( ITEM ID: EO-002883 )17 in 1 memory card reader/writer

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17 in 1 memory card reader/writer


  • USB 2.0 Compatible, data transfer rate up to 480Mbps
  • Memory cards supported: XD, SD, Mini-SD, SD Ultra, MMC, MMCII, RS-MMC, HS-MMC, SDC, T-Flash, Ms, Ms Pro, Ms MG Pro, Ms Duo, Ms MG Duo, Ms Pro Duo, MsMG Pro Duo

17 in 1 memory card reader/writer

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  • M. Fernandez10 18,2013 03:30Rating:Excellent
    I am a system builder thats had been looking for an internal memory card reader. At the local Fry\'s, there were plenty to choose from but all were from companies I had never heard of. Most said 3.5 Drive Bay but were off in their measurements by a few centimeters. I bought this internal card reader and found that it suit my needs. To top it off, this reader/writer was licensed by Sony- a company that had a physical address that made and licensed other electronic components. This card word in Windows Xp. It still worked nicely in Windows Vista. In Xp and Vista, in the \"My Computer Window\" all the seperate flash drives were listed. I wished that Windows would assign the appropriate flash card icon to each drive and not that standard gray drive icon. This would allow me to tell each drive apart.

    In Windows7, which this card also works flawlessly, in the \"Computer\" window, none of the flash drives are listed until you insert a card. This makes it easier to tell which drive is what.

    If a motherboard and a computer case has only a limited number of USB ports, this card will offer one extra port. That port can become very valuable and can only increase the value of this peripheral.

    I am currently building a second system and I have this reader/writer installed. When I make my rounds for a third system, I will order another reader/writer.
  • WG10 14,2013 04:24Rating:Excellent
    Tested and works on Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate, Windows Vista 32-bit, and Mac OS X Leopard!

    The Sony MRW620 memory card reader is a clean looking, internal memory card reader that fits into a 3.5\" slot in your computer case. The card reader comes with two colored bezels, matte black and beige. I had no fitment issues with the installation of this card reader. It connects through a 9-pin usb header on your motherboard. 4 mounting screws are provided.

    Upon boot up I was able to insert and access up to 4 types of memory at the same time: a 1gb usb flash drive, a 4GB Sandisk compact flash, a 4GB Kingston SDHC, and an old Sony 128mb, purple memory stick. From what I have tested so far, the transfer speeds were very quick. It took just over a minute to transfer 1.19GB\'s of photos and a couple videos off the SDHC card. I was also able to copy a couple 10 megapixel photos from the SDHC card into my usb flash drive in just 2 seconds, all the while, the 4 devices were still inserted. I have also connected an external 2.5\" hard drive with only one usb 2.0 cable and it worked with no problems! The transfer speed was quick.

    I have read that some other card readers have problems when multiple cards are inserted or that the usb port for flash drives was finicky. I didn\'t run into any of these problems. The MRW620 did its job and I was quite surprised. Now I don\'t have to go look for a camera\'s data cable or my external card reader anymore.

    Memory cards slide in smoothly and are snug when full inserted into the slots unlike some of the lesser priced card readers that I have tried where there\'s a lot of wiggle and play when you insert a memory card. There is also a green led that turns on only when you have a memory card inserted. When only a usb flash drive is inserted the led does not come on. The led turns off when all memory/devices are removed. Other card readers have an always on led.

    I would highly recommend this memory card reader to those looking for an internal solution.
  • Kashif J. Chowdhry10 12,2013 05:22Rating:Excellent
    If you\'re worried about this working for Windows 7, don\'t read the reviews where the buyer isn\'t verified. Read the verified buyers\' comments. I\'m running Windows 7 64 bit and it works without a hitch. Drivers install automatically and it looks great. My only complaint is that the slots for the cards is less fancy. What I mean by this is that you just slide the cards in. For example, my SD card slides in without a click. It\'ll go in halfway and that\'s all that\'s needed. Putting my Sony memory stick in was a little tricky because it can slide around in the provided slot. Provided you\'re careful about it, it shouldn\'t be a problem but I\'d have liked to see that click-in style slot for this reader.
  • Norman Z. Tajudin 10 11,2013 13:56Rating:Excellent
    My original MRW620-U1, purchased in mid-2009 didn\'t work with Windows 7 64-bit. However, I picked up a new one at Fry\'s yesterday that had a sticker on the box that stated \"Compatible with Windows 7\" on it. Considering I could easily return it if it didn\'t work, I gave it a shot. The newer version was different internally to my old one. The new one had a case cover on the top of the unit whereas the old version had an open top, exposing the internals. Also, the new one had a manufacturing sticker on it stating it was manufactured in September 2010. My system (Windows 7 64-bit) recognized the new unit without issues.

    Moral of the Story: If you have Windows 7, make sure that the version you purchase has the sticker on the box that states that it\'s compatible for Windows 7! Otherwise, you\'ll be like the folks above that are upset that their device isn\'t recognized by Windows...
  • s0lid_snip3r10 05,2013 16:40Rating:Excellent
    Just some background knowledge about the device:
    1. The size is equal to that of a floppy drive, so you might need to convert a drive bay for it to fit. (It\'s a 3.5\" device, so you might need a conversion to 5.25\").
    2. It uses a 9 pin USB header on your motherboard, so make sure you have one available.
    3. It includes a very useful extra USB port (which works as well as any USB 2.0 would).

    It works as advertised, getting good speeds for the Memory Stick/SD Cards/XD Cards I\'ve tried. (Usually above 7 mb/s read & write)
    Self tested and fully functional under Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Ubuntu 10.04 (x86 & x86-x64), and OpenSUSE 11.3 (x86 & x86-x64).
    It comes with 2 face plates to match the color of your case (black and gray).

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