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  • R. Brome10 18,2012 19:46Rating:Excellent
    This is a really great product. When I ordered, I thought it was just one tray with movable dividers. Actually, it\'s a bunch of individual bins of different sizes. That means you can re-arrange them at any time without emptying them. I ordered three, and I love being able to shuffle the little bins around if I need more large-size bins in my electrical case, for example.

    The thin profile, clear top, secure latches, and comfortable handle are all excellent. The variety of bin sizes is also perfect for most uses I can imagine (or least perfect for anything I\'ve needed so far!)

    I have three and will probably order more. One for screws, one for electrical, one for misc small hardware... I\'m pretty sure I can organize my whole shop with these. Suddenly these kinds of small parts \"cabinets\" seem ridiculous: Plastic Drawer Cabinet - 27 Drawers ...who wants those tiny bins that are hard to see into and aren\'t portable? Now everything is \"at my fingertips\" instead. Highly recommended!
  • Mark09 23,2012 07:34Rating:Excellent
    Stanley Consumer Storage 014725M 25 Compartment Professional Organizer

    The Stanley Professional Organizer is a great product. This 25 compartment model has a variety of different sized compartments, including several sizes smaller than the one included with the 8 compartment model Stanley Consumer Storage 014708R 8 Compartment Deep Professional Organizer. They are both great.

    This one is a little better for storage of smaller quantities of small parts. If you need to store larger pieces or need bins for large nubmbers of similar items (such as nails) you really should get the 8 compartment model instead. That goes as well for people using this for tech part storage.

    I have plumber friends that also use this to store fittings. Just about every pro or hobbiest could find a use for this. In fact, there\'s probably a million uses, and depending on your needs the other styles may suit you. All of these are really good so you can\'t miss.

    Love the durable feel, much better than most flimsy organizers I have tried. The compartments are all seperate, much better than the Workforce organizer which only has flimsy tabs seperating the areas.

    I hope Stanley expands to this line of organizers because they are all really good.

    Definitely try this.

  • Hedge05 14,2012 18:55Rating:Excellent
    I really appreciate this design. It locks the seperate bins in place when the top is closed. It has a clear and durable lid. The snaps on the front are very solid but may be a bit aggressive for those with less strong fingers. However releasing the snaps is done with minimum edges hurting your fingers (so you don\'t cringe too much when having to open it). The snap closures will definitely hold the lid shut. The handle is very strong and not sharp as are many, many plastic handles. The units interlock when stacked. You can label the handle with a decent degree of certainty that the label won\'t come off due to texturing. The only complaint I have, and it is a persistent one with almost all storage MFRs., is that the bins should have a radiused front walls for easy removal of smaller items.
    I am a mech./plastics design engineer and for what it\'s worth, this is a very nice product (no i don\'t work for Stanley). Get 3 or 4 for that special someone. I\'m stocking up as you read this :-)
  • mboard18205 05,2012 13:43Rating:Average
    This is a great quality bin:
    -somewhat shatter-resistant plastic
    -real hinges and latches (stronger/more durable the \'live hinge\')
    -the removable bins (the main feature)

    Comments / negatives:

    I have been using \"little bins\" (google for that, global industrial, akro-mills, and others make them) inside drawers. I wanted something smaller, and with its own carrying case.

    These do fit that criteria, HOWEVER, it is frustrating the product isn\'t available with more configurations of bins. The 25-compartment version comes with only 12 of the smallest bin (covering ~1/4 of the tray\'s area).

    At least for me, I have the biggest need for the smallest bins (1.5\" x 2\"). After all, I have other solutions that work OK for slightly larger items, its the tiny stuff that is impossible to dig out of a standard organizer tray.

    Also, the lid IS rigid, but the inside is mostly flat. Some containers do a better job with very small parts. Lips on the interior of the lid would help a lot, but I can see that isn\'t an option here since the bins are reconfigurable inside. This is only effective down to about a #10 flat washer.

    Minor problems:
    -the label doesn\'t peel off cleanly, lots of adhesive left. I assume i can get it off with alcohol, haven\'t tried yet.
  • smartcat 02 03,2012 11:13Rating:Excellent
    The bins are separate from the container and very arangable. I often take a bin out of it to the work location without carrying the whole container - I find that very convenient.
    The bins are held very securely by protrusions in the lid when the container is closed. I can carry it and store it vertically without anything getting out of place and without fear of the lid popping open (it locks very nicely and securely). Only the bin\'s contents move within the bins, the bins stay put. The lid is very clear, so I can easily see what\'s in it. It seems quite tough, not fragile.

    Ever since I bought one at Sears I have been looking for more to buy, until now without success. I cannot tolerate any other organizer anymore. I am delighted to see it at EOEM now, so I will buy one or two more! (I am also considering the deep version.)

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