( ITEM ID: EO-002908 )1.3 Megapixel USB 2.0 Digital Video Webcam

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1.3 Megapixel USB 2.0 Digital Video Webcam


  • Easy USB Plug And Play
  • USB 1.1 or USB2.0 Interface.
  • Chat online via MSN/Yahoo/Skype Internet conference
  • 100K,300K,350K,480K,1.3M pixels optional
  • Image solution: 800*600; 1280x960
  • Frame rate: 320x240 up to 35 frame/second (CIF)
  • 640x480 up to 30 frame/second (VGA)
  • 1280x960 up to 15 frame/second (SXGA)
  • Work temperature: 0 - 40°C
  • Sensor type: Color CMOS Image Sensor pixels SXGA
  • Sensor size: 1/4 inch
  • Focus range: 5cm+
  • Video processing: auto lighting control/auto compensated
  • control/auto white balance/Gamma adjustment
  • System: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
  • Support dynamic and static picture snapping
  • Specially effect software and microphone optional
  • Stand on laptop, metal stand and plastic clip optional

1.3 Megapixel USB 2.0 Digital Video Webcam

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  • Douglas Chin10 11,2013 04:47Rating:Excellent
    Here are some quick facts that you might want to know about this microscope:
    1. The lens is actually a type of zoom lens but not the kind you might be used to. See below for more details.
    2. A significant range of the magnification settings require the object you are looking at to be inside the body of the microscope!
    3. The magnification numbers assume you are using roughly a 19\" diagonal 1280x1024, or 25\" diagonal 1920x1080 monitor.
    4. The overall image quality is very good but not perfect
    5. The frame rate is 30 frames per second at 640x480 and only 5 frames per second at 1600x1280 if you use the driver they supply because it removes support for MJPEG encoding. If you don\'t use their driver you can get up to 15 frames per second at 1600x1280.
    6. The supplied application only works with their driver installed.

    Now for some details:

    After ordering this on EOEM, and before even receiving it, I got an email from Plugable instructing me to download the latest software through a provided link. I think this shows a level of support you might not get from other sellers on similar items.

    Other reviews have said the lens on this microscope is focusable but not a zoom lens. It appears to actually be a varifocal zoom lens with some unusual properties, some good and some not so good. There is a magnification adjustment wheel in the side of the body that is labeled with numbers that they refer to as \"magnification\" in the software. The wheel can be turned one full rotation. At one end of the rotation, there is an unlabeled region. From the end of this region to the other end of the rotation there are numbers from 20 through 230. Turning the wheel changes the distance from the lens to where an object will be in focus. If this were just a focusable lens, and not a zoom lens, one end of the rotation would focus very close and provide a high magnification and, as the focus is adjusted, the focus distance would increase and the magnification would decrease. That is not the case with this lens. In the unlabeled region, the focus distance goes from past infinity, where nothing at any distance is in focus, to about ⅜\" from the end of the clear ring at the end of the microscope when you get to 20, the first labeled number on the wheel. As you continue to turn the wheel, the focus distance continues to decrease until you get to about 39 where the focus distance is level with the end of the clear ring. From 39 to 205, the focus point is actually inside the clear ring so what you are looking at needs to be small enough to fit into the ring and the ring cannot be detached from the rest of the unit. Over most of this range, the focus distance is between ¼\" and ⅜\" inside the ring. From 205 to 230, the focus distance goes from the outside surface of the ring to about .1\" past the surface. If the ring could be detached or the focus didn\'t move so close I would have given this 5 stars. Perhaps this issue is just a sample defect in the unit I have.

    The video quality is very good for a $40 device. At low light levels, there are some horizontal and vertical lines in the image that shouldn\'t be there in addition to random noise one would expect at low light. At normal light levels and those provided by the built in lights, the lines can\'t be seen and the image quality is surprisingly good. The uniformity of focus at the edges of the image isn\'t perfect but its very good for the price. When the center of an image of a flat object is in focus, the edges are a little out of focus but it\'s not bad. If you are viewing shiny objects, there is some glare from the built in LED\'s but you can always provide your own light from the side if this is a problem.

    Without the provided software driver, the microscope appears as a standard UVC USB webcam with multiple resolutions supported. The UVC support allows the camera to be used without drivers on many devices. I tried it on my Chromebook and it works but I have no way to change resolutions. Unfortunately, the driver they ask you to install only outputs YUV data, not MJPEG. This limits the frame rate it can achieve at higher resolutions. Although it can produce 30FPS at 640x480, it can only do 5FPS at 1600x1280. With the provided driver loaded, a few additional resolutions are supported but, without their driver supported, MJPEG is supported and the frame rate at the higher resolutions goes up to 15FPS.

    Under Windows, the included software requires the included driver to be loaded before you can use the microscope. The software allows you to view the video and take pictures and capture video. It should also allow you to take pictures by pressing the button on the camera but the button on mine does nothing. Presumably it is defective. You can also measure and annotate the pictures it has captured but you cannot measure things in the live video preview. The measurements are calibrated by entering the magnification setting on the zoom wheel into the application. Strangely, it only takes numbers from 1 to 220 even though the wheel goes up to 230. Unfortunately, the magnification number must be an integer and this does not allow enough resolution when measuring things at a low magnification. The software allows you to mark up the image with measurements, lines and text and then save it to a new .jpg file.
  • Liz Ruest09 27,2013 15:27Rating:Excellent
    The family got this as a gift, but I\'m eyeing it for textures in my layered photography work. Heads up: the software isn\'t fancy, and it\'s easy to take too many captures at once. Best to manipuate the capture files directly on your computer (in C:\\photos). But the results are worth it!
  • B. Wilson01 08,2013 02:24Rating:Good
    I was looking for a plug and play type of scope and by it saying \"Plugable\", I thought this was it. Well you have to use the CD to install the software first. However, this scope is well worth the money. It is small, but not too small. The lights and magnification dials are great. It is easy to use. The downside is the weak stand. It is not sturdy at all. So overall the scope would get 5 stars but I took away a star for the stand and not being plug and play. Hope this helps.

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