( ITEM ID: EO-002927 )USB2.0 Hub with 4 Ports

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USB2.0 Hub with 4 Ports



  • Adds 4 USB 2.0 hi-speed ports
  • Supports up to 127 hi-speed devices
  • True plug-and-play and hot swap capabilities
  • Fast data/file access and transfer rates up to 480Mbps
  • Draws power directly from USB port

System requirements:

  • IBM compatible PC or Apple Mac PC etc
  • Windows 98SE or later
  • Mac OS 8.6 or later
  • Colors: various colors available
  • Dimensions: 63 x 46 x 24mm

Package contents:

  • USB 2.0 high speed 4 port hub
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • Packing type: blister


USB2.0 Hub with 4 Ports

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  • G. Spickard 10 24,2013 04:38Rating:Average
    This product seemed like a great deal online, however upon using it for around a month, I\'ve determined that it is no good. I have been using my laptop exclusively recently after the failure of my desktop machine, and it has a severe lack of USB ports, which is why I ordered this product. Most of the devices I plug into the laptop are storage drives, and every time I moved my laptop slightly or wiggled the USB hub, the drives would disconnect and reconnect, causing all kinds of warning messages to flash on my screen about improper removal. Thankfully this never happened in the middle of a write operation. The hub worked fine for other devices, however, such as my corded mouse. The only other drawback to this product that I can think of is that it is unpowered, so the external drives that lack an individual power source (eg. WD \"My Passport\" drives) will not work with it. On the plus side, it is very small and portable, making it a great laptop companion if only it weren\'t for the loose connection issue...

    Overall, if you\'re on the fence I would take a pass on this product, go with a slightly more expensive USB hub that won\'t cause you any problems and I\'m sure it\'ll be worth it in the long run. I already went out and replaced this Sabrent hub with a Belkin one... yes it was 4x the price BUT it has a power supply and doesn\'t fail when I jiggle it (also came with a MUCH longer removable cord and is even smaller than the Sabrent hub).
  • Sherrill Hart05 21,2013 20:01Rating:Excellent
    This Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Individual Power Switches and LEDs works well. When I received it I tested it, and all 4 ports worked. I don\'t need extra USB ports at present, but I bought this product just in case. It seems well worth the inexpensive cost. :)
  • D. VanAntwerp03 18,2013 05:06Rating:Excellent
    I like this USB hub. It lights up when the ports are powered and it has switches to control each port. I wish it had more than four ports, but it was clearly labeled so I should have planned ahead and purchased a hub with more ports. I bought a second one, and will probably buy a third one. But it\'s an excellent USB hub so I highly recommend it.
  • Jeffrey R Lewis02 09,2013 10:15Rating:Good
    The switches work as advertised and can be useful. The build materials do not blow me away, but it is a good value.
  • shousden01 22,2013 14:40Rating:Good
    I purchased this to add a few more usb ports to my pc...I installed it on the back and wrapped around the side and added a small piece of 3m double sided sticky tape to secure it to the side of my tower. All the ports work and the lights as well for each port. The lights turn on and off for each port when you toggle the power to that port. Its a bit chintsy that each light spills over to the next so when one is on it almost lights up two..no biggie just kind of cheap. But for the price what can you expect. It does the job its supposed to do, The cord itself is a bit short for what I wanted but that\'s ok too. No biggie. Over all i\'m satisfied with the product.

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