( ITEM ID: EO-002951 )USB 2.0 hub with 4 ports

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USB2.0 with 4 ports hub


  • Adds 4 USB 2.0 hi-speed ports
  • Supports up to 127 hi-speed devices
  • True plug-and-play and hot swap capabilities
  • Fast data/file access and transfer rates up to 480Mbps
  • Draws power directly from USB port

System requirements:

  • IBM compatible PC or Apple Mac PC etc
  • Windows 98SE or later
  • Mac OS 8.6 or later
  • Colors: various colors available

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  • USB 2.0 high speed 4 port hub
  • Packing type: blister

USB 2.0 hub with 4 ports

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  • Neal J Magenheim08 17,2013 01:16Rating:Excellent
    Bought this hub for my sons desktop computer. I asked him and he said it was \"perfect\" !! Enough said.
  • Justin 06 10,2013 08:36Rating:Excellent
    This is the first dedicated USB hub I have purchased. (I own several keyboards and monitors with built-in hubs.) I needed it for a damaged PC with only one working USB port, because I wanted to connect a USB wireless adapter and a wireless keyboard and mouse adapter at the same time.

    The hub itself is very lightweight and has a super short cable. Neither of these are a problem for me, and in this case I actually prefer the super short cable. (The PC I use is inside my entertainment cabinet.) Above each of the four USB ports on the hub is a button that acts as a power switch for the port. I assume that you need to have the button switched to its on position (press it in) in order to use a port, but I haven\'t actually tested plugging in a device without turning the port\'s switch on first. When switched to on, there is a relatively bright blue light LED stays on for as long as you have the port\'s power switched on. The light is on each switch, so if you have all four ports enabled then you get four lights. I would prefer a more subtle approach (maybe move the lights to the back?), but it doesn\'t bother me enough to take off a star. Not for the price I paid.

    The hub works without an issue with my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse adapter and my Edimax wireless network adapter. The PC that it\'s plugged into it is left on 24/7 and is restarted a few times per week, and I haven\'t had any issues with the hub. Those are the only two devices I have plugged in most of the time, but sometimes I turn on the power to a third port so I can plug in a flash drive. It works without issue.

    This hub actually isn\'t ideal for most people, I\'d say. It\'s only a USB 2.0 hub, not 3.0. The PC I use with it has no USB 3.0 ports, so I\'m fine with 2.0. If your PC has a super speed USB 3.0 port, then I recommend getting a USB 3.0 hub because it is far faster than USB 2.0. In addition, this port isn\'t powered. That means that whatever you plug into it has to be low powered enough to draw power from USB directly. Nearly all flash drives, wireless adapters, and other small devices are fine with this, but if you need to use large USB powered speakers or external hard drives, then you may want to consider a powered USB hub. In addition to plugging into a USB port on your PC, powered hubs also plug into the wall. If you only need small devices, or if your power hungry devices plug into the wall on their own, then you probably don\'t need to worry. That said, the hub can handle some power hungry devices. I once plugged an external USB DVD/CD writer, and it powered right on off only the hub.

    This is a great little device. It\'s also super cheap, and it\'s just what I needed. If you need a cheap hub, then this is a good buy in my experience.
  • Thee Awesomest01 22,2013 22:47Rating:Excellent
    So I\'m editing this because I\'ve had it for a bit now and I can be more accurate. It works great! I love that I can turn the ports on and off, but it sucks I can\'t plug up a drawing wacom tablet (pressure won\'t work). Actually at first a hard drive wouldn\'t work in it but, now it does for some reason. a problem that i forgot about is! MOVING UT AROUND WHILE YOU HAVE THINGS PLUGGED INTO IT WILL ON AMD OFF SAY IT\'S DISCONNECTED ETC. ITS ANNOYING. THIS DOESNT HAPPEN WHEN YOU FIRST FIRST GET IT. otherwise i experience no other issues. At the same time it is great if you just need the extra ones to charge a phone or plug in a usb for a wireless mouse or something! So far so good! Etc.

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