( ITEM ID: EO-002957 )USB 2.0 hub with 4 ports

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USB2.0 with 4 ports hub


  • Adds 4 USB 2.0 hi-speed ports
  • Supports up to 127 hi-speed devices
  • True plug-and-play and hot swap capabilities
  • Fast data/file access and transfer rates up to 480Mbps
  • Draws power directly from USB port

System requirements:

  • IBM compatible PC or Apple Mac PC etc
  • Windows 98SE or later
  • Mac OS 8.6 or later
  • Colors: various colors available

Package contents: Email: sales@eoem.cc support@eoem.cc -----Eoem Online Shop - Phone Service Devices Sparepart Repairing Tools and any more

  • USB 2.0 high speed 4 port hub
  • Packing type: blister

USB 2.0 hub with 4 ports

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  • Mike10 11,2013 09:54Rating:Excellent
    Very nice sleek design and haven\'t had a problem yet. Works great, but only time will tell.

    The panel allows you to select if it is on or off, which is a nice feature to have. Looks cool too.
  • Richard M. Schiller 09 18,2013 09:04Rating:Excellent
    Someone commented on a switch being improper disconnect, but proper Plug nPlay devices wont get improper plug warnings. If you unplug and the drive wasnt ready, youre safer to plug the same item back in; the danger is to plug a different directory into that same port, and then from RAM it writes the former directory onto the new different drive. Computers have only so much memory for directories, and once they max, they will drop a drive from your hub to load the next drive up of your hub. I learned this with a ten port USB hub. This maxing the directory memory of your computer will crash one directory to load up the next directory. And in my case twice i lost a WD Passport Tera drive permanantly because of too much directory Gigs. (Yes, i did swap a drive, and it tried to claim the new drive was the former one plugged in.) So the push-button off is a must for safely having four Tera drives connected. The off-on buttons is a must for USB hubs. WAIT until you hear the computer beep of USB connect or USB drop. I wont buy a USB hub anymore without switches. They were formerly expensive and i was being tight and cheap. I wont buy a switchless ten hub anymore, anybody want mine for free?
  • BurlyEd09 14,2013 07:28Rating:Excellent
    I bought one for a friend. I tested it. I liked it, so a few days later I bought another for myself.
  • Hi-Tek08 12,2013 18:49Rating:Good
    I\'m looking for a USB port with an individual switch so I bought this
    one, for the price its a best buy.

    so this is my review of this product.
    Pros and Cons.
    +Individual switch and matching individual blue light is a plus
    +Push ON/OFF button for easy operation
    +Not bulky design, plastic enclosure seems ok
    -USB wire is short for this model but some have long cable

    Im an electronic enthusiast and I know what are some flaws
    to this device.
    1. This is a push button switch and made of cheap switches
    so expect the more you used the switch someday it will fail
    2. These have individual LEd lights so if you connect this to a laptop
    and you connect several devices to these USB ports on some
    cases your device may not work and consumes energy from your
    3. This device dont have a separate power and it only gets power
    from your laptop/desktop, you may encounter devices attached to
    this USB port that will fail or not detected, that is due to no enough
    power to the device.
    (Try to disconnect this USB port and plug in your device directly)

    overall recommends this USB port with some things to consider
  • Wii oldtyme player05 27,2013 11:53Rating:Excellent
    Very nice USB hub this has built in switches where you can turn items off/on such as the handy desk usb cooling fan!!!

    I have my phone usb charger plugged in and when it\'s done just press the button to turn it off. voip device even works great.

    I give this 2 thumbs up or 5 ***** stars.

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