get the laser flashing in your eyes, but that\'s really more a testament to my clumsiness. For $3 you can\'t beat this. I also bought an $8 Belkin mini mouse and I see no advantages to that more expensive one.
    • halfpint7901 20,2013 04:57Rating:Excellent
      I am highly pleased with my new mouse. I have very small hands and it is hard for me to navigate a big mouse. I just plugged it in and was ready to go. I also think the neon blue light is very nice.

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