( ITEM ID: EO-002886 )8 in 1 memory card reader/writer

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8 in 1 memory card reader/writer


  • USB 2.0 Compatible, data transfer rate up to 480Mbps
  • Memory cards supported: SD, SD-ultra, SDC, MMC, HS-MMC, RS-MMC (without adaptor); Mini SD, T-Flash (with adaptor)
  • Available USB port, plug and play
  • Hot Swapping spport
  • Colors: Red, black, white,green

8 in 1 memory card reader/writer

8 in 1 memory card reader/writer

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  • L. Wang10 28,2013 18:48Rating:Excellent
    The transfer speed from my 64G SDXC card to my PC hard drive is amazing, way faster than my other USB 2.0 card.

    It used to take more than 20 minutes to copy around 10 GB files, now it is about 6 minutes.

    I think everybody should get a USB 3.0 card reader. The time you have saved is definitely worth the extra money.

    This product is very compact. The simplistic design give it advantages in portability and ease to use.

    Also, I got the item in 3 days from placing an order to receiving it. Fast shipping and great service.
  • Howard B. Austin 10 24,2013 11:06Rating:Good
    The reader works fine and does everything that it\'s supposed to do. But the end caps are made of really thin, flimsy plastic. The first time I tried to take them off, one of them cracked just from being taken off the end.

    Wrote and asked for a replacement and they told me that they don\'t have any spares so I guess I\'ll just have to live with it.
  • D. Polson10 02,2013 16:16Rating:Excellent
    Overall, I\'m very satisfied with this U-Speed USB 3.0 SD/micro-SD card reader. In my hands, the U-Speed is superior to the Transcend USB 2.0 SD card reader (for obvious performance reasons) and superior to the IO Gear USB 3.0 card reader in every respect: performance, design and quality.

    Running ATTO Disk Benchmark, and using a Sandisk Extreme 32gb SDHC class 10 card and a a USB 3.0 port on my PC, the Transcend USB 2.0 reader performed R/W at 20-21 mbps, while the same Sandisk card and same USB 3.0 port using the U-Speed USB 3.0 reader performed R/W at 39-40 mbps. The IO Gear USB 3.0 card reader failed to install, so I wasn\'t able to test it (but I was very disappointed with the poor design and inferior build quality of the IO Gear reader).

    Both the Transcend and IO Gear units have a side insertion of the SD and micro-SD cards, but the IO Gear unit, which feels very cheaply made - flimsy, in fact - and the cap design is absurdly poor, with any little nudge knocking it off. The Transcend is of much better quality than the IO Gear, although USB2-slow. By comparison, the U-Speed has them both easily beat...it\'s not even close, in my opinion.

    I really like the rear insertion placement for cards on the U-Speed unit, and also like the dual-cap design - one to cover the SD card insertion end and the other to cover the USB male end. Also, the U-Speed caps are well designed and fit very snuggly on the ends, like they won\'t come off too easily...nice job, U-Speed.

    It would be a very nice design improvement if U-Speed could figure out a way to sturdily attach a lanyard.
  • Thomas M. Mcdonnell08 09,2013 06:47Rating:Excellent
    I\'ve had this card reader for about two weeks now and have used it a few times. It works effortlessly as one would expect - simply insert your card and plug it into an available USB 3.0 port (or backwards compatible with any USB port) and the PC recognizes it automatically. Transfers are very fast as expected. I haven\'t done any formal benchmarking, but its on par with other USB 3.0 devices I\'ve used in terms of speed.

    I particularly like the build quality of this unit. It feels stronger and more rugged than other similar items I\'ve used in the past. The extra microSD card slot is handly, making it unnecessary to have an extra adapter with you if you want to transfer files quickly to/from a microSD card from your phone for example.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am an Anker Power User. With that said I purchased and paid for this item myself, it was not a free test/demo item.
  • Sujal Patel06 05,2013 01:31Rating:Excellent
    I am going on a 9 day vacation to Puerto Vallarta in 3 days. So I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1\" tablet last week for work and for a little play. Along with the tablet I purchased a SanDisk 64GB Micro SD card. I figured I can put some movies on the Micro SD Card and watch them on my tablet on the flight over. Well, I couldn\'t get the Micro SD Card to read on my computer at first so I thought it might be a dud but came to find out that most external adapters can\'t read a 64GB Micro SD Card. Keep in mind that the Micro SD Card did come with an SD Adapter but I do not have an SD slot in my laptop otherwise it would have probably worked. So I was now in search of a external Micro SD Card reader that can read up to 64GB and not even my local Best Buy sold one. I found this Anker USpeed on EOEM.cc and the price was super dirt cheap and I thought what do I got to lose. I bought it, I got it, and the damn thing works awesome. The caps on the ends might be a bit flimsy but I don\'t care as long as the reader serves its main purpose for me. When I was reading reviews on this product I could not find one in which someone mentioned that it worked with a 64GB Micro SD Card so if anyone else is interested....well I think you know the answer. Adios.

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