( ITEM ID: EO-002930 )USB2.0 Hub with 4 Ports

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USB2.0 with 4 ports hub


  • Adds 4 USB 2.0 hi-speed ports
  • Supports up to 127 hi-speed devices
  • True plug-and-play and hot swap capabilities
  • Fast data/file access and transfer rates up to 480Mbps
  • Draws power directly from USB port

System requirements:

  • IBM compatible PC or Apple Mac PC etc
  • Windows 98SE or later
  • Mac OS 8.6 or later
  • Colors: various colors available

Package contents: Email: sales@eoem.cc support@eoem.cc -----Eoem Online Shop - Phone Service Devices Sparepart Repairing Tools and any more

  • USB 2.0 high speed 4 port hub
  • Packing type: blister

USB2.0 Hub with 4 Ports

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  • Brian A. Chip Scott10 29,2013 01:42Rating:Excellent
    I needed a simple usb hub and got one. It works great and I love the on/off switches for each port. Nice feature. Delivery was right on time.
  • USGrant710 10,2013 04:54Rating:Excellent
    For those of you who are paranoid about your USB devices talking unattended, to the wrong computer. (aka, microphones and video cams continuously connected to your pc) You have got to buy this!!! I turn it on and off without having to scramble to plug it in because I have someone trying to skype me. Very cool!!! Very painless to install. Very painless to understand. Glowing = ON, Not glowing = OFF. Thank you Sabrent for making my pain go away.
  • Fred J Bremerman05 31,2013 06:51Rating:Excellent
    The 4 port hub is awesome. I like the lighted buttons - easy to see which ports are live. This is a simple, effective tool. Very nice.
  • slack 05 22,2013 17:23Rating:Excellent
    I was a little worried that I wouldn\'t be able to use this with my Rock Band instruments on Xbox 360 since this is not a powered hub. This is not the case. I can plug both guitars, the mic and the drums all into this thing and it works just fine. The ability to turn the USB ports on and off is actually pretty nice for leaving the instruments plugged in, but turning them off to play other games.

    Great hub for the price. I wish I hadn\'t paid so much more for my last one.
  • CaliJonny03 04,2013 10:22Rating:Excellent
    I\'ve had usb ports that didn\'t recognize devices that was plugged in or loose usb connectors that wiggle around. This one is solid for me and haven\'t had any issues. Add another 5 star

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